Christmas Memories 2007-2015

Merry Christmas, lovelies!! ❀ I hope you all had a magical holiday!

Today, I scheduled myself to write up a post about all of the Christmas presents I remember receiving in the past. I can’t really remember every gift I’ve received each year so,Β instead, this is going to be a little photo diary of my past Christmas memories from 2007-2015.


In 2007, we spent Christmas at my Aunt Holly’s house. I was drinking sparkling cider in the picture above. I remember we took family photos outside in the snow. Everyone was complaining about it but I don’t remember much else about this night.


In 2008, we spent Christmas at my Aunt Sophy’s house. This Christmas is a little unclear to me, too. I don’t really remember anything!


In 2009, we celebrated Christmas at my Aunt Holly’s house again. My Uncle Norbert used his professional camera for the first time for our family photos this year. He took some shots of just my sister and me. After this year, it seems my sister and I made it a tradition to have a picture together. I do remember opening a gift! My Aunt Holly bought me black furry winter boots. I loved them and wore them for years. We stayed up all night this Christmas singing karaoke. I remember Fireflies by Owl City was popular.

In 2010, I asked for knitting supplies and I received it three times. My dad, Aunt Sophar, and my friend M all bought me a beginner’s kit and some yarn. Since I opened my dad’s gifts first; M was able to return the knitting kit before I celebrated with her. She exchanged it for a big, furry, pink blanket that I still use and love. I helped M’s mom pick out their tree and decorate it so I think she bought me a gift this year to thank me for that. πŸ™‚ ❀ My Aunt was also able to exchange the one she bought me. She got me a North Face zip-up that was way too small so I returned it and kept the money.


In 2011, I was in Washington with K’s family. In the photo above is me, K, her brother, and his ex-girlfriend. K’s mom and dad bought me a bunch of painting supplies and real canvases. It was exactly what I asked for; I wanted to be artistic like K’s mom so bad (peep the bit of one of her beautiful paintings in the background). I was ecstatic. I painted a mediocre moon–it was my first painting. K saw the moon I painted and asked if she could paint over it right away, before I could even show her mom.Β (Her mom was an art teacher and an artist, K had been making and learning about all kinds of art since she could hold a pencil.) I let her black out my moon…and she painted an amazingly detailed one over mine. I had no idea she was going to do the same painting as mine just to show me how she could paint it 100x better. I obviously knew she’d be able to. She asked if she could paint over mine, she never mentioned she was going to paint a moon, too. I was so sad, I never painted again. I thought K was trying to show me that I wasn’t an artist, that if I was, I would have imagined and painted the moon the way she had.

As you can see, I wore the same outfit this Christmas as I did the year before, hehe. This was my first year without my family but I was able to Skype them on my laptop. Yay for advanced technology!


This was Christmas 2012. The year my Aunt Sophar turned into the Devil (she had way too much to drink). (I wrote about this in the Christmas Tag: here). I did find the traditonal picture of me and my sister for this year but I do not like it. I look like I am going to burst into tears because my Aunt probably had just bitten my shoulder off! I can’t remember what else I opened this year but I know my Aunt Holly bought me that little shower gel set on my lap. This was the shortest Christmas celebration, ever, because we all couldn’t handle my drunk Aunt. This year was celebrated at her’s and my Aunt Jennifer’s town house.


Christmas 2013. We celebrated at my dad’s house this year. My ex-boyfriend J came with me (yuck) but it was the first year I brought someone else to the family Christmas party. It was my first year in my own apartment and I asked for decoration stuff. My Aunt Sophar put together and wrapped a whole basket full of it. It had so many goodies. Including a cookbook, candles, this little painting that says, “WASH FLUSH BRUSH” (that we still need to hang up in our current bathroom); it’s been up in my bathroom in every apartment I’ve been in since I got it.


Christmas 2014. We celebrated at my dad’s house again this year. I received a nice DVD player from him! I remember asking for one because it was my first year living all alone. I had my own apartment the year before but this year I was single and watching tons of movies during my lonely free time. I have no idea why my hair and face look so darn funny in these pictures… We played the game Heads Up all night.

Christmas 2015, this was the first year I celebrated with Alex (AKA boyfriend), we all got very drunk after eating yummy food. We were at my dad’s house once again and he had installed one of those kitchen radios with Bluetooth now. We turned off the lights and we all danced the night away in dad’s kitchen. My Aunt Sophar got too drunk (once again)–she started throwing up in the bathroom (oddly located in the kitchen) so we had to turn the lights on and end the party. We tried to play Heads Up like the year before a little while she slept it off but it didn’t last long because they were all worried about her and wanted to bring her home.

I remember my sister bought me a candle from Bath & Body Works and I gave her a pack of lipsticks that she loved. I can’t remember if I received a gift from my dad this year.

Christmas Eve 2015 at boyfriend’s Grandma’s house (his mom’s side)

We also went to boyfriend’s Christmases on both his mom’s and dad’s side. We went to his mom’s side of the family’s Christmas party on Christmas Eve and his dad’s side of the family’s party the day after Christmas.

Boyfriend and his mom both pitched in to buy me a Nintendo 3DS this year and a few games for it. That was the best gift I’ve ever received!

On boyfriend’s dad’s side, his Grandma bought me a little Bath & Body Works gift set.

The day after Christmas 2015, on our way to boyfriend’s Grandma’s house (dad’s side)

In 2016, I can’t find any pictures of us, but it was our first year in Las Vegas. We had only been here for one month and we were in deep piles of stress. We went out to eat at a buffet. I’m pretty sure the one atΒ The Orleans Casino.Β My dad sent me all of the Harry Potter movies in a box set for my Christmas gift. This was the second best gift I’ve ever gotten!

This year in 2017, boyfriend and I celebrated Christmas together yesterday (Christmas Eve). I’ll write more about how we celebrated this year in my Journal Entry tomorrow. Stay tuned for that (only if you’re interested, of course)!

And once again, to all of those who celebrate, Merry Christmas!! ❀

Featured Image byΒ Evelyn

23 thoughts on “Christmas Memories 2007-2015

        1. Hahaha no I am not offended, I just thought my face was aging! I’m happy to look younger since people always guess me older I thought I’d lost my baby face!
          Your face does not look aged at all!

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  1. Awww so cute! I don’t remember majority of the gifts I’ve gotten – only in parts or if I find a movie or cd later and remember lol. This is such a cute idea! Plus I think we talked about watching yourself grow up in photos! The last picture made me laugh with your boyfriends face πŸ˜‚

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    1. It’s sad that we forget our gifts, lol! I totally thought it was going to be easier for me to remember for some reason. πŸ˜› I’m happy you liked this post and the photos!! ;D ❀

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