I’ll save the best for last and we’ll start with the worst parts about my job:

The number one most common thing that all customers have is BAD beer breath. Do I need to explain why this is on the list of worst things about my job?

When a customer licks me would probably have to be the number one worst thing. Why does this happen? I have no idea…men seriously act like dogs (but dogs are better) at the strip club (and they are proud of it). They will lick my back, shoulders, my ears…all the weird parts of my body if I don’t pay attention to them for one milli second.

Along with unwanted licking, you can only imagine how much unwanted touching there is. There is a lot of arm wrestling during lap dances with some customers. This is very, VERY tiring (and will eventually lead me to excusing myself to the restroom for the remainder of our time together).

I often inform my customers of the cameras that are watching him and he continues to say “but there are ways we can do it without being seen” (maybe because another dancer has taught him this). Over and over, I have to say “no.” The whole dance is an argument and an arm wrestling tournament. These are the absolute worst customers to dance for. I would rather endure beer breath over these men, indefinitely.

There are some customers who will force me to take shots before doing a dance. Or ask to “sit down and have a drink first” then  say “we’re not going for a dance until you drink it all.” I feel a little nervous about people like that and sometimes I just don’t feel like drinking.

Even worse though are the ones who make me “sit down and have a drink first” and end up not paying me a single dime. These customers come to the club just to waste our night. They promise they will pay X amount after I have a little conversation with them first (understandable) but then, they end up asking for my number and are offended when I decline because they “could’ve sworn we had a real connection.” Like, you promised me X amount to pretend we had a connection…I did my job…now, you’re mad, I’m 2 margaritas in, and negative 30m of my time!

I know that it proves that I’m really good at my job but it’s disgusting when men splooge in their pants and all of a sudden the back of my thigh is wet.

But, the BEST parts are:

I can end any dance early. All dances are pre-paid. If there is any detection of wetness…the dance is o v e r, even if it’s only been 10m and you paid for 30!

Also, if a customer keeps breaking the rules or makes me uncomfortable in any way…I can end the dance. It is all on my terms. That is the best part about my job. I’m the boss of me.

The good customers make up for the bad ones, they really do! There are men who are there to literally worship women and treat us like queens. They believe we deserve to be paid for our time. They sit on their hands during lap dances and they continuously dole out compliments.

If customers are mean to me, I can be mean right back. I don’t have to smile and say “have a nice day!” I can literally say “fuck you!” and walk away like it never happened. πŸ™‚

Some customers even buy us gifts. I’ve gotten small gifts from my customers such as weed pipes, outfits, little bottles of booze, and a necklace. The weekend before Christmas a customer brought me a stocking with my stage name written in cursive on it in glow-in-the-dark puff paint with a whole bag of Tropical Hi-Chews (these yummy Asian chewy candies). Other dancers have received bigger gifts like a new set of breasts, a new butt, a whole mouth of veneers, etc. One dancer told me she’s never had to buy her own dancing heels because her customers always gifted her new ones.

Another thing that I love about my job is I can set my own schedule. There are some clubs (luckily, not mine) that make you stay until a certain time or work a certain amount of hours a night but mostly, you get to choose the days you go in. If I don’t want to work on my birthday I don’t have to put in a “day-off request.” I just don’t go to work! If I want to go on vacation for a week or I don’t want to work when I’m on my period (which I never do!)…I’ll still have a job after my week off.

Along with setting my own schedule, I can take a break whenever I want to while I’m working. There are comfy chairs in the dressing room and food, too. I can eat whenever I want. Or sit and do nothing on my phone. Smoke cigarettes whenever I want. Some clubs I worked at, I was even able to smoke weed whenever I wanted.

And even though I listed being force fed alcohol as a con of my job, I have to say; being able to get drunk at work is definitely a pro, too–when I drink however much I want, at my own pace, of course. It’s okay if I’m drunk at work! It’s part of the job. If I got drunk at any other job, I’d probably be fired. πŸ˜‰

Featured Image by Jon Tyson

40 thoughts on “Pros and Cons: Being An Exotic Dancer

  1. I really like reading these insights but those men are just disgusting. Luckily you get to be your own boss about it! That’s so important for protecting yourself.

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  2. So interesting! I think the problem is that, maybe, in the customer’s mind, the fine line between exotic dancing and prostitution is very blurred (I hope you aren’t offended). They should be reminded that you are there to entertain them, not to have sex with them!!! Some of them are really disgusting and I’m sorry you have to go through stuff like being licked or even worse!!
    It is so great that you enjoy your work, and I hope you’ll continue to do so in the best circumstances.

