Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m superstitious to the point where it’s pretty annoying. I believe in so many (maybe even too many?) superstitions…

The number one superstition I believe in that my mom always warned me about is keeping my purse or wallet off the floor. She says that if you put your purse on the floor your money will “run away.” Meaning, it will be gone/spent faster than you know it.

I also believe $50 bills are bad luck. One of my managers told me this once so I looked it up and read a lot about why or how it came to be. The legend actually started up in Las Vegas–gamblers considered it bad luck so I’m even more careful with keeping 50 dollar bills on me since I live here now. At work, I’ll ask for smaller bills or I will get them changed out right away if my customer only has $50’s on him for some reason.

Some say $2 bills are bad luck but I think the opposite. I think those are good luck. I have no reason for this. I just believe they’re good.

The superstition that annoys people (aka boyfriend) the most is the one I have about when someone accidentally steps on the back of my feet…that’s bad luck. So, to reverse the curse, the person who stepped on the back of my feet has to draw an “X” on my back with their finger and then, give me a light shove forward. Boyfriend hates this one because I have mini panic attacks when strangers step on the back of my feet and I can’t ask them to reverse the curse.

Everyone knows about spilling salt, right? 9 (or more but never less) grains of salt over my left shoulder every time.

Opening umbrellas indoors = BAD LUCK!

If you break a mirror, you’re cursed with SEVEN YEARS of bad luck!

If you walk past a pole or column with a group of people or just one other person, it’s bad luck to “split the pole.” For instance; if you walk past a STOP sign, everyone should pass it on one side; to the left or to the right. If one member passes on the right when everyone else is on the left…that’s bad luck for each and every one who walked past!

I don’t like when black crows fly across my view. This means bad things will happen to someone close to you; usually health wise.

Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head…if you know of any other ones I need to know about, please, let me know in my comments!!

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37 thoughts on “Superstitions I Believe In…

  1. I’m not superstitious, but I do believe in Jinxes. You know, like when you say “Nothing bad is going to happen” and then it does. That kind of thing. It’s happened right in front of my eyes many times for me to not believe that is real.

    Also, there’s something called a “self-fulfilling prophecy” which I think has some merit. It’s basically where you are constantly thinking in your head that something is going to happen and then it does. That’s happened to me before as well.

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    1. Oh yeah, I totally believe in jinxes, too and I’ve never actually heard of it called the “self-fulfilling” prophecy but that’s my life. My boyfriend always tells me things only happen to me because I keep thinking that they will.

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  2. I didn’t know about half of these! I’m pretty superstitious about certain things (like tempting fate…how about hell the fuck NO), but now you’ve given me more to worry about ;-; kidding – but I do think the purse touching the floor being bad luck is one I’m going to start paying attention to xx

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    1. Hahaha, yeah definitely a NO to tempting fate. I’m so sorry I’ve given you more to worry about lol I guess I was worrying that I wasn’t worrying enough!
      Yeah, I see so many people set their purses on the floor and it makes me cringe for them! Be careful! 😉


  3. In cowboy culture there’s a superstition about hats. If you take your hat off and set it down on a table or shelf or other surface, you’re supposed to set your hat upside down. If you set it the way you would wear it, your luck runs out.

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  4. Oh! And my family eats black eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck in the new year. It’s a southern superstition that we uphold EVERY YEAR. My mom makes a black eyed pea stew called Hoppin’ John and we eat it with cornbread.

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  5. The black Eyed Peas on New years is a southern tradition. Since my family is from South and North Carolina , we often ate black Eyed Peas every new years day.i know about the purse on the floor, I never do it. Also putting your hat on the bed.

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    1. Oh, I am stressing now. I do not know how to make black eyed peas and I want to eat them today. 😦
      Oh yeah, I think I’ve heard that putting your hat on the bed is bad luck! Luckily, I never wear hats, hehe.


  6. I’m not superstitious at all but I do find them interesting. And I actually haven’t heard about a lot of these. Especially the one where someone steps on the back of your foot. Very interesting. Do you believe in the step on a crack superstition?

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    1. Yeah, one of my co-workers at Sonic told me about the back of the feet thing. I’ve believed it ever since…I’ve never looked it up or anything lol.
      No, I don’t believe in the step on a crack break your mom’s back because I’ve done it and it didn’t happen to her, lol. (On accident, of course.)


  7. The only superstition I believe is spilling the salt. My ex spilled the salt while dinning out one day and on the way home, we got in a car accident. I will always throw it over my shoulder if it happens again.

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  8. omg I believe in the whole purse/wallet on the floor too, I freak out when Alex just tosses mine on the floor either by accident or because he wants to move things out of the way LMAO
    Never heard of $50 bills being bad luck, we usually only carry $20’s on us. And I have plenty of $2 bills, not on my wallet but in my house. Actually, Alex has a folded $2 in his wallet, I wonder if he believes its lucky somehow?
    I’ve heard of all the other ones, and the black crows flying across your view is the same as the black cat passing by in front of you lol

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    1. I can’t believe he just tosses your shit on the floor lol how careless!!!
      Hahah I have one $2 bill folded up in my wallet for good luck, too!! Maybe he does think the same way I do about it?
      I don’t believe that black cats are bad luck unless they’re stray and it’s a Friday the 13th but I always believe in the crows. :-O

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      1. lmao I know that sometimes he doesn’t mean to he’s just trying to clean and what not, but still..
        i’m not sure what he thinks because he doesn’t believe in superstitions, or perhaps he does but doesn’t want to admit it lol
        huh, interesting, i don’t think that’s ever happened.

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  9. I’m not really superstitious, at most I believe in stuff like karma – what comes around goes around. I think I’d be way too paranoid if I believed in superstitions! I’ve never heard about most of these superstitions, especially the money ones. $2 I do believe are good luck, you don’t see them very often!
    Ohh I do like the penny superstition, too. If you see a penny on the ground with it’s head up it’s supposed to be good luck

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    1. Yeah, I totally believe in karma! I am way too paranoid, I can’t help it! I’ve heard about that penny one, too! I heard two things for heads up, though: the good luck or someone is visiting you from Heaven. 🙂

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  10. Omg I had no idea that these were superstitions! I will never put my purse on the ground again now haha. My boss leaves her umbrella opened indoors ALL the time and it makes me cringe everytime.

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