December 20, 2017

Yesterday, we went out to eat after waking up & taking a shower. We were trying to decide if we wanted to eat ramen or vermicelli noodle salads. We decided on Viet Noodle Bar:

viet noodle bar summer rollsviet nood bar wingsvermicelli saladnood salad

We eat a lot for two people, don’t we? Lol. After we went out to eat we went to Starbucks to get our espresso. When we got home, I did internet stuff for a bit while we smoked. I got ready around 7p. We went out for one quick drink before I got dropped off at work. I had a few more at work but I didn’t get super drunk. Thankfully.

I met one of the worst men in the world. He was flat out racist & extremely stuck up. I hate people like that & they can’t even let loose or shut up with their idiotic opinions while they’re in a strip club–it’s so sad.

I got to work a little after 10p & stayed until 4a. It’s so slow at work, it’s like I have to work 10p-4a to make the same as I would from 10p-12a during the non-holidays! I’m so stressed out. I’ll probably have to get my brother his birthday gift sent out to him later than his birthday.

My nails & toes are in need of a spa day but I probably won’t do that until after Christmas since I did get the red sparkles for Christmas. I’m gonna get a new set instead of just a refill. I can’t wait.

Boyfriend & I got into a stupid argument when I got home from work last night (this morning). I’m not sure if I fully forgive him because I have a hard time letting go of everything. I hope I get over it soon.

I woke up around 11a today & I was staaaarving. I didn’t go back to sleep because I was too hungry & I knew that if I did go back to sleep I wouldn’t wake up until 3p which I didn’t want to do since we had to go grocery shopping today. I made the grocery list for 3 meals & woke boyfriend up to get going. He woke up right away & we went to Smith’s with our list. All the Christmas stuff is already getting cleaned up out of the store & it hasn’t even happened yet! We found a bottle of tahini for $5 and we were so mad because we bought it somewhere else for $10 & it had been at the first store we looked at for $5…yes, I’m still mad about that!!

We stopped at the dispensary then headed home. Boyfriend put all the groceries away & I read some of Eleanor & Park while we smoked a blunt. I read some blog posts on my reader as well but not nearly as much as I wanted.

When boyfriend started cooking, I decided to take a bubble bath & read more of Eleanor & Park while in there. Boyfriend surprised me with a warm cup of apple cider to sip on, too. It was so relaxing & my skin was so soft afterwards, lol.

After I got out of the shower, I continued reading & waited for dinner to be done. After we ate, we smoked again & I decided to take a 2hr nap & I’m really proud of myself because I actually woke up when I planned to. I usually tell myself a time to wake up & sleep hours past it while continuously opening my eyes & pretending I’m gonna get up.

When I woke up I ate some of the leftovers from dinner. Then, we smoked a blunt & I read a few blog posts on my reader. I decided I needed to start my blog post but then I got hungry again & made a PB & J sandwich. I am ravenous when I PMS. I eat all day, it’s horrible.

Now, I’ve finished writing this & I’ll probably read some more blog posts on my reader, more of Eleanor & Park, & maybe watch a bit of Netflix before going back to sleep.


25 thoughts on “Journal Entry #35

  1. That food looks so delicious! You seem to eat at the coolest places. My town is filled with pretty much nothing but chain restaurants. ugh. Wow, that guy sounds terrible. I can’t stand bigoted people. I’m the same way with not letting go of anger. I hold grudges, and even if someone does something that I forgive them for, I will think of it again in a random moment and get mad all over again. lol Warm apple cider sounds yummy. I haven’t had any type of cider since Halloween 2016 though when we were doing shots of Serpent’s Bite apple cider whiskey, and I ended up getting so sick. lol I swear I could taste it for days.


  2. I’m glad to know it’s not just me binge eating when PMS’ing!
    Everyone has arguments, you either have to forgive or forget.
    What an asshole. Sorry you have to deal with those but I guess anyone in retail does too!
    Food looks great, I need to try more new places.

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    1. I am never really full when I’m PMS-ing lol, all I want to do is eat & I can’t stop!
      Thank you, Julie! I bet there’s a ton if yummy places to try in Houston! Hope you get to try some new ones soon! 💗

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      1. I’m never really full either. What’s *my* excuse! *laughing*

        Sorry you’ve had a crappy few days – and especially that jerk. I don’t understand why people have to be that way. Far too many guys like that in the world, it seems. I hope that changes.

        I’m with Julie – you can’t hold on to that stuff. It’s not healthy for a relationship. Even just a couple of those become a burden to carry and something that can come up later with a vengeance.

        Oh my god – you guys have great taste in food (and good photography as well). When we first got together we went out so much. I remember one time about 25 years ago, in our first real apartment together we had eaten out so much we couldn’t pay the rent. We made a mad dash for the used CD store and sold a bunch of CDs to make the rent that month and avoid eviction. I’d like to say we got better as we got older but actually we didn’t. We just made a bit more money over the years. Looking at our stats, restaurants are generally second only to rent in our expenses.

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        1. Haahah! Oh I think men have their own form of PMS maybe?

          I know. It was sad & when I talked to some other guys about him being racist they were not fully on my side. I am sad.

