Top 5 Items I Need At Work At All Times

1. Baby Wipes!

They must be unscented. Everything that you use to wipe or wash your cookie with should be unscented.

If you get the white deodorant stains on your bra or bikini top–they WILL glow in the dark BUT, if you have baby wipes–you can wipe them right off! If your makeup is messy, smudged, or running…baby wipes can save your face! Baby wipes will save your life as an exotic dancer. You will sweat a lot after dancing so you need to have baby wipes to clean yourself up and keep yourself smelling fresh in all cracks and crevices.

Also, as I mentioned in my Pros and Cons list, customers love to lick us dancers. Baby wipes will help soothe the disgusting feeling and make you feel a little less dirty.

2. Deodorant

As a dancer, you should always, always have deodorant in your locker but I never do. WHY?! Baby wipes help me when I forget but they’re just not as effective as deodorant.

3. Back-Up Heels

You need another pair of dancing heels in your locker! Heels break easily and you don’t want to go home just because your heel broke–you’ll want to stay so you can make more money for a new pair of heels! My heels have broke on the job too many times to count but I’ve always had my uncomfortable back-up pair.

4. Garter or Money Bag

Personally, I think if you carry a backpack or purse, you’re ruining your look. I always keep my money in a garter (they’re not exactly the same as the wedding ones, they’re dancer ones, lol) around my ankle otherwise I’d have a small wallet that I could carry around my wrist or a clutch I could hold in my hand or under my armpit. You need something to put your money in. You can’t just carry it around all night or go into the dressing room to put it away every time.

5. 1 Extra Outfit

Maybe it’s just me but I need every single one of my outfits with me. I like to have options. Some girls bring one outfit for the night but I’m sure the smart ones have at least one extra outfit. Accidents happen. Drinks spill, too many girls are wearing the same color, fabric tears, etc.

Featured Image by PHUOC LE

23 thoughts on “Top 5 Items I Need At Work At All Times

  1. I never knew about the baby wipes, but that makes a lot of sense. You might not make as much money if a customer thinks you smell. lol I know when I used to rave, I never smelled that great by the end of the night. haha

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    1. Hahah, baby wipes are amazing. Try the unscented ones to wipe off your makeup and tell me it’s not better than makeup removers!
      Honestly, a lot of men actually like the smell of sweat!! 😛 (But I don’t lol)

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  2. Baby wipes sound like a necessity for most things – why have I never used them? They’re probably safer for your face and sensitive areas, too, for obvious reasons. The rest make sense for a dancer, too. Things happen, always have to have backups just in case!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll definitely have to try them! Makeup wipes kind of sting my skin and dry it out, so half the time I won’t use them unless I covered my whole face. I’ll just wash my face at night because it’s gentler on my skin. I have sensitive skin lol.

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