Journal Entry #46

January 11, 2018


First of all, I’m so confused why my post for yesterday didn’t post. I didn’t pre-write it and schedule it or anything like that. I put it together and pressed publish immediately? I’m thinking it happened because I might’ve closed my browser too quickly after I hit publish? I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll even post it anymore, ever. Sorry guys.

On Tuesday, I ended up staying home from work because I couldn’t stop the dizziness. I set an appointment with a doctor who supposedly accepted my insurance but they called me in the morning to inform me that they don’t. I need to cancel that good-for-nothing insurance. I called them and no one answered…so I sent them an e-mail and they never got back to me. I am going to start blowing them up or tell WellsFargo to block them from taking my money each month. They can’t just ignore me, I will cancel that fucking insurance.

I decided to see the doctor anyways because it was only $60 for him to check me out. I admit the office was a little sketchy but the doctor and nurse were very professional. I think it’s so weird how doctor’s have separate offices here in Vegas. In Minnesota, everyone you need to see is in one nice big location.

He diagnosed me with BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). Pretty much the liquids in my ears are off balance therefore, I am off balance, too.

He prescribed me a medicine that makes the dizziness less intense and told me I need to do these exercises.

vertigo exercise

I had a less intense dizziness after taking the medicine and doing the exercise. I don’t know which one helped me. I am definitely still dizzy though. I did work last night–I couldn’t help but feel everyone thought I was spinning like I thought they were but I knew they couldn’t tell. It was easier to stay less dizzy when I walked around but I was most dizzy giving lap dances. :/

Today, boyfriend woke up at 2p and informed me how late it was, lol. I didn’t want to get up. I kept falling back asleep for around half an hour until I decided that I needed to get up because the dinner we were making today took 3h and I had to send the recipe off my phone to boyfriend so he could start making it and I needed to start showering and stuff before the food was done. I sent the recipe to boyfriend and I laid in bed and read some blog posts on my reader while he started up dinner. I finally decided to get up and take a shower when there was an hr left for the food to cook. When I got out, it was time to eat. 😀 Perfect timing, huh?!

We just finished eating dinner when I started typing this. Boyfriend went out for a cigarette (they are making me more dizzy so I haven’t really smoked one for the past 3 days) and then he took a shower. He’s out now so we’ve gotta go out on our coffee run!



28 thoughts on “Journal Entry #46

  1. Glad you got to the doctor and have a path forward. That sounds really horrible. And especially bad to have given what you do for work. If I felt like that it’s no big deal, I’ll just sit tight in my chair and be careful when going to get my coffee…

    That insurance sounds ridiculous. What a mess that even with it you still can’t get reimbursed and have to make judgement calls as to whether or not something is worth spending money on. People shouldn’t be put in that position.

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    1. Yeah, I ended up staying home from work again. The dizziness is still here, though. I don’t know what to do. 😦
      Yes, I kept trying to call them and they kept sending me to voicemail. I finally called as a “new member” and I got a person, HA! I am so glad I got it cancelled.
      Thank you for your comment, Todd! ❤


  2. That’s not good! And your insurance company! 😡
    I wish you could take a few days and rest to get better. Your body was telling you that today. I’m so sorry Hunida! Feel better. Keep doing the exercises and hopefully the combination will do wonders!

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    1. They would NOT answer my calls until I pretended I was trying to start a new plan with them. I did rest yesterday and on Tuesday but my dizziness is still here. 😦 I’m keeping up with the exercises, too…ugh. Thanks so much, Jules. ❤

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  3. I think that doctors should have to accept all insurances. It just seems so ridiculous that they don’t. I hope your dizziness goes away pretty quickly. I would probably want to die if I had to deal with that for more than a day or two.

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  4. Ahh I’m sorry your post didn’t publish! You probably did leave the browser too soon, there’s always a bit of delay on my computer. The dizziness sounds awful, I’m glad the doctor was able to prescribe you something that helped some, but if it keeps up I’d try to go somewhere else for a second opinion. Hopefully it goes away soon! Your insurance is awful, and I really hope you get out of it soon! If it’s that bad you can’t reach them, and the fact they took extra money before, it’s just sketchy. Good luck 💜

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    1. Yeah, I think it was because I closed the browser too soon. Oh well. :/ Yeah, he told me to go back and see him if it doesn’t go away in 3 days…you think I should go to a diff doc?
      Yeah I finally got rid of the shit insurance. Whew!!

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      1. Most likely :/ next time give it a few minutes! And gotcha, I’d go back to him if it keeps up, but if seeing him isn’t helping then a second opinion might be the better option. I just hope it goes away for you!
        And thank goodness!!

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  5. well i’m glad you went to the doctor to get checked out! 🙂 i hope things get better for you, but for now it seems you need some much needed rest 🙂 or perhaps you’re feeling better by now, i’ve been absent so i’m barely catching up with reading blogs LOL

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