Journal Entry #44

January 07, 2018

Hi guys:)!


Friday night before I went to work, boyfriend  and I went out to our favorite bar and ordered some drinks. The bartender there always gives us free drinks and samples of drinks that he comes up with on his own. I usually have long islands but instead of the Coca-Cola, he makes this lemonade out of real lemons and syrup for me. It’s yummy. Friday night we saw him make this sangria for some other people and we were like “I didn’t know you made sangrias!” and he poured us a glass of it before I finally left for work.


I had a pretty rough week…probably one of the worst, ever and I worked 5 days out of 7. I have worked 3 days and have made more. It’s supposed to be busy starting Monday…it’s what everyone keeps saying! I hope it’s true.

My locker neighbor got fired Friday night for hitting a customer with her purse. I couldn’t catch the whole story because I was drunk, she was crying, and I was trying to count my money at the same time. I felt bad for her:/.

Last night, the fishnet guy came back and handed me a pair of the right size fishnets. Yay! I’m gonna send those other ones to my pal Julie so I have to remember to bring them home tomorrow. The customer that brings me candy, mostly Hi-Chews because I love them, also came to see me last night…luckily for me because before he showed up, I had barely made back my house fee.

I was able to avoid fishnet guy all night, too, hehe. I accepted my gift, brought it to my locker, and pretended not to notice him for the rest of the night:).

I left work at around 3a. It was pretty much empty which is sad for a Saturday night…it’s usually packed with people until at least 5a!

Boyfriend had to work the day shift today. He left at like 10a–I wasn’t able to fall back asleep so I caught up with all the blogs on my reader! That took up my whole morning. I had just a few more blogs to read when boyfriend texted he was on his way home at a little past 4p. I was super excited because it’s SUSHI SUNDAY. We went to…you guessed it!…Sushi Neko.


When we got home from sushi, we watched TV for a bit before I decided to start writing this. I’m gonna edit this unboxing post and schedule it for publication tomorrow morning now:).

Hope you all had a great weekend!! ❤




24 thoughts on “Journal Entry #44

    1. I forgot them at work, ugh! I’m going back tonight though so I will try to remember, haha. Yeah I am glad the holidays are over and hopefully it picks up soon. 💖 I def enjoyed the sushi:)!

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  1. by the way, i hope you’re getting my comments because they’re not appearing here, unless you have decided to approve comments before posting, but even then it would show me that.. every time i hit “post comment” the page refreshes and takes me all the way back to the top of the page, and when i scroll down to the comments, i don’t see mine… even the WP notifications don’t tell me that i have replied so you might have gotten a double comment from me on one of your posts oops

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    1. okay, I don’t know why tf WP has sent soo many of my comments to spam lately. I just found a bunch of your comments in there. I didn’t even know how to find the spam until last week because it did it to my other good blog friend and she told me how to check them!! WTF
      I’m sorry I didn’t check them sooner!! I missed so many of your comments. 😦 I didn’t change it to approve first or anything like that…I didn’t change anything? I don’t get it!

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      1. awh no worries, i just wasn’t sure if i was running into a problem myself, because it happened in someone else’s blog too, which led me to believe that maybe you weren’t getting them lol. i’ll have to look into that but maybe it’s a glitch?


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