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  3. I can’t imagine being in the same position as you are. It’s interesting to see that some women take this job as a punishment or some sort of a bad thing to do, and some women quite enjoy it. Every job has it’s own pros and cons, but I suppose the person himself/herself desides what is a con and what is a pro. The most inportant thing is that you’re happy πŸ™‚

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    1. And I’ve been told that some women go back to stripping because it paid better than the jobs they got after college, but after reading Hunida’s blog I find that hard to fathom, with all the ways clubs have to skim money off the dancers.

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  4. Okay so some men are super disgusting….although that’s true of everywhere. Honestly, it sounds like a great job for where you are in life atm – super flexible, kind of fun and you’re your own boss. And it’s great that when you run into nasty men you can tell them to fuck off πŸ˜€ x

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  5. Licking? Seriously? Licking? Eww. I thought that was just something creepy jerks did in movies.

    I always figured the women who work in bars drank their drinks “virgin” style. In some of the bars I went to in China, women would challenge me to little drinking games, and I figured her rum and coke didn’t have any rum. lol The game was a dice game, but when I realized that it was basically “Yahtzee” I started winning and they stopped playing.

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    1. LOL YES, so much licking. I always ask them “I know it’s nasty for me, but isn’t it nasty for you, too? Especially if I allowed all of the other customers to lick me too?” They do not care…they shrug their shoulders and try to sway me with a compliment like “but you’re so tempting” and I’m like…to lick my back??? Weird. lol.
      Haha yeah some clubs have a code word for virgin drinks but a lot of customers know that. When I order a real lemon drop shot customers ALWAYS say “that’s the fake shot isn’t it??” lol like they all know so it’s not worth the risk if they find out you’re fraud.
      Lol I’m glad you started winning the “dice game”!! πŸ˜€

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  6. Darn – guess I’ll have to stop licking :0) Just kidding – I haven’t been to a club since I was like 21. What an interesting insight into the job. Glad that you are completely comfortable to talk about it because we would never know otherwise. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. omg those do sound terrible, idk how you put up with it lol. then again, it’s really their fault, like, I’ve never been to a strip club in my life, but I at least know that it’s a JOB for the girls in there. they’re not there to date, or sit around to talk to you.. they’re there to make money, you’re offering a service..and yet they want to still act like they can have their way.. idk.. but men sometimes suck..
    all that aside, it’s good that you like your job. not many have jobs they like, hell, I ended up quitting my last job because I hated it and they never wanted to promote me no matter how often I asked (knowing that I was good at my job).. anyway, you do you girl, take charge and be your own boss, I like that! πŸ˜€ let’s hope I can find a job I truly like. so far I’m thinking either dealership because I like cars or hotel, it seems I’d thrive far more at a hotel πŸ™‚ LOL I got hired for my birthday back in october but I had to decline the job because it was during rush hour, I wouldn’t make it on time or I would have had to be stuck in traffic for more than one hour and it didn’t seem worth it to me for a part time job. oh well

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    1. Lol, it’s hard! Luckily not all customers are that bad. Yeah most men suck! Especially rich men who are so used to getting their way just because they’re rich!
      Yeah, I’ve tried other jobs and they make me appreciate my job even more. I’m glad you quit that job! You knew what you deserved. They should have promoted you!
      Aw, I think working at a hotel would be really fun. My boyfriend’s job is like that. When there’s traffic, he could be stuck for more than one hr so he has to leave hella early because he never knows what could happen. I hope you find a job you like, I know you will!!

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      1. True, I guess in the sense, as you mentioned in the post, the good customers make up for the assholes πŸ™‚
        I’m going to look for jobs around my area so I don’t have to trouble far, but I think I would love to work in the downtown area because it tends to be busy with all the business men and woman, etc. I would be delighted to work at a hotel, hopefully not as a waitress LOL

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  8. Omg I had no idea customers try to lick you. WTF. I would be so incredibly grossed out. I think the “splooging” in the pants and you feeling it on your thighs is even more gross though. I don’t know how you do it. I’m grossed out by these men just from reading. lol At least some are decent though. It sounds so amazing how you get to set your own schedule and just not go in when you don’t want to. However, that would probably be horrible for me because then I would probably never work and would be so broke. It’s so hard for me to get motivated to do things, so the incentive that I have to go to work or risk getting fired kicks my butt into gear. πŸ˜›