          I know. I just love to hold onto grudges! I don’t know why. 😛

          I have a Galaxy Note 8 instead of an iPhone now so that may explain the photography!! Haha. I think YOU & your family have great taste in food, too! We have been eating at home for 3-4 days a week for a couple months now & it’s really been helping us save money. We’ve never gotten out to eat so much that haven’t been able to pay the rent but there was a point where we ate out every single day. It was bad!

          I’m sure restaurants are our second biggest expense too lol.

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  3. I hope you don’t stay mad at your boyfriend too much longer! Although I understand cause I have a hard time just smiling and forgetting my boyfriend didn’t just piss me off even if it is over something small. That food looked DELICIOUS! Made me hungry and I just woke up! I went to a hibachi restaurant and there was this super rude girl disrespecting the cook. Accusing him of not knowing English or whatever cause she didn’t get as many onions as she thought she should. My boyfriend had to keep me from slapping her. Lol great post!

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    1. Hahaha, I have forgiven him but I haven’t forgotten. I keep bringing it up because I am annoying. 😛
      Have you ever tried Vietnamese food? It was delicious! I think you’d like it! 🙂
      & UGH, are you serious? I would’ve had a hard time not slapping her, too! How rude!!

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      1. I’ve actually tried almost every food BUT Vietnamese! I heard it was really good I just wanna Make sure my first time trying it is somewhere genuinely authentic! I’m annoying too so I get it girl lol

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  4. Oooh the food looks delicious, and we eat a lot too! 🙂 I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who eats a lot when PMS-ing lol
    And that’s good that you treated yourself a bit, napping and taking a bath to relax while reading. That actually sounds quite nice. 🙂
    I hope you and the boyfriend have resolve things 🙂

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    1. Hahah, I feel like the servers always think we aren’t going to finish our food & they’re surprised when we do!
      I always say I’m eating for two. Me & my Aunt Flo LOL.
      I hadn’t taken a bubble bath in like a year, it was amazing. You should treat yourself to one asap. ❤ You deserve it!
      Thank you! We have! 🙂

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      1. Lol yay for you! We should go out to eat together and order a ton of food lmao. I love it when my table is full of good food haha.
        Haha, I just call it shark week. Alex just laughs lmao.
        I probably should. I’m going to try to hit up lush before the year ends and take a relaxing bath on NYE hahaha


        1. We should!! I know you guys like ramen but I can’t remember if you said anything about sushi? Do you like it? 🙂
          I’ve never tried a bath bomb but I should look for one at Lush too! I heard they’re amazing. 💖

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          1. I don’t eat raw fish, so sushi would be hard, but if the place has california rolls then I’m all for it LOL.
            They are! Even though they don’t have bubbles and only turn the water a pretty color, there was benefits. The scent for one thing can linger on your skin after you’ve gotten out and changed, and secondly, the water feels so silky smooth that it will soften your skin as well. I absolutely LOVED them! You really should try one. So far my favorite one has been the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb lol.

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            1. Are you scared of the raw fish thing? I forgot what happens but someone tried to tell me something awful about what happens to raw fish if not stored right lol. I don’t like Cali rolls, personally!!
              Those bath bombs don’t make bubbles? WHY NOT? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ll stick to using my body wash that makes bubbles and is also wonderful smelling and leaves my skin silky smooth lol. Those bombs are spendy for not making bubbles lmao.

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              1. Yes and no. Yes I’m scared of eating it and getting sick, and no because I like my food to be cooked LMAO. For all I know, I can get sick for eating something raw because I’ve NEVER eaten anything raw. but who knows. Maybe one day, eventually, I will try it. lol.
                Well, wait. . . Lush has bubble bars too LMAO. And you’d be surprised by how much bubbles they make while also making the water feel silky smooth! Hmm!!! I need to get me one of those too LOL. You could even re-use the bubble bars several times over, so the amount of times you can use the bubble bars makes up for the price (though some are not as spendy).
                Get yourself a bubble bar. You’ll like it. Bath bombs tend to be a one-use only which is why I don’t prefer them, but there are still quite a few good ones.

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                1. Do you like your steak and burgers completely well-done? Or I remember you said you cut out red meat so maybe you don’t eat those any more?
                  I’d never eaten anything raw before sushi, I even liked my burgers with absolutely no red because I thought I’d get sick but now I like red steaks etc. I never got sick like I thought I would lol.
                  You’ve gotta at least try it!
                  Ok ok, the bubble bars sound awesome…I’ll have to check those out, lol.

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                  1. Yeah, I like everything well-done. I’ve had a medium rare one time by mistake, the waiter didn’t write it down correctly or something, but I didn’t like it.
                    And I still eat burgers, I just eat red meat a LOT less 🙂
                    Yeah, you’ll love the bubble bars then 🙂

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    1. I hope it will get better at work after the holidays end. Thank you. ❤
      Yeah, those customers are the worst. It was hard during the election month when half the customers were wearing trump gear.
      Yeah, I hadn't taken a bath in like a year. It was wonderful. ❤

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  5. I am going to try what you do and just go to the store and buy the ingredients I need for 3 meals, I used to waste so much food in America and things are just too expensive in Australia to waste food!!
    Recipe hunting tomorrow morning!!

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