Journal Entry #50

January 19, 2018

I am almost too ashamed of myself to share the fact that I didn’t end up going to work last night nor did I go on Wednesday night.

I am just the worst, I know.

Last night was fun though. We went downtown to the Fremont Street Experience. I had every intention of going to work after one drink but that one drink fucked me up. It was so strong.

After I got drunk all of my bad decisions ensued.

Actually…my first bad decision was getting drunk again even though the night before my drinking already caused me to skip work.

My second bad decision last night was getting this spicy ass hot dog and delicious grilled jalapeno.

My eyes were literally tearing up after one bite of the jalapeno. That rarely ever happens to me with spicy food, I swear!!

I got serious heartburn after the big drink and spicy food so I decided against work; that was my third bad decision and my fourth bad decision; I wanted sushi. We went to get AYCE sushi and I was full way too quickly–just like boyfriend said I would be. I was so very disappointed in myself, still am.

I stayed up all night reading a romance novel I just started called The Apartment because I couldn’t stop yelling at myself in my head for all of my bad decisions and I didn’t feel like reading the mystery which I currently am also reading (Emma in the Night).

Oh, if you remember about the drone I bought boyfriend for Christmas and how the charger melted…we returned it and bought a different one and it already came in the mail today. It’s really cool! I actually like it better than the first one but I think boyfriend liked the first one better.

I bought this Groupon for tickets to this China Lights show. The first night of it was tonight but it runs all the way until the middle of February and our tickets are good for any day we want except one certain special day in Feb. which costs extra for some reason. We’re gonna go next week on Wednesday. I’m so excited! The photos look so cool on the web. I can’t even imagine how amazing everything will be in person!

Today, we did nothing. I woke up and took a shower. We realized we were missing an ingredient somehow for dinner (I probably forgot to write it on the list but I’m telling boyfriend he missed it on the list at the grocery store since he is the one who crosses everything off, hehe…shh! We no longer have the list so there’s no proof who’s wrong or right) boyfriend had to go get it at Albertson’s before he could start cooking.

WordPress is being weird and my comments aren’t showing up. I read and commented on some of your blogs today and realized my comments were disappearing right after I sent them. 😦 I don’t know where they’re going. I’m also confused because in my “referrers” section it says Facebook refers people to my page at least once a day but I’ve never shared my link on there before…I even use two different e-mail accounts. I wonder how this could be?

Also, my computer is going super slow. It did this mega update (without my permission!) and now, everything is fucked.

We are watching this show together called Lie To Me on Hulu–we started an episode during dinner and waited until it was over before we went to get coffee. It’s such a good show!! Have any of you ever watched it? Boyfriend and I always have one show that we only watch together. He has shows that he watches without me but we always find one show we mutually enjoy that he won’t (and I won’t let him) watch without me. Our last show was Runaways and we just started Lie to Me a few days ago since we finished Runaways. On my own, I like to watch The Good Place on Hulu. I have to wait for new episodes since it’s currently running on cable TV. Boyfriend doesn’t like that show very much but I love it, haha. How ’bout that one? Have you seen it? 😀

I gotta get ready for work now. Blah.

Happy weekend, loves. Stay safe! ❤ 


xo, Hunida

29 thoughts on “Journal Entry #50

  1. Omg that hot dog looks so good though. I love spicy food! I almost stopped tonight to get hot dogs but didn’t. I wish I had though. Heartburn is the worse! The last time I had a drink at a bar (four years ago), I got heartburn too. That’s why I don’t like Bud Light Rita’s now because I know I can drink them and not get heartburn. If I get a drink at a bar or restaurant, I just never know. I remember this one time I had heartburn so bad after drinking, so laid down on this acupressure mat that I have, and the heartburn went away super fast! But then I ended up passing out on it. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! There was a huge picture advertised of it lol I couldn’t resist! I love hot dogs. 😄
      Ugh. Sometimes I can drink a ton or eat super spicy stuff without getting heartburn but other times it comes on strong. I hate it! I have to keep Rolaids in my purse lol.
      I’ve never heard of an acupressure mat! I’m gonna look into that!

