Influenster VoxBox | Elvive by L’Oreal

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

loreal voxbox

I was so excited to receive my SECOND VoxBox from Influenster! I actually received this box in the mail a week or two ago but haven’t had the chance (or energy) to put this post together until now.

elvive influenster

This time Influenster teamed up with the popular drug store brand L’Oreal Paris. There were three different items being sent out but the one thing they had in common was that they were all hair care products.

voxbox unboxing

There was one item & a postcard in this box on top of a lot of black tissue paper! (Not very eco-friendly, yikes!)

I ended up receiving the Extraordinary Hair Oil Treatment. The other two options I saw other Influensters receive were the Damage Erasing Balm & the Color Vibrancy Repair & Protect Balm.

The Influensters chosen for this box didn’t get to choose the specific product sent to us. Influenster decided which of the three products were going to work best for us by first sending us a pre-survey asking all kinds of questions about our hair! I think they made the right choice for mine!

loreal elvive

On the postcard that came in the box, they explain a few ways you can use this oil in your hair. I thought that was super helpful since I don’t ever use any products in my hair–I had no idea how to use this until I read the postcard.

elvive oil

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Treatment
Retail Value: $6.99

hair before and after

In the before picture, I hadn’t done anything to my hair except wash it (no shampoo or conditioner this day) & brush through it a little. In the after picture, I had just finished straightening my hair & rubbing the hair oil into all of my ends. My boyfriend & I both could NOT stand the smell of this. I admit I am very sensitive to stronger scents, they tend to give me headaches but I was not the only one who didn’t like this (I actually didn’t get a headache though). At the first drop onto my palm, I cringed…in boyfriend’s words: “you smell like another man!” It smells like bad (& way too strong) cologne. It just was not pleasant to me. It was actually bad enough to make me never use it again. (Maybe you won’t mind though?) It’s a shame that the scent bothers me so much because it truly did soften my hair. I don’t use conditioner often but this made me feel like I had. I could feel the softness against my back & shoulders, it felt like a silk robe draped over me. It also made my head feel lighter on top of my body. I would use it again to see if it helps with my split ends more but like I said; I can’t stand the smell. I have a ton of split ends so I didn’t notice a difference in that department after the one use. I doubt any product would fix them anyways–I need a damn haircut.

17 thoughts on “Influenster VoxBox | Elvive by L’Oreal

  1. That’s too bad you don’t like the smell. 😦 You wouldn’t like the Pai-Shau hair mask then. It’s a deep conditioning hair treatment that I absolutely love, but it also has a strong cologne smell. I don’t mind it though. If you’re interested in trying other hair oils, I really like Moroccan Oil. It has a strong smell too though that not everyone would like. I think it smells interesting though. It’s a very foreign-like smell. It has Argan Oil in it, which is absolutely wonderful for you hair. I can truly attest to that. I’ve used other argan oil products as well, and they’re all amazing. If you want a hair oil that doesn’t have a strong smell, Biosilk Silk Therapy is a good one. I’ve used it for years, and it really helps soften my hair and tame frizz. You only want to use a small amount though, otherwise it will make your hair greasy. I also love the Marc Anthony coconut hair oil that I got in my ipsy bag a while back. That is the one I’ve been using lately. It smells just like coconut, and it also really softens and smooths my hair.

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    1. Yeah, mostly I hate all cologne smells. I’ve tried Argan Oil in my hair before & I prob put too much because my hair was nasty for a few days lol.
      My dad’s wife loves the Biosilk Silk Therapy, she bought a bottle when she came to visit us because she couldn’t bring hers on the plane & she gave it to me when she went home. I never used it yet! Maybe I will try it now. 🙂
      You will think I’m picky when I tell you this but I can’t stand coconut scent either! 😛

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  2. wow your hair!! so long! 😀 how do you manage?? lol
    and i’m sorry you didn’t like it, I actually got the same product as you but i’m still trying it out and have yet to get around to writing/making a video for it.


  3. You’re hair is definitely super long! But that sucks you couldn’t stand the scent, especially if it actually helped your hair. I downloaded the app recently (finally) but haven’t had much time to really check it out. So maybe soon I’ll get to it 😂

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