Discovering My Type of Coffee

I am definitely one of those “but first, coffee” people but I wasn’t always this way.

When boyfriend and I first met (over 3 years ago now), we would go out to eat all the time (okay, maybe every single day). Our favorite restaurants in Minnesota were the Vietnamese ones.

When I was little, my family would frequent Vietnamese restaurants, too (that’s how I knew the good spots to introduce to boyfriend). My dad always ordered the Vietnamese coffee. They would always bring the delicious smelling french press looking thing that dripped hot coffee into a mug with condensed milk at the bottom of it and a side of a glass of ice to pour it over when it was finished dripping all of the dark, hot liquid. I always wanted to taste it, the aroma always filled my nostrils; I’d be drooling…but my parents always told me, “no coffee for kids.”

As I grew up, I was able to get sips of my dad’s coffee from time to time. My dad likes his coffee extra sweet. If not with a ton of condensed milk, he’ll add a lot of sugar and flavored creamer. I loved it when I was younger.

Boyfriend and I were eating at a Vietnamese restaurant before I had to head to work one night, 3 years ago and I decided to order the coffee with condensed milk. Just like my dad used to get. I was so excited.

Not only was it delicious but I realized I had a different and extra kind of energy that night at work. I realized it must have been because of the coffee!

We didn’t want Vietnamese food everyday and we thought it would be weird if we went to restaurants just for the coffee but I knew that I wanted that jolt at work every night from now on!

I read that coffee shops have the best coffee and Cafe Latte was a popular one in St. Paul, MN. It wasn’t far from where we lived at the time. So our exploration of different flavors and styles of coffee started there…

I liked Iced Raspberry Mochas at first. I learned how much my tummy hurt and that it was from the whole milk they use in lattes–this is where I learned to sub almond or soy milk into my coffee.

We realized that we weren’t getting the same sort of jolt anymore so we started to get an extra shot of espresso. The baristas had trouble with the extra shot or two of espresso we would order. Our Iced Mochas were never the same.

When we ordered hot drinks, they were able to make those with ease but if we asked for them iced–they all seemed to panic and give us warm, over-filled cups of latte ingredients.

I changed my drink to a Hot Nutella Latte with Almond Milk and two extra shots of espresso. I liked this for a little while but I really wanted my iced coffee back.

We researched for a different coffee shop we could go to and found this adorable little spot called Amore CoffeeThis is where I discovered the delicious Miel. If you’ve never heard of that; it’s a latte with cinnamon and honey. I loved it and they were able to make our drinks; iced and with our extra shots of espresso, easily. We loved them there. I ordered the Iced Miel with 4 shots of espresso (and almond milk) everyday up until we moved to Las Vegas, NV.

At Amore Coffee, their shots of espresso came out automatically as 2 shots of espresso so when we asked for an extra shot we were automatically getting 4.

Here in Vegas, we tried to find cute, small cafes like that but every place we found just could not make our iced drinks correctly (or the way we like, whatever, same thing πŸ˜‰) and there are actually not too many around here to choose from.

We resorted to Starbucks. They could make anything, right? Wrong. And all of their flavors are boring. Vanilla, caramel, mocha, or white mocha? Blah. Or something “special” that’s overly sweet…no thanks. I ordered Iced Mochas with 4 shots of espresso and almond milk in the smallest cup because I didn’t want so much milk to drink. I always enunciated the fact that I wanted it all in the smallest cup but they’d always tell me they couldn’t fit all of the contents. I’d tell them cut all of the ingredients if you have to but not the espresso! It seemed none of them understood this. They’d make the drink with all the milk and chocolate it called for with 4 shots of espresso and then waste whatever was leftover that didn’t make it into the tall cup??

I would have to tell them: “do half the amount of mocha and just a tiny splash of almond milk.” At the Fashion Show Mall’s Starbucks, we ordered our usual drinks. I ordered it like this: “the Iced Mocha with 4 shots of espresso total, over ice, half the amount of mocha, a splash of almond milk, all in a tall cup” the Angel of a barista informed me, “you know, you should just order it it like this: 4 shots of espresso with a splash of almond milk and a pump of mocha in a tall.” This cut the price in half!!!

I still thank her in my head almost every time I hear the total of our order now.

For some reason, some baristas still had trouble with our order. We ended up taking out the milk in our drinks completely and asking for half a pump of mocha (we learned they use the term “pumps” because of the order sticker on the cups).

Sometimes, they still add the called-for amount of mocha in our cups which I think is 2 full pumps in a tall. It is then too sweet and I usually return it and ask for a new one with less chocolate, please.

