Journal Entry #42

January 03, 2018

First of all, you guys know how much I love Sushi Neko, right? (Unless you’re new here, HELLO! My name’s Hunida and I’m addicted to sushi, I mostly find myself indulging in the AYCE sushi menu at this cute little spot called Sushi Neko.) Well, on Yelp I had reviewed my first visit there. It was over 5 months ago. On January 1st, 2018, I had the review of the day!! And they renewed my Elite Badge even though I didn’t apply for the renewal. The community manager messaged me asking why I hadn’t written a review in awhile right before the badge renewals so I kind of thought I wouldn’t get the 2018 badge but I did! I need to get out more so I can do more reviews on Yelp even though I have tried a bunch of places I could’ve reviewed but I always forget!! Anyways, I had to share that first because I’m super excited about it all.

Monday night at work was good and busy. Last night, was not.

I signed up for two subscription boxes I want to continue to get every month if I like them! I’m so excited to get them, I think I should get them both this month.

I do still have one unboxing already that I’m going to try to get posted soon, I just finished trying all of the products. I have to edit the photos and take a few more, too.

Yesterday, we woke up around noon because I had to get my nails done so I didn’t want to go back to sleep and not wake up until 3p (like I did today). I let boyfriend sleep a little longer though and he woke up a little past 1p and we left around 2p. I went to my favorite spot, I didn’t call beforehand so I was nervous when I walked in and didn’t see my favorite tech right away! But, when she saw me, she came rushing out of the back room! Yay!

white claws

I’m kind of mad; the paint is a little messy but I wanted to look wintery so I went with white with silver sparkles. I had her completely remove my old nails and put on a new set so it took a while longer than it usually does. When we left the sun was already down…at nearly 5p.

I went to work around 10p. You wouldn’t believe what happened,though…I wanted to go home so badly but I am trying to force myself to stay until at least 3a every night. So, I stayed and I was going to do a lap dance starting on the next song. When the next song was supposed to come on…all the TVs and a lot of the lights, ALL of the music and sound turned OFF. There was a power outage of some sort! The DJ came on the stage saying all of his equipment was off so he couldn’t play music which meant no dances until they figured it out. I waited a little because this happened once but it lasted like 2m and everything turned back on. My customer wanted to sit and talk, he kept saying lets see what happens. NONE of the customers left, all of the girls stayed put. I was like WTF. I decided to leave after around 15m of staying put like everyone else…I heard that the estimated time of everything working properly again was gonna be 4a. It was only a little before 2a! I’m glad I left but sad because I couldn’t make more money. When we drove home, we noticed some stop lights were off so I guess it wasn’t just our club. Weird, huh?

Anyways, when we got home, I discovered the world of Etsy. I want to try all of those organic makeup brands so I set up an account and created a Wish List, lol. I never knew of any of that stuff until I looked up beauty boxes and came across one on Etsy. Then I realized they have a ton of shops where people make your makeup with real ingredients– that’s so awesome. I can’t wait to buy some things!! I really want to try the deodorant cream…has anyone else ever tried that?

Boyfriend fell asleep right away but I stayed up browsing on Etsy and pressing the heart on hella shit I’d like to try one day, I forgot to read Library of Souls like I wanted to, lol. I got tired around 4a but decided to bookmark some recipes until about 5a. I found a few I wanted to try, consulted with boyfriend when we finally woke up today. We decided on 3 recipes, I made our grocery list, I took a shower, he cleaned up the house a bit, and then we went grocery shopping. We couldn’t find everything at Smith’s so we had to stop at Albertson’s on the way home. I hate that AND we forgot to buy the cat food so boyfriend has to go out after dinner to buy them some.

When we got home from shopping; I took those photos of my nails, replied to some lovely comments, and then I started writing this!! I’m gonna take some photos for that unboxing I was talking about. Boyfriend started on dinner when we got home, too. He’s still working on that…I can’t wait to eat!!

I should work on that next recipe reviews post I have for you guys, too! I have like 3 posts worth of recipes right now.

Also, we need to watch the new episode of Runaways on Hulu that came out yesterday. Boyfriend had the day off today and I am taking the night off, too. Back to work tomorrow. 😦


31 thoughts on “Journal Entry #42

    1. LOL, my boyfriend is the one who likes them pointy! But no, he doesn’t like when I scratch him lol..he just likes how they look and I have grown to, as well!! But my customer’s do always ask “are you going to use those on me?!” haahaha.

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  1. I’ve posted about Etsy numerous times, and you’re just now discovering its greatness? LOL Granted, I haven’t posted about makeup you can buy on there because I usually go for the bath stuff, and I’ve bought clothing and accessories before too. But there are so many cool shops on there where you can get all kinds of things. I did buy some lipgloss from a shop on there before.

