Journal Entry #52

January 23, 2018

Yesterday, boyfriend worked the night shift so he started around 3p and wasn’t off until 8p. I didn’t have anything to eat so I decided to take an Uber and meet him for dinner. He works at Red Robin–I don’t know if I ever mentioned that before. He’s worked there for over a year and I had only ate there once before when we went together on a day he had off.

I found a Groupon for $15 off an Uber ride so it was the perfect night. We always talked about me meeting him there so we can eat together but I had never really been up to it until yesterday.

I read blogs all day and showered around 6p and called my Uber around 7p. I got there around 7:30p and boyfriend still had a few tables. I decided to eat before him so he could serve me, hehe (and it was better than waiting and doing nothing). It was kind of like we ate together anyways because he was able to stop at my table and talk a little here and there.

I ordered 2 drinks and an entrée because they have to try to make their customers spend a certain amount of money and I didn’t want to make his sales go down by only ordering one thing.

I ordered the Sangria both times and a BLTA Croissant with no A (avocado).

Not too long after I was finished eating, boyfriend started cleaning up his area, getting ready to leave. So we ordered his meal. He had boneless wings, fries, and a whiskey coke. I don’t know how I forgot to take a photo of it. It was even sitting in front of me for a little while before boyfriend finished up what he was doing and clocked out.

We went to the Starbucks right by his work which somehow their espresso tasted SO much better than the one by our home!

We came back to our place and smoked a blunt and I straightened my hair…I had already done my makeup before I went to Red Robin.

We didn’t have another blunt wrap but I needed to smoke another one because I was so shaky from the espresso. We decided to stop by a dispensary and grab a pre-roll (joint) to smoke in the car on the way to my work. It tasted and smelled so good and did it’s job. 😀

I got there around 11p and it was kind of busy. It started off really good but didn’t stay that way. I ended up leaving around 2:15a even though I was trying my best to stay until 3a. It was too boring though.

I woke up around 1p today, boyfriend woke up shortly after to get ready for work. He also stopped to get a haircut before he went into work today. He looks so nice. 😉

I got both of my subscription boxes today so I went to the office and picked them up. I then cleaned the whole house by myself except the floors because I hate sweeping and mopping. Boyfriend will do that when I go to work tonight, he said. Guess what else I did??? I MADE DINNER. Yep. Me!!! Did you think I made all of that food in my Recipe Reviews? If you did, you were wrong, lol. My lovely boyfriend has made each and every one of those meals for us. Except the one I made tonight! And it even turned out deliciously!! ❤ I am so very proud of myself!!

I really gotta go to work now. We finished smoking our blunt and it’s already 10:30p.

Goodnight, my loves!!!

xo, Hunida

29 thoughts on “Journal Entry #52

  1. We have one here and I’ve been there, once. I didn’t know that rule. Sounds silly. I bet the waiter when we went were unhappy then because it was a table of 4. We each ordered one coke and split one order of fries. 😂
    Sorry work was boring. And you’ve mentioned that he cooks but I’m glad to hear you cooked and it turned out well!

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  2. Can’t wait to see what you made! Nom nom.

    So true about Starbucks though, some store have way better coffee than others. There are a few in my area that I will avoid because I don’t think they taste very good.

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    1. I’m like 4 weeks behind on my recipe reviews lol I’ll note which one I made when it comes up though! 😉
      Why is it that some stores have better coffee? Maybe certain stores clean the machines better?

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  3. That’s so cute that you went to his work and he was your server. I would always go to the bar when Alex was a bouncer haha. I think I told you about that?
    Anyway, figures they’d have to get people to spend a certain amount.. like I know a business is a business but I wanna eat in peace without people constantly forcing me to get things lol. Like “would you like dessert” me: “no thank you” waiter/waitress: “are you sure? the ___ is really good, it’s my favorite” me (in my head): i didn’t ask you . . Me (in real life): “no I’m full” lol
    By the way, the sandwich looks delicious I probably would have gotten it with avocado lol.
    How long does it take you to straighten your hair?!

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    1. Lol, it was fun. 😊 I remember you told me! But it’s okay!! Hehe.
      I know and I really love water and I can tell my server at any restaurant is annoyed when I order it instead of a sugar drink. Lol “I didn’t ask you” 😂 I really hate avocados!
      And my hair is naturally straight so I only straighten the ends and by my ears. It takes like 10 minutes! Or less. 🙂

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      1. LOL I usually get lemonade and water on the side, if I don’t drink my lemonade, Alex and Ciel end up drinking it 🙂
        Awhhh why?! They’re delicious, maybe you haven’t had a good avocado dish? LOL jk
        Ah okay that makes sense then 🙂

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  4. I love reading your journals, dear Hunida. How did you get into drinking espresso? Most Americans drink this American (less strong, more watery) coffee. I don’t really know anyone who drinks espresso. How do you guys manage your different work schedules? There was a time when I worked until 1.30 pm and it was pretty hard on us. Sorry, I always have questions for you 😊😘

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    1. Yay, I’m happy to hear that you enjoy reading my journal entries!! 💗
      I started drinking lattes with extra shots of espresso and somewhere along the line I told them no milk just espresso! It’s yummy with just a little chocolate sauce. 🙂 We like it iced most of the time but it’s good hot as well!
      My bf stays up until I am off work. I tell him to nap but he always says he can’t fall asleep without me!! Sometimes when I know he has to work early the next day, I try to come home earlier the night before.
      That’s okay that you have questions for me, Cheila! Ask away! 😊


  5. I have figured from previous journal entries where you write that boyfriend is cooking that he has done most of the cooking in your place. Good that you had a go at something, are you going to do a recipe review on it?

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  6. NO you did NOT mention boyfriend works at Red Robin! Only my favorite chain restaurant in the world. I always get the burger that has the grilled pineapple and teriyaki sauce on it. Favorite burger in the world! I’ve been in Arkansas for two years taking care of my mom so I haven’t had that burger in a long, long time. I think they closed the one at the Glendale Galleria (CA) so now there’s only one that I know of in the L.A. area and it will be a bitch of a drive to get to when I get back home. But oh so worth it. I love their fries, too.

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    1. Hahaha, I had actually never ate at Red Robin until boyfriend worked there. I’ve still only been once or twice but their fries really are good & I love that Asian spicy/sweet sauce they have… mmm. I haven’t tried the Pineapple burger but we have the same taste!! I love when pineapple is on my burger!! ❤

      My mom lives in Arkansas, too!! Are there no Red Robins at all there?! Good on you for being there to take care of your mom. ❤ I hope she is well soon & you are able to go home!


      1. Banzai Burger!!! I think that’s the name. There might be Red Robin in Arkansas but my mom lives in a tiny town. How did your mom end up here??? My mom’s house is in Cherokee Village population 4,500-ish. It’s near the northeast part of the state. Thanks for your kind wishes for my mom.

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        1. Ahh yes, my boyfriend always talks about how popular that Banzai Burger is. 😉 & IDK how my mom ended up in Arkansas lol. She married this guy and they went to Texas together but then, now they’re in Arkansas! She is opening up a donut shop & she said that business is better over there, I guess!

          She lives in Hot Springs? Or something like that. I just asked her the name of her city when I called her yesterday. 😛 lol.


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