3 Daily Products I Swear By

I’ve published an Everyday Makeup Routine post before–those are my favorite makeup products buuuut, these (products listed below) are my everyday products (that aren’t makeup) that I use, & will never switch up on.

1. Tom’s Toothpaste Anti-Plaque & Whitening in Peppermint


My teeth glow in the dark because of this toothpaste, seriously. It truly whitens your teeth better than any other whitening toothpastes & even better than those whitening strips. Make sure you check the flavor you grab though–there’s a fennel one & it almost made me throw up when I bought it on accident once.

2. SoapBox Shampoo

Soapbox-Bataua-Fruit-Shampoo-5.jpgOk, so the first time I ever bought this shampoo it was in this green bottle & I could easily find it in the hair care aisle at Target. My hair is VERY picky about shampoos. If I pick the wrong one it could either be extremely oily or the top of my head will look like it has a snow cloud over it (similar to Eeyore’s rain cloud). THIS shampoo is amazing though. My hair is healthy, shiny, & bouncy after using it. Oh, & SO SOFT even though I never use conditioner!!! No dandruff, no residue, no oil! I am not lying.

But, all of a sudden, I could NOT find this in stores anymore. I tried all kinds of different shampoos & none of them worked for me. I looked up the brand SoapBox on the internet because I knew I NEEDED it back in my life.

soapboxI found their website & they changed everything but I knew it was the same company! All of the bottles, scents, even ingredients are different. I was a bit wary at first but I ordered it anyways. I looked to see if any stores had it available but none had them in stock. It was free to send to a nearby Target for pick-up though so that’s what I did.

& boy, am I glad!! It works just as good if not better than when it was in the green bottle. I use the Tea Tree Clean & Purify one.

I’ve already linked the website twice but in case you missed it: CLICK HERE & TRY THIS SHIT (I am in no way affiliated with them, it just worries me that they are going out of business or something–that’s why they’re not in stores?)

3. Phillip’s Electric Perfect Precision Hair Trimmer


For my ‘stache & when I miss close to my thigh area I use this & only this, it has to be the Philips brand. This doesn’t leave an aftershave or make your hair grow back like a man’s like people say shaving will do. I’ve always used this, I’ve never had to bleach or wax & I have black hair so that is saying a lot. I love this little guy. I don’t use this every single day though, I don’t need to. Maybe every two days.

I don’t shampoo my hair every single day either.

There ARE people who do shampoo & need to shave daily though so the title wasn’t too misleading, was it? newproject_1_original_tujmsfcs2r2

Featured Image by Logan Ripley

30 thoughts on “3 Daily Products I Swear By

      1. Yeah! It’s a new one by Crest, I think it’s just called something like Whitening Therapy or something like that. But since I stopped using it I think that either I made it up or my teeth went back to the previous color because I don’t know if I actually see a difference anymore haha.

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  1. Better than whitening strips you say? Where did you get this magical toothpaste?! Lol I love looking for more whitening toothpastes! So far I’ve been using this kind from Colgate that works if I use it with the mouthwash and toothbrush that goes with it, but I’d love to try something different!

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  2. I’ve never heard of that toothpaste. I want to try something to whiten my teeth more, but I’m nervous about doing that because I have some fillings in some of my front teeth, and apparently fillings don’t lighten like teeth do, so I don’t know how that would work.

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      1. Dang! I guess I’ll keep—I mean, my friend—will keep spending all that money shave-waxing.

        I see everyone commenting about the toothpaste. Fluoride free DEFINITELY whitens your teeth better. I haven’t tried Tom’s but I use Dr. Bronner. Maybe next time I’ll switch it up and try Tom’s! Great post.

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    1. Yeah, same!! LOL. One time we went somewhere that were sold out of our kind & flavor so we had to buy a diff kind of toothpaste…we didn’t even end up using the whole tube because I noticed the difference right away.

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  3. I’ve never heard of the toothpaste or the shampoo! I’ll have to see if I can find it anywhere, I’ve been trying to find a better whitening toothpaste. I feel like I’ve seen that shaver in Walmart and have been considering getting one. My hair isn’t too bad, but I know I have some upper lip hair that bothers me some days – I just don’t want to wax it 😂 and it’s not that terrible.

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    1. The toothpaste you can find anywhere! I can’t find that shampoo anywhere but online. 😦
      Yeah, the shaver is at Walmart! & if it doesn’t look bad–I wouldn’t touch it if I were you but if it’s bothering you, the shaver will do you wonders!

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