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  2. WordPress has its days sometimes where it’s trippin. I hope it starts working for you soon! That Hot Dog just made me soooo hungry! EVERY time I read your journals I end up hungry lol!

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  3. Don’t beat yourself up too hard! It happens, and at least you got to do something fun! Sorry everything kind of turned sour though. WordPress is all sorts of fucked up sometimes. What your comments were doing is exactly what happened with my comments on your blog! I actually found one of your comments in my spam folder. And the weird part is it actually let a bunch of spam comments be published – I actually had to mark about 6 or 7 as spam (same account, but you can tell what’s spam). I’ve had it show that my views came from Facebook a few times, too, and I definitely have not shared my blog on Facebook. I wonder if it’s a glitch? I also lost about 9 email followers somehow? They were probably spam, but still lol

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    1. Hahah yeah I’m just so horrible. I need to get my booty to work way more often than I do!
      Gosh! Yeah I noticed that, too! I’ve been getting normal comments in spam and actual spam in my notifications. 😠
      I’ve never had an e-mail follower lol.

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  4. I’m so bad with spicy foods but I’m trying to turn it around LMAO
    And hey, this is where your new profile pic comes from! 😀 I need to update mine so bad, my hair isn’t that long anymore but I don’t really take selfies haha
    Most of those comments should be going to everyone’s spam folder, I wonder why it’s happening, since that happened to me too not that long ago. Hopefully everything gets resolved 🙂


    1. I am so bad with spicy food, too, but in the opposite way that you are LOL, I shouldn’t eat it anymore because I have tummy and heart issues from eating too much of it all.
      Hehe, you noticed I changed it and where it was from!! You’re the best, Rossy. ❤
      I rarely take selfies either, I wish I could remember to take more and that when I did remember I didn't always look like a completely different person LOL.
      I think when I comment using the WP app, it sends my comments to spam. UGH.

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      1. Meaning you love spicy foods? Lol. Even when I was younger and living in Mexico, my auntie would always make us eat the food and it was always too spicy for me and they would always tell me I’m not “Mexican enough” to handle spicy foods lmao
        Really? Because I was on my laptop when that happened. I only use the app on both my iPad and phone to reply to comments lol

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  5. That has happened to me on the WP app several times. It hasn’t in a while though and I’m glad, it’s veryyyy annoying especially if there was much you wanted to say. You spend that time to write out a thoughtful comment hit send and then…😒😒😒
    And you’re probably over it by now but don’t be ashamed about what happened. We’ve all had those moments in some form, we’re human.✨

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    1. Yeah, I noticed it’s when I use the app that it sends my comments to spam! I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with comments now because I don’t wanna respond on the app and have it not go through! Lol, it is so dang annoying!
      Thank you, Lee!! ❤

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      1. I’ve been having issues with the app today! Ugh. My recent post is even a bit messed up and it wouldn’t let me fix it. I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow when I have a laptop

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  6. I might have to get all motherly on you again and tell you to stop with the negative self talk!!
    We all have an inner bitch but yours seems to be working overtime at the moment…Hunida life is full of decisions bad, good or indifferent, if the worst that happened is that you are short a few dollars that week from your paycheck then you are doing okay with your decision making!!

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  7. After reading almost a year’s worth of your blog posts I finally figured out that AYCE sushi might possibly mean All You Can Eat? Up until now I thought it was some kind of brand of sushi or some kind of special government rating of sushi…a grade of sushi…just as I was about to google it, it clicked in my head. OMG I feel so stupid. LOL

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    1. Hahahaha, oh my gosh. I don’t know if I ever clarified it but, someone else who I know reads my blog often asked me if I had ever been to an “all you can eat” sushi so they weren’t catching that AYCE meant that either!! No worries 😉 lol.


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