My Favorite Cruelty-Free Brands and Products


Brand: Acure Organics
Product: Facial Cleansing Gel in Superfruit
Price: $9.99
I found it at: Target

You can buy it online: here



Brand: John Masters Organics
Product: Sea Salt Spray with Lavendar
Price: $22
I found it at: Ulta

You can buy it online: here




harvey prince.jpg

Brand: Harvey Prince
Product: Perfumes
Price: $23-57
I received it in: a Birchbox

You can buy it online: here





Brand: Palladio
Product: Silk FX Eyeshadow Palette in A La Mode
Price: $12
I found it at: Sally’s Beauty Store

You can buy it online: here




Brand: Palladio
Product: Baked Bronzer in Illuminating Tan
Price: $10
I found it at: Sally’s Beauty Store

You can buy it online: here



Brand: Hurraw!GREENTEA.jpg
Product: Lip Balm in Green Tea
Price: $3.79
I found it at: Sencha Tea Bar in Mpls, MN

You can buy it online: here




Brand: Method
Product: Moisturizing Body Wash in White Tea
Price: $4.99
I found it at: Walmart

You can buy it online: here




Brand: Everyone Products
Product: Hand Soap in Apricot + Vanilla
Price: $5.99
I found it at: TJ Maxx

You can buy it online: here



Brand: First Aid Beauty
Products: Face Cleanser and Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration Moisturizer
Price: Facial Cleanser $20 Ultra Repair Cream $36
I found it at: Ulta and Sephora

You can buy them both online: here


In my “3 Daily Products I Swear By” post I mentioned how much I love Tom’s of Maine’s Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste in Peppermint ($5.99) and Soapbox’s Shampoo in Tea Tree ($6.99). Those are both cruelty-free brands!

Shop Tom’s of Maine online: here
Shop Soapbox Soaps online: here

In my “Everyday Makeup Routine” post, you might’ve noticed that I am in love with Tarte products. Their whole line is cruelty-free. I use the Amazonian Clay 12-hour Foundation with SPF 15 in Tan Honey ($39), Amazonian Clay Waterproof 12-hour Concealer in Tan ($25), and the Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder ($33). You can find all Tarte products in-store at Sephora and Ulta.

Shop Tarte online: here

I also mention in my “Everyday Makeup Routine” post, a couple Urban Decay products. The Urban Decay makeup line is also cruelty-free! Yay! I love love love the eyehadow single in Baked ($19) and their Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body in Lit ($32). Urban Decay makeup can be found in-store at Sephora and Ulta.

Shop Urban Decay online: here

I am on a never-ending search for cruelty-free brands and products that actually work for me so if you know of any that I should know about, let me know in my comments! These are just all of my favorite products that I’ve used SO FAR!! 😉


Featured Image by Joanna Kosinska

19 thoughts on “My Favorite Cruelty-Free Brands and Products

  1. I’ve never heard of most of these products! But I want to make it a New Years goal to try for more cruelty free brands, and be more conscious of that sort of thing if I can help it. This really is a great post 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, me too!! I’m glad you’re making it a New Years goal to be more conscious. 🙂 A lot of people worry about buying cruelty-free makeup but their hand soaps or dish soaps they don’t even think twice about!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Great advice!

    I worked in the Health and Wellness section at a co-op for about a year, and Acure and John Masters make really quality products, especially Acure for the money. I currenly use John Masters leave in hair conditioner and it is spectacular with a little bit of hold (not much). Badger hair pomade (100% organic ingredients) makes my favorite hair hold by far, the hold is good, but flexible and smells amazing (like it so much reviewed it on their web site). The Badger Sleep Balm is great too.

    Though I didn’t use much of the beauty care products, I became well versed and customers were passionate about certain manufacturers, and all the coworkers who were much more knowledgable than me, all spoke strongly about Acure as the best for the money. I do use method hand soap and little dab goes a long way (that is a favorite hand soap by far).

    Oh crap, almost forgot; Acure makes by far the best shaving gel I’ve ever used, it lasts for ever, and it comes in the teal blue cylinder bottle (uses oxygen to dispell it). It’s amazing but hard to find at the co-ops.

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    1. Acure is very wonderful. I’ve only used the face wash I mentioned but I’m interested in trying their other products now. 🙂 What does the Badger Sleep Balm do? That sounds interesting.
      When I run out of the Everyone Hand Soap I’m using now, I’ll have to try the Method one! Thanks so much for your recommendations!!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure! The sleep balm might be a placebo as much as anything, but it’s gets super dry during these cold Minnesota winters, so every night I put a thick layer on the lips (think Jim Carrey’s character from me, myself and Irene) and it staves off chapped lips, and also (I like to think) encourages good dreams. Your post has inspired me to do a future post of my own on my favorite eco friendly products I’ve come across, great review, thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

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