When I was going to Cafe Latte and Amore Coffee, I would never stray. If there was a coffee shop that was more convenient to go to, for whatever reason, I’d still say “nope, I must go to Amore. (Or “I must go to Cafe Latte”…you know what I mean.)

Now, it can be anywhere at all that has espresso and chocolate. I do prefer Starbucks though and I won’t go anywhere that uses powdered ingredients. It’s weird but a lot of places use powdered coffee, espresso, and flavors…watch them when they make your drink. Sometimes you can even taste the powder.

Am I a coffee snob? Or are you very picky about how you like your coffee, too? How did you decide how you like your coffee? Do you have a regular order or do you try something different on the menu each time? Do you go to one special coffee shop only?


UPDATE (02/05/2019): I’ve been drinking straight black coffee and straight shots of espresso for about a year now.

Featured Image by Clem Onojeghuo

52 thoughts on “Discovering My Type of Coffee

  1. I have never liked coffee, ever. I LOVE the smell but the taste was awful! Then Starbucks came. My order is a grande caramel Frappuccino with almond milk and extra caramel drizzle (extra drizzle doesn’t cost money but extra caramel does). I don’t get whipped cream and it’s under $5. I love this! The caramel takes the coffee flavor out and it’s sweet which I like. Damn that Starbucks for getting me hooked!

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  2. I love coffee. I drink it every day. I think now more out of habit than anything else. But I don’t like fancy coffees or cold ones. If you have to add 100 things to it then it isn’t coffee anymore. Starbucks and places don’t sell coffee, but there many coffee shops that do. Thanks for this post I loved it! – Robert

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      1. Yeah, but they give you a confused look when you order it, and sometimes they even have ask the manager “where is the plain coffee?”. That is just so wrong. Lol.

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  3. I’m not a coffee drinker. The only “coffee” I like is frappuccino’s (and cappuccino’s, but I like frapp’s better). However, I have IBS so any type of coffee drinks can do bad things to my stomach. I usually only indulge in one if I’m at home with no plans to go anywhere.

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      1. Aww thanks. Yeah, I hate it. I basically starve myself all day during the week until I get home from work (which isn’t until between 10 pm and 12 am) because I won’t eat at work for fear of risking an attack. Any food can bring it on, not just certain ones, so that makes it even harder.

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  4. I love coffee πŸ˜„ and I usually make it by my own from coffee beans to coffee drink.. I also avoid instant coffee (powder with flavor) and I avoid milk too cause I have gastric problem consuming milk or instant coffee product..

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    1. I wish I could make my own but I need an espresso machine haha.
      Yes…instant coffee is YUCK. I will not drink it, lol. I also can’t drink milk!! I’m lactose intolerant.


      1. Hahaha.. well, espresso really something, it’s like we get double energy.. therefore, I rarely drink espresso πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I used to drip my coffee (strong taste) or make it by syphon coffee maker for mild taste..

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    1. I wonder how many calories are in a shot of espresso…? I’ll have to look that up, lol. I can drink straight espresso but I can’t drink straight black coffee for some reason!

      I’m gonna look at the link now. πŸ˜€


  5. Oh girl, I LOVE coffee. It has to be strong!! I typically do just a bold coffee with soy milk😊 I love the fancy drinks, but I go so often I can’t spend that much each time I go!! I also just love coffee shops in general. I could stay at them at day!

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    1. I like a bold coffee with almond milk, too, especially if I eat breakfast. πŸ˜‰ you prefer soy over almond?
      I love coffee shops too, they’re all so cozy. πŸ’—πŸ˜„


  6. I looooooove coffee so much. I used to drink gigantic glasses of it daily until my then boyfriend convinced me that coffee was bad for me, then I weened myself off. (I should’ve known by this that this boy was no good for me, LOL!)

    I recently picked back up coffee drinking through the week to get me through my work days. My new deal is Turkish black or middle eastern instant coffee. I like it super sweet like your dad and more on the latte side (with almond milk) like you. I do not fancy Starbucks. Their coffee is way too bitter for my preferences and in order to make it taste good, I have to add too many calories.

    Vietnamese coffee is SOOOOO delicious! I wish I could indulge in it more often but I usually have Vietnamese food for dinner and it’s simply too late for me to drink coffee; I usually opt for Thai Iced Tea if it’s available.

    Loved this post!

