January 13, 2018

Hi guys! If you’re wondering if I’m still dizzy…the answer is: YES. I ended up staying home on Thursday night but I tried to work on Friday night. It was so busy and I was too dizzy to stand it. I didn’t last very long. 😦

I’m just so disappointed and sad about how my 2018 has been so far. I’ve been dizzy for most of it. I really wish I had been able to work this past week. It was considerably the most lucrative week of the whole year for Vegas’ dancers.

I called my health insurance company again yesterday to cancel and I kept getting sent to voicemail. No one had responded to my e-mail yet, either. I kept calling until I finally decided that I was going to choose the option for becoming a new member instead of the customer service option. I got an answer right away…OF COURSE. I was beyond pissed. I didn’t even say, “hello,” I said “I want to cancel my plan right away!” there was this loud beeping noise in the background so I could barely hear or understand the lady. She was like, “you need to send an e-mail to” and I was like “excuse me, could you repeat that address again?” she repeated it, and asked with a huge attitude to match the one I was giving her “may I ask why you’re cancelling??” and I was like, “I just am not getting anything out of it!” and she HUNG UP ON ME, YOU GUYS. She seriously just hung up on me!!!

I e-mailed the customer support address and they e-mailed me back immediately this time? They said I needed to sign it physically. I do have a printer/scanner but no ink…so it acts like it can’t do anything at all. We had to go to the library to fax the signed cancellation letter. We went to the Clark County Library. It was beautiful and spacious. I hated that I couldn’t send it at my own home but was def excited to check out a library I hadn’t been to yet. 🙂

las vegas library

On the way to the library, I realized I have a Samsung Note 8 and can physically sign anything on my phone. Before we even got to the library, I had written a new e-mail with my physical signature on it and sent it. I still decided to fax the letter at the library to annoy them. They e-mailed me to confirm it was cancelled…whew! Finally.

After that, we came home and I searched far too long for 3 new recipes. I finally decided, made the list, and we went grocery shopping. Boy, did that make my dizziness intense.

We did find these amazing Texas-Sized Doughnuts, though. We couldn’t resist. We had to do the 2 for $5. We got an even better deal when our cashier forgot the code for the doughnuts and said he didn’t have time to figure it out so he just put them in for regular doughnuts and we got those huge ass doughnuts for only a little over a dollar.

big donuts

2 big donuts
This box is big enough for a dozen regular sized doughnuts, lol. We chose Blueberry and Chocolate PB to try.

Like I said, I did go to work last night but I was dizzy the entire time and did not feel like myself AT ALL. 😦 I came home a little before 1a.

Dinner is ready so I have to go eat now. 07:37p

Dinner was yummy. We ate on the couch today–in front of Brooklyn Nine Nine. Such a silly show but boyfriend loves it, lol.

It’s 08:00p now.

This morning, boyfriend left for work around 10a. He got home around 5p. I wanted to read Turtles All The Way Down (which I started a few days ago) but got distracted by FaceBook for most of the day (okay fine, roll your eyes at me–I deserve it). I did read a little bit of it though. I like it so far.

When boyfriend came home, we smoked, and ate. He just left to buy more weed and cigarettes. I haven’t smoked a cigarette for the past two days. I’d like one but I hate the severe dizziness it causes. Maybe I will just quit forever.

I hate to be dizzy. It’s making me insane!!! I’m gonna have to make another appointment to see the doctor, I think. UGH.




29 thoughts on “Journal Entry #47

  1. What a hassle to cancel a useless policy. I can’t believe you had to deal with such idiocy. At least it’s done now.

    Sorry the vertigo is still being a problem. Like Julie says, perhaps a followup is required.

    And hey! You went to a library it looks huge! How was it? And speaking of huge, those donuts! At first glance at the photo they looked totally normal – and then I looked lower and saw some normal donuts. Good god! Amazing!

    Hope things improve soon!

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    1. I know!! I think they were scamming me this whole time. At least that’s how they made me feel.

