My Favorite Quotes From… Love May Fail by Matthew Quick

Love May Fail by Matthew Quick

love may fail

Originally Published: June 4, 2015

“I mean, politics aside, we all want to be desired— even lusted after– deep down, if we’re being honest.”

“Alfonzo doesn’t respond, but the alcohol coursing through my veins keeps me talking.”

“Why does a rotten tree branch come crashing down to earth one day? Everything has its breaking point– even women.

“Do you know what happens when you do nothing? Nothing.”

“I’ve already worn her down with my flippant and obnoxious comments– I’m very good at wearing people down whenever I’m upset, although I’m not proud of this.”

“I look in the mirror and see a monster.”

“Some people you just can’t resurrect, no matter how much you love them.”

“That’s how they trick us into going through the pain of childbirth and all the rest. Just reproduce, and people throw you parties and buy you gifts and sympathize with you. You enjoy a sense of belonging and achievement simply because you had sex successfully. And who can resist that? I guess I can.

“The young consume; the old are consumed.”

“Some part deep down inside me begins to worry that she will leave before I am ready to be alone.

As if getting to do one last thing can really make you feel less regretful about your existence coming to an end.

“I don’t want to speak about things I know little about anymore.”

“It’s amazing how much power can be manifested through a simple act of kindness.”

“You can’t look back and pinpoint an exact moment when you give up on your dreams. It’s like someone stealing all of the salt from your kitchen, one tiny crystal at a time. You don’t realize it for months, and then when you see that you are low, you still think you have thousands of little crystals left– and then bam, no salt.

“‘Bullshit,’ she says, and then gives me a smile so beautiful, I’m forced to look away.

“My eyes look bad, guilty– like I know how fucked my behavior tonight was and believe I should be punished.”

“And I wonder how many lies it takes to make the world go around.”

“The world is a hard place and can be hardest on the hopeful.

“And we’ve got to thank our saviors no matter how many times we feel attacked and broken, because we damn well need them.”

“Another thought hits me hard as a lawn dart to the eye: this moment is so terribly unimportant to the rest of the world, yet it means everything to me somehow– and it’s enough.”


“Portia Kane is having a meltdown. After escaping her ritzy Florida life and her cheating pornographer husband, she finds herself transported back to South Jersey, where things remain largely unchanged from her unhappy childhood. In need of saving herself, she sets out to find and resurrect a beloved high school English teacher who has retired after a horrific scandal. Will a sassy nun, an ex-heroin addict, a metal-head little boy, and her hoarder mother help or hurt Portia’s chances in this bid for renewed hope in the human race? This is a story of the great highs and lows of existence: the heartache and daring choices it takes to become the person you know (deep down) you are meant to be.”
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Fiction, Literature, Contemporary

My Rating:

★★★★★ 5/5

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Quotes From… Love May Fail by Matthew Quick

  1. “It’s amazing how much power can be manifested through a simple act of kindness.”
    Very true. A few years ago, I drove to Alex’s work like I normally did to have lunch with him. At the stoplight a couple blocks away was a homeless guy with his pitbull. And I remember being so wrapped inside my head with stress and worries, that when I saw him standing there, I noticed he was holding a sign that simply said “SMILE”. I looked at the guy before the light turned green and he smiled at me. I told Alex about it and I told him I was going to go back and buy the guy lunch or something. The guy wasn’t asking for money. I walked back hoping he was still there, and sure enough, he was. I shook his hand and introduced myself and we had a short conversation, I even offered to buy him something from the fast food place nearby and he declined, so I said, “well, let me buy something for your dog then” and I explained to him how I felt compelled to do something for him because he had brightened up my day. To my amazement, even he looked surprised when I said that, and he ended up accepting my offer to buy him and his dog lunch. To this day, I remember the guy, even though I have forgotten his name by now. And even though it seems that I was the one who acted out of kindness, I feel like it was mostly his doing. He was the one who acted out of kindness, and I hope that he realized that just standing there, with a sign that read “SMILE”, he brightened up my day and made me realize that some things are simply out of my control and are not worth fretting over.

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    1. Ah yeah, I really liked that quote!!! And I’m so happy you resonated with it. ❤ I love that you bought him and his dog lunch. You are so sweet. That's amazing that his sign said 'SMILE' that it made your day and you still remember him. ❤ I'm sure other people smiled at the sign, too and forgot to thank him for it. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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