When I first started dancing, I had no idea that the girls actually would take pride in dating the managers, DJs, bouncers, etc.

At my first club, I hooked up with the DJ. I didn’t realize how common it probably was for him nor did I care. I didn’t think it was something to brag about…it just happened.

At the second club I worked at…I realized how important the girls believed they were when they were dating a manager (or other personnel). There was one girl who was actually dating the owner. Everyone treated her like a literal princess and all of the other dancers were terrified of her. If she didn’t like you, she could have you fired immediately. She even wrote her name and her friends’ names on a mirror and wrote, “you can’t sit with us” on some Mean Girls shit.

I started dating (read: fucking) the doorman–I realized how well the managers started treating me. If there was someone I didn’t get along with, they’d have a meeting with a manager, and all of a sudden they’d be nice to me the next day. If I was overcharged, I didn’t get the “we’ll fix it tomorrow” spiel (lies); they’d actually fix it right away. I was able to skip the line and cash out first (along with the other girls who were putting out :P) every night. I was never charged for being late or not showing up for my “shifts” while other girls were getting charged daily. The girls who had slept with the DJs or any of the other managers started opening up to me about their relationships inside the strip club, too.

I was surprised that I was “important” all of a sudden. But then, it made sense. They all believe if you sleep with one of them, they all have a chance now. Even after I ended things with the doorman, the managers continued to give me the special privileges.

It never made sense to me why some girls got “special treatment.” I wondered if it was because they made a lot of money for the club or if it was because they tipped the managers well. I learned that most of the time (read: all of the time)…it’s because they’re sleeping with or have slept with someone who works in the club.

Another thing I learned about dating inside the strip club is that…if the manager, or whomever you are associating with, for a necessary reason (i.e. cashing out) is a complete asshole for absolutely NO reason it’s because his girlfriend is working in the club somewhere. Either as a dancer, waitress, bartender, door lady…or whatever. Every time someone is a dick to me…I’m like “what the hell did I do?” I always later find out that they are dating someone who is always watching them so they HAVE to be assholes.

Dating inside the strip club doesn’t usually happen for “benefits” (but it does come with perks). Most of the time, both parties genuinely like each other. I think that’s why the girls who do end up dating inside the strip club feel “special.” They honestly feel like the person they’re dating could have anyone else that works there (not true) so they feel special.

It’s hard if you don’t know who is dating who because anyone could jeopardize your night. For example: if you piss the DJ’s girlfriend off, she can tell him to skip your turn on stage so you lose your time to shine! The relationships are hard to detect at first but if you keep your ears and eyes open, you’ll notice them right away.


Featured Image by Mike Wilson

9 thoughts on “Inside Scoop: Dating Inside The Strip Club

  1. wow, things can turn catty real quick lol. that kind of sucks because i always thought it should be equal across every person working there, but i guess relationships will still affect day to day things whether you’ve done something wrong or not.

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  2. Oh my gosh, so much social politics to navigate! I’ve had guys next to me waiting to get served (in an open plan bar) that I’ve chatted to and they’ve been really cold, bordering on rude, then they’ve got their drink and sat down with who I’ve then realised is their girlfriend/date. I just thought they’d assumed I was hitting on them and thought “Urgh!” It never occurred to me the women might be the super jealous type! Never thought you’d have to deal with that at work!


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