Journal Entry #38

December 26, 2017

On Christmas Eve, after I published my Journal Entry #37, at 10p I called my sister on Facebook Video. Did you guys know they have that available for free? I never knew. It worked pretty well but of course, a little laggy as all video chats seems to be.

We opened our gifts together. I bought her Vegan “Ugg-Style” Boots and a nice comfy robe. She seemed to love them both except I think I should have gotten a different color for her boots…I got chocolate brown and she said she has been wearing all brown colors lately and I asked if she would have preferred beige and she said “yes”. :-/ She video chatted me again on Christmas day when she was with the whole family (it was nice to say Merry Christmas to all of my family members face-to-face) and she showed me that my dad’s wife also bought her boots! >:-( She got her black ones, though, so I bet she’ll wear those more than the pair I got her even though mine were much cuter! I wanted to get black or beige for her but I thought beige would get dirty too quickly and black was sold out. :-/ I’ll make a separate post about what she got me soon!

After, I chatted with my sister for a little over 30m, boyfriend and I decided we wanted to go to Albertson’s and get some snacks. We ended up getting milkshake supplies, cookies, 2 bags of chips, and a bag of jerky. I didn’t use dairy-free ice cream but I still used almond milk for milkshakes, lol. I paid for it later but hey, it was Christmas Eve!

We popped the cookies in the oven and boyfriend made us two milkshakes. I had a plain vanilla and Oreo. Boyfriend used the delicious strawberry cheesecake ice cream and added Oreos, YUM.

boyfriend making milkshakeschristmas milkshake

We burned our cookies again. I made a chipwich out of it to try to drown out the burnt taste but it wasn’t that good. We ended up throwing out the rest of the cookies. 😦

I don’t know how we keep burning them…we put them in for the shortest amount of time on the package and exactly the temp. it tells us to?

choco chip cookieschipwich

After we stuffed our faces with the snacks we bought, it was about time for boyfriend to open his gifts!!! I waited until exactly midnight and then shouted for him to open them.

babe and dronebabe and two broke girls

I bought him socks, a mini-drone, and the full box set of Two Broke Girls. He loves that show and we searched for it on every streaming service and couldn’t find it so I bought the whole thing for him. He’s watching it now and always since he opened it, lol. I’m starting to love the show, too. It’s actually really funny!!

He loved the drone and it was working perfectly at first but when it was time to charge it, the charger USB thingy melted!!!! We are so upset. We might return the whole thing and ask for a new one or maybe just buy a new charger? I don’t know. I saw on some reviews for other drones that this happened but there were none about it on the one I chose…they said it could start fires so we have to be really careful and keep an eye on it while we charge it.

On Christmas day, we woke up and just hung out at home. Boyfriend made us the perfect dinner and we had to go to a casino to get our coffee because the nearest drive-thru Starbucks was closed for the holiday. We got our coffee and we came home, I made my Christmas Memories post, and then I got ready for work. Before work, we stopped for one drink together.

It was kind of busy at work but I got there around 11p and I decided to leave at not even 1a. I wanted sushi, you guys. I had gotten a few dances and one margarita at work, I probably shouldn’t have left but I wanted to make it to sushi on time.

The only place that was open their regular hours was Sushi Kaya. We got there around 1:30a and we finished eating at a little past 2a. They stop seating at 2:15a but stay open until 3a. We had been here once before but not to have AYCE. We stopped for a snack and ordered only two rolls. It was a long time ago, too, so we couldn’t even remember which ones we tried before. We ate so much, I thought I was going to explode. If you’re wondering if I have a sushi addiction…the answer is: DUH.

sushi kaya chopstickskaya interiorsushi flatlay

When we got home, we fell right asleep after smoking a blunt. Which probably isn’t so good for my stomach. I probably gained 5lbs from my two-day AYCE sushi binge. :-/ All that sticky rice is going to be hard to work off.

Today, we woke up a little past 1p…boyfriend left for work but he was scheduled as a host when he’s a server so he drove all the way there and decided to come home instead. I keep telling him to look for a new job since he just hates his and the manager treats him like shit. I don’t blame him for not wanting to go.

It’s easier on me when he stays home, too…we have no food in the kitchen so we had to get some. If he was at work; I would’ve had to walk somewhere for food and also I get to work a little earlier when he’s home…sometimes.

He came home…we watched a few episodes of Two Broke Girls then we went to get coffee, food, and weed. We came home and ate. I started typing this…now I should go get ready and get to work asap.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!! ❤


25 thoughts on “Journal Entry #38

  1. Don’t work too hard and I really hope it’s busy for you!
    I’m glad you made it for sushi and enjoyed Christmas. Return the drone!!! That’s dangerous and if it did that the first time, it definitely needs to go back.
    Happy Boxing Day to you and yours! Btw, I wouldn’t like beige over brown or black!

