My Favorite TV Shows From My Childhood

When I was a kiddo, there were so many awesome shows. These were my favorite by channel:

Cartoon Network

Totally Spies


Powerpuff Girls


The Jetsons

the jetsons.jpg

Kids Next Door


Dexter’s Laboratory


PBS Kids



Dragon Tales





The Fairly Oddparents




The Amanda Show

amanda show.jpg

Rocket Power


Hey Arnold


Drake & Josh



Even Stevens


Sister, Sister


Proud Family


Hannah Montana


That’s So Raven

thats so raven.jpg

What shows did you love watching as a child? Did you enjoy any of the same shows as I did?


Featured Image by ian dooley

82 thoughts on “My Favorite TV Shows From My Childhood

      1. As a kid I was outside a lot so I didn’t watch too much TV although I do have an usual memory – Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny… Primetime Laverne and Shirley, Threes Company, Family Ties…see I’m an old man lol

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        1. I used to watch Woody Woodpecker and Bugs Bunny, too! πŸ™‚ I haven’t heard of Primetime Laverne or Shirley but I used to change the channel from Threes Company and Family Ties all of the time LOL.

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  1. Omg I LOVED Totally Spies and Powerpuff Girls! I also was crazy about That’s So Raven and I still be streaming Sister Sister. Drake and Josh were EVERYTHING. I think the only thing I didn’t see was Courage The Cowardly Dog. I loved that show on Cartoon Network and watched it every single night. This is an awesome list! #90sKids

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  2. HA! I am SO OLD. For me it was all the old school PBS stuff: Original Sesame Street (early 1970’s was the best!), Mr. Rogers, The Electric Company, 3-2-1 Contact, Zoom. And there were so many great cartoons – lots from Hanna Barbera, of course. There was no Cartoon Network so we all had to wait until Saturday to get our fix and would spend the whole morning in front of the TV. Then in school on Monday we’d talk about the ones we loved. Most of us only were able to get one channel so we all watched the same shows at home.

    So in the end I think the only one we share is The Jetsons.

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    1. I could never enjoy Sesame Street but I LOVED Mr. Rogers and Zoom. How could I forget Zoom?!
      There are a few you listed I’ve never heard of!! That’s so crazy how times have changed. How awesome that we both enjoyed The Jetsons:D!


  3. Omg. I’m 25 years old. and girl you just sent me on a trip to nostalgia-vile. Such a wonderful compilation.. 90s were the best times for kids.. Present day cartoons are such hogwash..

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    1. I know…shame on me!! How could I forget those two. 😦 I also wanted to include Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and Brace Face! Do you remember those?? I’m not sure if they were on Disney but I remember watching them…

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      1. Ahhh yes both of those are classic! And boy meets world πŸ’œ that one is my all time favorite, Mr. Feeny is the man. Brace face was Disney I think! I remember watching it lol. Sabrina was off the WB I want to say, but I’m not sure!

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        1. How could I forget Boy Meets World? I think that one was my absolute favorite out of all of the shows!! I watched all of Girl Meets World and teared up almost every episode remembering Boy Meets World. ❀

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            1. It’s not really a remake though!! It’s about Corey and Topanga’s daughter and her friends. Corey and Topanga are just her parents! I loved it. ❀ They did abruptly cancel it though so I don't think others loved it as much as I did!! πŸ˜›

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              1. Whenever they bring a show back they bring it with the new style of shows lol. Like Fuller House. Same great cast, but just not the same. It’s not awful, just not as great as it could be. But I may have to try to watch Girl Meets World (:

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