      I might have to make a follow up but I keep hoping it will go away on its own. 😦

      When I posted the photo of the library, I did think of you actually!! 😀 It was beautiful. I couldn’t look around too much because it all made me too dizzy but I think you would’ve liked it there!

      I’m so glad you were able to tell the size of those donuts! LOL I couldn’t figure out how to show just how big they really were! They were so delicious, too.

      Thank you so much, Todd!! ❤

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  2. My boyfriend loves Brooklyn Nine Nine too. He thinks it’s hilarious as I think it’s corny haha. And I’m sorry you’re still dizzy. You may need to go back to the doctor? It’s becoming very disconcerting how long this dizziness has been going on 🙁. Also, that lady on the phone sounded rude. I would’ve reported her raggedy attitude or something. I hate rudeness! Who just hangs up on somebody? Ugh.

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    1. Hahah yeah, it is kind of corny!! I laugh once in awhile and am ashamed!! 😛
      I looked it up and some say it can last for months…so I am kind of upset and hoping that isn’t the case for me.
      I don’t think they would have cared if I reported her! They never answer the customer service line! She was rude as hell, though.


  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re still feeling so dizzy! I definitely would go back to the doctor. I wonder what’s really causing you to be dizzy to the point it’s affecting your work and daily life?

    Your insurance sounds like bullshit, I’m glad you finally got a chance to cancel it. Sounds easy to sign up for, a pain in the ass to cancel.

    Also those donuts look huge! Bet they were yummy!

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    1. It’s def what the doctor said: BPPV but it’s just taking longer than we had hoped to go away!! 😦 I hate that it’s affecting my daily life though…I hope there’s a way to get rid of it quickly.
      It was bullshit…for sure!! I’m so happy to be rid of it, too. 😀

      The donuts were yummy, hehe…I’m glad you could tell how huge they were!

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  4. omg how RUDE!! 😡 i don’t understand how people can be so rude over something like that, what does she care if you wanna cancel or not?! but i’m glad you finally got the chance to cancel, but now you have to go through the progress of finding another one 😦
    and oh my fucking gosh! those donuts are fucking HUGE! LOL
    i’m sorry you’re still feeling really dizzy, that must be annoying, i’ve felt dizzy at such random times, but with me, i’m sure it’s just circulation problems LOL but now that i’ve started working out, my “dizzy spells” have decreased by a lot. i wonder why you began feeling that way though? (i did read about the ear fluid in the last post i think, but that’s still weird…there must be a reason for that?)
    anyway, i love you’re feeling better girl!! and if you’re not, go see a doctor!! ❤ sending you lots of love and energy because i have a lot at the moment and no where to put it lol

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    1. Right?! I have no idea why she was so rude. 😠 I’m so glad I’m done with them. And yeah. I have to try to find something else now…Ugh.
      I’m glad you could tell how huge those donuts were, lol. We had like a 1/4 of each left then they went stale.
      Yeah I had BPPV, a crystal floating in the fluids in my ear canals that was putting me off balance. I don’t know how or why it got there, I guess it’s common?
      Thank you for sharing your love and energy with me and for your well wishes! 💗

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      1. Well good luck! Not many insurances are great but I hope you find a decent one.
        And yeahh! VooDoo doughnuts has a big one here too, about the same size as those, I just haven’t gone there because I feel like the donuts have changed..idk, they’re not what I remember but perhaps I’ll go one day to show you LOL.
        Hmm, well that’s not very comforting LMAO, but at least it’s treatable. Although feeling dizzy all the time would be such a bummer.

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        1. I might just live without one!! 😛
          I’ve heard so many wonderful things about VooDoo Doughnuts!! I need to go there.
          Yeah being dizzy for that whole week was so terrible…it could drive a person insane!!! (Almost did!)

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            1. I think the penalty fee is just as expensive as insurance!! And actually when I did my taxes last year my lady didn’t even ask me about health insurance? Maybe she just assumed I didn’t have any because I didn’t at the time, lol?
              I hate long lines ugh but I’ve seen so many wonderful photos though lol!!

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