    I like the white glittery nails. It’s a good pick for Winter. 🙂

    I don’t know how you don’t get sick of sushi. lol I like it, but I can only handle it every once in a while.

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    1. I remember all the bath stuff you’ve posted about. But I thought that’s all they had on there, jewelry and expensive vintage clothes so I never really looked around on there. I remember looking at some things and got scared away by the shipping fees but I didn’t look hard enough. There are so many vegan organic makeup shops I discovered by looking up cruelty free makeup brands to buy. I want to try them all lol.
      Yay I’m happy you like the nails, I was worried they might be Christmasy lol.
      I don’t know how we don’t get sick of sushi either lol. We skipped it last Sunday though because we went twice the week before lol.

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      1. Oh yeah, some of the shipping prices on the shops are quite expensive. I hate when I find something I really like and go to checkout, and the shipping is $14. That just happened to me when I was Christmas shopping, so I ended up not getting that item. A lot of shipping prices are affordable though, you just have to find the right shops.

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  2. I’ll have to check Etsy out too because I’ve mostly looked on there for like decorations and little things you can buy but not make up! I like the nails. That sucks that you wanted to actually work and didn’t wind up staying!

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  3. Love the nails! I could eat sushi every day, but I always have a bit of a drive to get it since there aren’t any restaurants that serve it anywhere near my house. I stay off Etsy because I would never leave it and would be BROKE lol. So weird about the power issue but glad you are safe, no telling how people will react in weird situations. Also looking forward to your reviews as always, I find them very interesting!

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    1. Thank you! 💖 I think I could eat sushi every day, too, mmm. We have to drive a bit too (like 20m) to our fave spot because the ones near our house aren’t so good.
      Hahah! Yeah, Etsy has so many cool things. I should stay off too!
      The power issue was weird. I’m glad I left! Lol.
      Yay! I’m happy that you like my reviews! They’ll be up soon!! 💖

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  4. I love Etsy! It’s a great place to support small brands and artists but also has really lovely and unique things! And congrats on the Yelp badge! I should probably start doing reviews as a motivation to get out more haha.

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  5. Your nails are always so pretty! I could never wear them that long lol. That’s crazy there was a power outage at the club, I’m glad you didn’t stick around!
    Etsy is amazing! I’ve never tried any organic products off the site, but I’ve bought necklaces and other hand crafted stuff off there, and loved it. And so much is able to be custom made, too.

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    1. When I got them all taken off, they felt so nice but then 10m later they were long again. 😦 lol. I just don’t feel as sexy without them but I would prefer life without them, definitely!!
      Yeah, I know a lot of people got those gold necklaces with their names on ’em…I thought those were so cute and I looked on there for house decorations and such but the makeup options are out of this world!! I had no idea.

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      1. Haha they definitely would make me feel sexier, but having that one experience where I struggled to function with them, I just don’t think I could pull it off 😂
        And ohh true! I’ve bought different types of necklaces on there lol. And I bought Ray’s coffee mug off of there, too. I still haven’t checked out the makeup options, I’m sure they’re a tad pricey for good quality haha

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        1. Lol, I’ve had them for so long–I can do all life functions normally except itch inside my ear lol. The makeup really wasn’t even that pricey!! Much cheaper than what I pay for the makeup I usually buy but I don’t know if it’s good quality. 😛

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          1. Haha I can imagine! And ohh if you ever try it out and review it I’ll give it a go :p I just buy my makeup at the local drugstore or Walmart 😂 We don’t have a Sephora or anything like that in town.

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  6. Hiii! I’ve been gone for like a fucking week without meaning to haha
    I wish I liked raw sushi, but, I’m not entirely sure WHEN i’ll get on that bandwagon hahaha
    and your nails still look good, how often do you get them done? I got the impress nails for NYE and I absolutely loved them! 😉
    That’s so weird that the power went out, they didn’t have back up generators? usually business have them just in case lol
    can’t wait to see what subscriptions you have subscribed to 😉

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    1. Hi Rossy! I missed you!!
      Maybe one day you will like raw sushi. 😀
      Thank you, I get them done once or twice a month. I saw your nails in that post, they were so cute. 😀
      Yeah they had a few backup lights on but no backup for the music I guess? It was def weird…lol.
      Can’t wait to show you what boxes I got!! 😉

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      1. awh really?! 😀 ❤
        ah that makes sense, i would love to get my nails done, last time was like a decade ago and they did it wrong, luckily my brother's then-gf fixed them up for me 🙂
        huh, that is weird. and yay! 😀

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      2. Idk if I replied to this or not LMFAO
        but awh that means a lot! at least someone missed me hahaha
        i would like to get my nails done again, last time was like a decade ago for my 15th birthday, but they did it wrong.. luckily my brother’s then gf fixed them for me but i didn’t like the feeling of fake nails … that’s something i would have to get used to.

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