Journal Entry #34

December 18, 2017

I can’t believe Christmas is already next Monday. I wrapped up all of boyfriend’s gifts yesterday but we don’t have a tree & I couldn’t even keep the gifts on the coffee table without the cats trying to destroy it all, ugh.

2017 gifts for bf

We also had our Sunday Sushi tradition yesterday–we went to our favorite spot: Sushi Neko. I was going to go to work today but boyfriend has to work until close (he won’t be home til nearly 11p) & I don’t want to get there so late especially on a Monday night. Maybe I’m just lazy. I think I’m PMS-ing. My period tracker says I’ll have my period in 9 days & I usually start when there’s 10 days left so it would be on schedule, if so. Probably.

all da sushi

Saturday night wasn’t busy at work. Neither was Friday. This customer told me he would bring me upstairs for a VIP dance after he finished his drink on Saturday night right when I was giving up & ready to go home; satisfied with what I had made for the night. I really could have used that money but omg, he was so boring. I told him I was falling asleep & I looked at his drink & said “you didn’t even put any ice in there, you’re sipping it! This is going to take forever…I’m going home.” & he begged me to sit & chat, showing me his money but I couldn’t. Really just could not. I sat back down for a second to be polite, since I did feel bad but I just said “oh can I just be right back?” & I went home LOL. UGH. I am the worst.

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix lately. It’s all I feel like doing. It’s what I want to go back & do now. There are a few posts I want to post (3 Recipe Reviews, a My Favorite Quotes from…, & an unboxing review) but I keep neglecting them to watch TV. I might get something up by tomorrow morning, more than likely a recipe review!

I feel so crabby & argumentative, I’ve been trying to pick fights with just about everyone but I don’t want to go into detail. I just feel sulky. Usually I feel stressed but I’m not stressed–I feel like a zombie. I think stressed would be better?

I hope you all had a fun weekend & a cheerful Monday. ❤

I’m gonna make something to eat & go back to watching TV.


30 thoughts on “Journal Entry #34

  1. The wrapping paper you used is pretty. I haven’t even wrapped presents yet. lol I will probably wait until the last minute and do it on Christmas Eve. 😛 Omg your “I’ll be right back” sounds like something I would do. haha

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  2. I finally sat down and binge watched “12 Monkeys” on Hulu until the end of the second season. I do think the first two seasons are good, but the plot seems to be turning inward on itself, into more of a soap opera. That’s why I stopped watching “Arrow” and “Flash,” too. They just ran out of ideas and started recycling.

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    1. I don’t have Hulu nor have I heard of ’12 Monkeys’…what’s it about?
      There are a few shows I haven’t been able to watch every single season of because the plotline seemed to repeat itself over & over just to keep the story going.
      I’ve also never heard of ‘Arrow’ or ‘Flash’ lol. I’ll have to look these all up! Thanks for sharing! ❤


      1. If you want, you could just watch the Bruce Willis movie “12 Monkeys” and see if you enjoy the concept, but basically a man is sent back in time to stop a plague from killing 99% of humanity, and that is the plot arc of the TV show’s first season.

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  3. I love your posts but sometimes I want to get all motherly on you when you say negative things about yourself. Deciding to go home because you are tired and have already made your quota of money does not make you “the worst” it just means you made a sensible choice for yourself… Be kinder to yourself Hunida, you are a good person with an interesting and varied life doing a great job of making your way on this journey we call life!!

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    1. Aw, I don’t mind if you get motherly on me, Jad. ❤ Sometimes I just think I could do better than I do. I will try my best to be kinder to myself, though. Thank you so much, you made my heart all warm. ❤

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  4. I love the black wrapping paper you used!! Reminds me that I have not yet finished wrapping up the presents, ugh lol.. I’m a pro procrastinator 🙂
    And I’ve had days when I feel like that, just very crappy, and almost upset but I never know why. Must be hormones?

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    1. Thank you! I loved that it was black, too. 🙂 I hope you got the presents wrapped lol it’s Christmas Eve! & I know you guys are celebrating today!
      Yeah…it must be the hormones. I am like this for 5 days or more in a row & then my brain clears up when my period comes.

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      1. I have black wrapping paper but I didn’t use it this year because all the gifts were for kids lol. And I wrapped them all this morning when I woke up and finished the rest when we came back home. They’re all under the tree now and Ciel is asleep. I’m excited for him to see the gifts and to open them.
        Yeah we went over to my dads today, but the traffic was heavy on the way back. It took us two hours to get home and it’s a 30 min drive. We had freezing rain and snow and some areas were icy, a semi slid and blocked all the lanes for hours!! Ugh lol. And we had to go slow because cars in front were slow and the roads were icy.
        And omg me too!!! I’m bitchy and moody days before my period and I’m a goof ball when I’m on my period lol. It’s all backwards haha

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        1. I’ve never used black wrapping paper before, I loved it! I still have some left for next year, too. 🙂
          Oh my gosh, that’s so crazy. When I lived in Washington, I remember every thing would just shut down at the slightest sight of snow because they were scared of semis and buses sliding down the roads! So scary! I’m glad you guys were just in the traffic after and not part of the accidents!

          That’s how it is for most women! The crankiness happens before the period that’s why the saying “what? are you on your period?” Doesn’t really make sense. It’s called PRE menstrual syndrome lol.

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          1. That would make sense, you lived further up north, I can’t imagine how much worse it would be up there I mean, this little amount was a NIGHTMARE lmao.

            YEAH! People need to get their facts straight haha. Anytime they reference that in movies I’m like “nope, can’t relate”.. lol

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  5. I feel you girl! My period tracker told me my period was due 3 days ago and I still haven’t gotten it 😭 it needs to come like tomorrow, I’m going to Ray’s next weekend. Also, are those your gifts? I love that wrapping paper! So cute! And don’t feel bad, I’ve been spending a lot of time playing the Wii and Xbox games lately when there are posts I want to work on. But then so much to get ready for Christmas, so I choose being lazy and doing nothing

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    1. Aww shit! I hope you get it before you see Ray! If you’re stressed enough…maybe it will even wait until after LOL. I think mine is due in a day or two. 😛
      Yeah they were the ones I wrapped for boyfriend!! I loved the wrapping paper, too. 😀 Do they have the store Ross where you live?
      I love being lazy & doing nothing lol. UGH.

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      1. Haha right? If it doesn’t come by Tuesday then it needs to wait another week. LOL!
        And aww they’re cute! And there’s a Ross in Johnstown and Pittsburgh, both an hour away unfortunately lol.
        And ohh me, too!

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