Crying On The Job

I didn’t know any of the “dancer rules” like…don’t dance to another girls’ song on stage or “don’t step on any other girls’ toes” when I first started dancing.

I didn’t have too much of a problem with my song choices but I did step on some toes, I guess.

I was working day shift so there weren’t many girls working and not a ton of customers. I was able to talk to every single customer that walked through the doors and sat down.

I had never met or seen this customer before so I sat down and talked with him for awhile. Little did I know, Cinnamon, was sitting in the corner staring at us and watching us the whole time. She was probably counting how many dances he was getting with me like it was her job.

After countless floor dances, he was going to bring me into the Champagne Room finally…but, all of a sudden Cinnamon comes out of nowhere and exclaims the customer’s name, like they were old time pals. She grabs him away and whispers in his ear a ton, does a slow dance; like standing up how they do at prom (not a lap dance) with him and all of a sudden they go into the Champagne Room together.

The customer grabs me later and apologizes. He says to me, “I’ve known her a long time–I didn’t know she was here, blah blah…she does things you wouldn’t…or would you?? You all know, I wouldn’t so I was quite livid at this point.

I went to the bathroom and Cinnamon was practically chasing me. When I got out of the stall to wash my hands, she came up behind me, got real close to my ear…and said, “that’s my trick…you need to not step on my toes.” I had no idea what a “trick” was or what she meant by me “stepping on her toes”.

I later found out a “trick” is a customer and to not step on someone’s toes you’re supposed to pay attention to every single girl and make sure you don’t “steal” a customer of hers. In my opinion, the customer should tell the other dancers that he’s waiting for his specific girl. If he does and the dancer continues to pursue him then she is intentionally stepping on toes…if the customer does NOT mention he has a specific dancer he’s there to see (like the customer in this story) then the girl should not be at fault but, sadly…most of the time, she still will be.

The manager did see Cinnamon interfere my time with the customer (you can get in trouble for talking to a customer while another girl is because it’s RUDE) so he approached me and asked if I was “okay.” He had already talked to Cinnamon but of course, she was all innocent-like, saying she was just so excited to see her customer she didn’t notice I was going to go in the Champagne Room with him! When my manager was trying to comfort me, that’s when the waterworks started.

I told him about how I was supposed to get that Champagne Room and about how Cinnamon chased me into the bathroom. He didn’t know about the bathroom part so after I stopped crying, he had a talking to with her and she had to apologize to me. She really acted so sincere; saying I reminded her of her daughter (?) and that she wanted to take care of me in this industry…like, NO. She was scary so I just tried my best to stay away from her.

The second club I worked at, if you’ve read my My Current Relationship post, you know that boyfriend used to come visit me all of the time. He sneaked in some alcohol this night, him and his buddies. We were all on the smoking patio–smoking and drinking. This dancer who had been dancing there for years was sitting at the table closest to the door to get back into the building.

She knew we were drinking and I guess she wasn’t happy about it.

She told the manager that when my boyfriend walked into the building, he spilled some of his drink on her ON PURPOSE and she could smell it was alcohol.

It was a no alcohol club and we were underage.

They kicked my boyfriend out and banned him from coming back. I was drunk and upset…which is not a good combo for me. The manager confronted me and I just started bawling. I said the girl was just out to get me and no way did my boyfriend spill the drink on her on purpose, if he did get anything on her it was absolutely an accident. The manager told me to calm down, I begged him to just let me leave, and go home with my boyfriend since he couldn’t come back into the club. I was allowed to leave, and I hated that girl forever. Still do.

Nowadays, I don’t let any of my co-workers get to me like that. I’ve gotten into a few other predicaments (they’re inevitable, okay?); but I’ve been able to stay strong and not let it all bother me so much (luckily, because I hate crying…especially at work!).


Featured Image by Zohre Nemati

32 thoughts on “Crying On The Job

  1. I’d probably get fired because my temper is too bad for women to come at me left. I would’ve laid hands on BOTH girls. Especially the first one getting all up close and personal… I’m a real stickler about my personal space and respect. But it’s good you don’t let them see you down now! You’re too beautiful to let these little heifers make you cry!

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    1. Hahaha yeah, a lot of girls get sent home, suspended, fired etc. but it’s never worth it!
      That girl ended up getting fired from every club in MN because she has no respect for anyone at all so joke’s on her!

      Thank you so much, I laughed at you calling them heifers, hahah!! ❤

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  2. I actually never knew about the “stepping on toes thing”. I always thought that every customer was fair game, as long as they weren’t already with another dancer. It sounds to me like she was the one stepping on your toes, since she stole that dance from her. (Even if he was a regular customer of hers). And it also sounds to me like she was doing more than dancing in the champagne room. Smh.

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    1. In my opinion, customers should be fair game, always, too but yeah some girls get territorial especially if they are doing extras with the certain customer like she was… and I agree. She def was intentionally stepping on my toes when I did it on complete accident. 😡

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  3. Ugh. Women can be so mean to each other!
    I have cried several times at work too. In front of my colleagues. In front of my manager.
    I thought they would feel some sort of empathy, but crying made everything worse.
    In the following months they would always tell me “you’re not going to cry again, are you”.

    That’s when I decided to never show weakness again to those who are apparently living in such a perfect that they have never felt sadness or tears. Freaking robots.

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  4. I always thought that any customers that came in were for whoever approached them first. But you’re right, in that sense, it was kind of the customer’s fault for not telling you, bullshit he didn’t “she was there”. Idk how you remain so strong amidst all that bullshit, they probably;y would fire me quick because I don’t like to take shit from anybody LMAO

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