It was the summer before 10th grade, my then-boyfriend and I went to N&N’s house. They were brothers and we (and a ton of other “stoner” kids) always went there to hang out in their garage. Their parents never cared. Their sister and parents would always be on the couch in the house (which we were rarely allowed in except to use the restroom), they’d mostly ignore us when we walked by but sometimes they’d say a polite “hello” that startled me.

We were smoking out of this big bong. It was beautiful–they even had a name for it, but I forget what it was now. I was sitting on a bench, with no back rest, my legs on each side of it. It was hot outside. I remember wanting to be home before the new episode of Big Brother started but they said I could watch it there.

I don’t know what happened next, I have no recollection. I just remember N&N and my then-boyfriend picking me up. I guess by the time they picked me up, my seizure was over. I asked them “what are you guys doing?” and they all freaked out, like, “whoooa!! Are you alright?! Your eyes were rolling to the back of your head; you had a seizure!!!”

I really thought nothing of it and I looked at them as if they were all lunatics; nonchalantly I asked, “so can I watch Big Brother now?”

I had only recently started feeling the effects of weed at that time, and very intensely, too. I blamed it on that. I didn’t know the cause of it, nor did I care, really. I didn’t really even believe them that I had had a real seizure.

The next summer, I was smoking at my friend T’s boyfriend’s house. It was the first time we were all meeting him. Our other friend A and her brother C were there, too. T’s boyfriend was a dealer so we all went over there to meet him for the first time and also to smoke, hang out, and buy weed from him.

We were in his backyard, the four of us, on a picnic table. Every single one of us packed a bowl so that we were always hitting one as we were passing them around.

By this time in my life, I was already smoking weed consistently and was able to control my highs.

I guess at some point (when none of the bowls were even cashed yet), I fell over onto the concrete and started flopping around like a dead fish. When I came to and realized what was going on, I could hear everyone exclaiming, “her head, her head!!!” I felt my head crash hard on the concrete once. It wasn’t the first time my head hit the concrete but it was the only time I felt it. I think it’s what knocked me back into consciousness and calmed my body enough for them to finally pick me up.

I couldn’t see anything but I could at least hear them now. I sat at the picnic table faced opposite of the tabletop. T sat in the same direction, beside me, she held me with her one arm closest to me, wrapped around my back, as I cried out that I couldn’t see anything, my sight was gone; all I could see was brightness. I started vomiting a foam-like substance. At some point, T’s boyfriend went to grab his mom who grabbed a trash can (so I’d stop throwing up all over her backyard), cold towels, and a Capri Sun pouch and a mini bottle of water.

I couldn’t stop crying because I thought I had completely lost my sight! T kept hold of me and gently whispered, “everything’s gonna be okay.” Her voice was so calm and soothing…the reason I stopped hyperventilating.

I threw up some more into the trash can and then, someone put the Capri Sun straw in my mouth and I immediately sucked up all of the juice. All of a sudden a bright silhouette shaped like a woman appeared. I threw up again and then started seeing the green of the grass. My vision came back to me little by little then, I thanked the mom for everything. It was so weird that I had just started seeing her for the first time; she was there holding the trash up to my face the whole time and probably the one who put the straw in my mouth. I had to imagine her when my sight was gone so when I saw her appearance, she was different.

Both times I had my seizures, it was a hot summer day. I believe that they both had to do with dehydration and being overheated but I’ll never know.

The scariest part is that I don’t remember them! I only remember being lifted up off the ground both times and have only been told how scary I looked during them by my peers.

I haven’t had one since, though, fortunately. I hope I never do again. I looked it up and it says it’s normal for people to experience a seizure or two in their life. That’s crazy to me.

Have you ever had a seizure or personally know someone else who has? 

xo, Hunida

Featured Image by Manos Kolovouris

27 thoughts on “Seizures

  1. During my internship at the hospiyal, i had come across a 17 year old boy who had a seizure on a hot summer day while smoking up..Yes medically speaking it is quite normal to have a seizure a couple of tines during the course of one’s lifetime. However, triggering factors must be identified and avoided as a preventative measure. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I’m very pleased to know that you haven’t had one ever since..

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      1. By normal I mean to say that any individual can experience one in certain circumstances. Mostly it goes unnoticed, as in an individual just becomes subliminal for a few minutes.. But in certain cases signs and symptoms like those you have reported occur. It all depends on the underlying cause and its severity. Have a good day!

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  2. Wicked scary Hunida. I have never had seizures , but my ex roommates daughter used to get them all the time when she was younger. They have since come back now that she is an adult. I understand that they can be triggered by some event. Lakeisha, my roommates daughter lost her 3rd child. That brought on the seizures again after so many years. Now she has them again and has to sleep with a her husband is with her most of the time. You don’t remember the things you do during seizures . Are you taking any medication ? Please take care of yourself .

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  3. That sounds terrifying! I’ve never had a seizure, but I have passed out in front of my gym class in high school, and that was a scary feeling. My best friend from high school used to have seizures often, but I never actually saw her having one. My other best friend actually had a seizure about a month ago, I only heard the details. I’m glad you haven’t had one since then, and I hope you don’t again!

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    1. I’ve never passed out before but I believed after my seizures that I had just passed out but they kept telling me I was having a seizure! Wow! I guess it’s normal to experience seizures then! I’m happy to hear you’ve never had one. ❤ 😀

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      1. I gotcha! And I dunno if it’s normal, my high school bff fell off the rock wall in gym class and started having them afterwards lol. And my other friend has been in and out of hospitals for quite awhile – always something different, she gets sick a lot lol!

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          1. I can’t remember how high, but high enough! She was at the top, and I guess the teacher wasn’t watching for one, and there was something faulty with the buckles. She was in the hospital for awhile, and always had issues after that for the longest time

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  4. That’s terrifying but I’m glad you’re okay and I’m also glad that you haven’t experienced them again. I would assume the same thing, possibly dehydration, and/or if it was a very hot summer day, it’s possible that it was some form of heat exhaustion as well. Of course, I’m no doctor, so I don’t know for sure. LOL.

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  5. I actually respond to seizures fairly regularly. Epilepsy is the main reason people have seizures, however, once in a while there is a fluke, an a non-epileptic may experience a seizure. Since you have had two, if you haven’t already you should consider being tested for epilepsy. Your first seizure sounds like an Absence Seizure, and your second one sounds like a Tonic-Clonic Seizure. There’s a lot of great resources on the web if you feel like studying up on them.

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    1. Oh my gosh. Wow. I’ve never knew there were even different types of seizures. I do want to look into that, thank you for informing me! 😀
      I haven’t had one since I was like 16 so I don’t think I’ll go to the doctor but I do wanna do a little research! Thanks again!

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