    Dom |

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    1. Hahaha, coffee is bad for you, though. I just don’t care. πŸ˜‰ I’ve known people who have had serious withdrawal symptoms!
      I love Vietnamese coffee and Thai iced tea, too. Yummm! πŸ’—

      Thank you for your comment, Dom! I’m glad you liked the post. πŸ’–

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  7. I know nothing about coffee, my parents were always huge drinkers, and I tried to be as well when I was working late nights at macy’s, especially over the holiday season, but… i just couldn’t get myself to like it?! lol.. i literally drank it for a few weeks, almost on an every day basis, and still nothing. i went back to my tea with honey LMAO
    i am very interested in the Vietnamese coffee you described that your dad would get, that actually sounds quite delicious! but as far as coffee goes from Starbucks, we always order the coffee frapp, it’s tasty, but too expensive and I feel like there could be something better out there LOL

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    1. Lol it’s okay! There are tons of people who don’t like coffee! I love tea but I like it plain only! πŸ˜›
      I truly think you would like the Vietnamese coffee w/condensed milk. You gotta find a Viet restaurant near you and try pho and the coffee. πŸ˜‰

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      1. I was telling Alex about it and he reminded me that we’ve tried something similar to it, although I’m not entirely sure whether it was coffee with condensed milk or what, but I tried it sometime last year at a Thai restaurant lol. It was delicious I’m considering going back just to try it.

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  8. Tee hee.. I am definitely a coffee snob!! I am from India and I love the classic French press coffee with a little bit of whole milk and sugar.. I just have coffee have from one particular plantation. Nowhere else..

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  9. I am obsessed with coffee and I cannot imagine getting through my day without it. Even though I mostly make and drink mine at home, I do like to go to small, independent coffee shops if I am out because the variety/quality is so much better than in Starbucks and chains. Being a coffee snob is worth it for sure because a good cup of coffee can make a day at least 10x better :’)

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    1. I love small coffee shops too but I can’t seem to find one around that tastes better than Starbucks near me–they’re all really shitty lol.
      I totally agree that coffee can make your day 10x better!! πŸ˜„


  10. I love coffee. I’m literally a coffee addict and I have had to force myself to drink one cup a day as opposed to six I used to take. I can drink coffee with just cream and sugar but I am obsessed with Caramel macchiatos with almond milk with no caramel drizzle and whip cream! But I’m not picky about my coffee but I also won’t drink just ANYTHING!

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  11. I love coffee! I’ve kind of cut back on how much I buy specialty coffees these days though – why buy coffee when we have a coffee pot at work? As long as I have cream and some sugar it works lol. But I prefer mochas! I remember trying this cherry (or raspberry, I swear it was cherry) mocha flavor when I was in foxburg, and I loved it. I’m not so adventurous these days lol. Too much coffee or espresso now gets me super jittery

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    1. Regular coffee doesn’t give me enough energy but it sure does taste yummy. πŸ’— I’m not a big fan of cream or half & half though.
      The espresso def makes me jittery but I like it lol.

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  12. I love coffee! And I usually drink at least 2 cups a day. But, when I first started drinking it, it had to be super sweet. Now, I cannot drink sweet coffeeβ€” it has to be bitter! I cannot drink it completely black yet though, there needs to be some cream. Every time I go get coffee, I say that I am going to order something different but I never do. If it is cold outside I will get a CafΓ© Mocha. If it is hot outside I will get an iced coffee.

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  13. I really like this article. My coffee adventure began almost 2 years ago when a friend took me to a coffee shop to have a seriously strong cup of coffee. I also tried coffee in an ice cream cone as well. I now have tended to buy more regular coffee but also try the odd different one here and there. I run a WordPress site called Please visit it. I share my experiences in several South African coffee shops.

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  14. I’m a total coffee addict and I miss my Coffee Bean in L.A. I’m here in a tiny town in Arkansas taking care of my Mom and it’s impossible to get a decent espresso drink at either of them of the two aorable coffee places in town. They put in so much of that Torani syrup I can’t even. Blech! The only time I’m near a Starbucks is when I’m at the airport, which is maybe 4 times a year. I’ve already got my drink picked out for my next trip to the airport: Iced Blonde Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte It looks so delicious on their website. LOL

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    1. I actually need to update or delete this post!! I only drink plain espresso and black coffee now. No more chocolate or almond milk for me!! (Unless it’s a frappucino for dessert).

      I would be miserable without a place to grab a cup of decent espresso! I am so sorry that you are only able to at the airport but I hope you enjoy that drink and get it in the biggest cup when you get to have it!!

      Cali has Peet’s though, which I’ve never been to, but I heard they’re just as good if not better than Starbucks– I bought their coffee grounds & I can’t drink any other kind anymore!


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