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  2. My mom always burns cookies too, but thankfully she didn’t this year. Although the chocolate chip ones did start to burn a little on the bottom, but she caught it just in time.

    That’s crazy that the charger melted. It sounds like it must have been overheating or something to do that.

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  3. Awww this sounds like a super nice holiday 🙂 It’s so cool that you got to “see” your family even though you weren’t with them. Also, we have the same issue with our oven (with burning things); as they get older, their temperature control isn’t as great – try lowering the heat by 10-15 degrees next time you try, it might help 🙂 xx

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  4. Your boyfriend looked so adorably happy, I love it:). I’m glad you got to see your family. And I just learned about FB video chat recently myself because someone tried to call me and I was so confused. Had me feeling old 😂. The milkshakes look good! Too bad about the cookies tho lol. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it was the best part of Christmas seeing his face light up like that!! ❤ 😀
      LOL, yay! I'm happy that I'm not the only one who was out of the loop about the FB video chat.
      Thank you!! ❤

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  5. awh, that’s too bad about the boots for your sister, I hope she wears them, although is it messed up of me to say that she would be slightly more grateful? it seemed like she was complaining LOL. I wouldn’t mind having different colors of shoes I like and would wear often. but that’s just me. 🙂
    and oh no, your cookies! I’ve burned a few in the past, sometimes the instructions tell you to leave them a bit longer than you need to, you should take them out when they’re still pretty soft, or perhaps you could use parchment paper? I use it all the time when I bake just to avoid anything from sticking or burning. I hope that helps?
    and omg the look on your boyfriend’s face for his presents 😀 haha but terrible the charger melted! wth! I’d be afraid fires, but definitely be careful!

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    1. I hope she wears them, too. 😛 I was kind of upset when she said she would’ve preferred beige.
      I think we have parchment paper, good idea!…if not, I’ll buy some next time I buy cookies. I’m kind of scared to try baking them again, lol.
      I know, eeee! He was so happy! 😀 Yeah, oh shit, I still have to contact them about a return or refund. It is scary…it seems a lot of technology blows up these days!!

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      1. Honestly, I’d be upset too, like she’s flat out rejecting your gift. I mean, a gift is a gift, you shouldn’t complain, it’s the thought that counts after all..
        Well I hope the parchment paper helps, let me know, then again, I haven’t baked cookies in a LONG time lol.
        Yeah, they should be able to return it or at least tell you why it melted.. in case you need another reminder, CALL THEM ABOUT THAT RETURN OR REFUND lol

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hahah right even if she preferred a diff color couldn’t she have lied to me to make me feel better, lol.
          I’ll let you know how the parchment paper works!
          Lol..oh my gosh, I gotta on Amazon right now before I forget again. Thank you!

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  6. Those milkshakes sounded and looked yummy! Now I want to make one 😂 that’s weird that your cookies keep burning, maybe it’s your oven? You might have to monitor them as you’re cooking and take them out a couple minutes before it says to.
    I would probably return the drone if you can. It sounds like it could be problematic if the charger melted and there’s possibilities of fires starting. That really sucks, too!
    Aside from that, it sounds like you had a pretty decent Christmas ☺️
    I’m sure your sister loved the boots, they sound cute! I would think beige would get really dirty fast.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh those milkshakes were so good but man did they make my tummy hurt lol.
      Yeah…it has to be my oven. Maybe it gets hotter than it says? Next time I’ll cut off like 4m or something from the cooking time!
      Yeah we are returning the drone but we still haven’t sent it yet…oops!! We gotta get on that lol.
      I thought beige would get dirty quickly, too. 😛 I hope she did like them!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww I can imagine haha. You should try making them with soy or almond milk for yourself next time :p I’m sure it’ll be just as good!
        And it could honestly! You’ll have to keep an eye on them and just monitor them. But it sounds like it’s probably cooking them faster, so it probably is hotter.
        Haha yeah you may want to get on that.
        She probably did ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I did make the milkshakes with almond milk but the ice cream was regular vanilla bean ice cream, hehe. I haven’t found a good dairy-free ice cream yet. 😦 I’m scared to bake cookies again but I got a lot of tips on how I could not burn them next time maybe from you all, so I think I might try again SOON lol. 😀 Wish me luck!
          Thank you…I will try to go to the UPS store tomorrow. It is so close to our apartment…we are bad procrastinators.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Ahh gotcha! I forgot that 😂 dairy-free ice cream can be on the pricier side, too. And you only get a little. I think it’s in the organic section or something lol, I’ve never tried it. And awww try it, at least one more time using all those tips ☺️ best of luck 💜
            And you’re welcome! Haha good luck, I’m a terrible procrastinator, too. You just don’t want to be too late with returning an item!

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