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    1. Lol yes, licking and splooging are the worst. I am always grossed out but they never seem to care. Ugh.
      Hahah yeah, setting my own schedule is horrible for me. I always leave early and take off way more days than I should. This club I worked at would charge me extra for going in late which helped me a little but often I’d be like “ah I’ll just pay the late fee” πŸ˜›

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  9. I wish I had the courage to dance. It seems like so much fun. You’re literally a doll for a living. Men are gross and do weird things anyway so why not let them pay me for my time? I’m so sorry you are regularly licked because hepatitis is very real, but I am also glad that your club provides a safe environment that allows YOU to be in control. Keep on with the stories! I’m sitting here with my Christmas kettle corn popcorn patiently waiting for the next post!!


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    1. Aw, yeah. I like how you put it “a doll for a living” πŸ™‚ ❀ hehe. YES! Exactly, I'd rather go to work than a regular bar anyday! Can I get hepatitis from being licked, OMG?!
      Thank you for reading!! I'm so happy to know that you enjoy my stories!! ❀


  10. I think it’s fantastic that you can be the boss in a way and do it on your terms. I’ve always wanted to know basically everything in this post. I’d be happy with being bought lots of drinks but refusing to pay sucks because, like you say, you did your end of the bargain. Neon puff paint! Now that is some extra thought, hehee!

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    1. Ah, thank you!! I’m happy to fill you in on all the things you’ve wanted to know, hehe. πŸ˜‰ Yeah, the free drinks is always nice!! The ones that refuse to pay are the worst–I’m glad you see my side! ❀ And I know!! He wanted it to glow in the dark. I thought it was so sweet. πŸ˜€

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  11. The cons of your job can definitely be nasty – it just proves how many sick people there are out there. I’m glad there’s enough good customers that it makes up for those sleazy scumbags. The pros to your job actually sound great. I’d love to be able to make my own schedule or drink on the job if I felt like it. Or tell a customer to fuck off if I didn’t like what they said πŸ˜‚ I can tell my coworkers that kind of stuff, and since I broke out of my shell. Being your own boss is also a great perk.

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    1. The crazy thing is; the “sick” ones seem so normal at first but I am def grateful for all the good customers. πŸ˜› Yeah, the best part is being able to tell a customer to fuck off…I always dreamed of being able to do that when I worked regular jobs haha.

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      1. I can imagine! Just based off of the industry itself. Good customers are probably a breath of fresh air haha. And right? I wish I could do that sometimes πŸ˜‚ I had a lady call today and I had to repeat all 5 of our pizza specials to her. 3 times. She called back again after the first 2 times to have me repeat them. Said she’d call back and never did. What a waste of time. That’s a customer I would tell to fuck off if she had me repeat myself one more time πŸ˜‚

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        1. Hahah they really are a breath of fresh air; that’s a good way to put it. ;D LOL!!! I am glad she didn’t call back again…I might’ve hung up and told my manager it was an accident if she complained, hahah!!

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  12. Gifts are definitely a pro! My job has a strict “no gifts of any kind from any customer or vendor” and I’m always super bummed when a customer wants to hand me some money because I’m freaking awesome at customer service and I tell them I can’t take it and then they look super bummed. I’m like man I could have used that! We can’t even accept baked goods at the holidays!!

    I have however found a loophole and if the customer buys me say a soda or candy bar or something, after I’ve jokingly asked for it, I just have them buy it separately and I keep the receipt and it’s like I bought it myself 🀣

    I did say fuck it once at Christmas when this couple won me a stuffed gingerbread out the machine after I helped them take their 3 carts out to the car. I was like its 10 degrees outside I deserve this damn stuffed animal!

    I wouldn’t mind being able to drink or tell customers how I felt either!

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    1. That’s so lame! I don’t get why you can’t accept gifts or a tip if people want to offer you one?! Maybe the managers are jealous they are not getting anything lol. Tell them you will share the baked goods with them if they let you accept it. πŸ˜‰

      That’s really sweet that your customers really buy you sodas and candy bars, too. ❀ ❀ It really warms my heart to know how kind some people can be. I'm so glad you took the stuffed animal because you DID deserve it & how could they really get mad at you for accepting that?!!?

      Lol, yes. It's nice being able to just say "fuck off" to someone instead of fake smiling & still doing service for them. πŸ™‚

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  13. Yes especially stinky customers. I would to be like let me introduce you to my friend soap and water 🀣 if I don’t die from inhaling too much

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