Journal Entry 33

December 15, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone!

I know I was supposed to write an entry yesterday but I was lazy after answering all those Christmas questions.

Yesterday, I stayed home from work because Wednesday was a shit show. It was so completely dead. I was literally about to walk out of the club with $0 but on my way to the dressing room to get my street clothes back on, a beautiful, amazing Angel (plain looking customer) stopped me and gave me some money!! I didn’t tip anyone out & I know they saw me get the money after already ending my shift…I hope they’re not mad or expecting something from me today? It wasn’t even that much that I made so I think they will be okay. 😉 The DJ gave me a fat attitude though but I don’t care since he sucks at choosing music for my stage sets & he only DJs on Wednesdays anyways.

Before work on Wednesday, we went to Walmart to find the tahini we couldn’t find when we went grocery shopping but we still didn’t find it. I didn’t want to check another store then get home to wait an hour for boyfriend to cook before we actually got to eat. I was getting hangry, it was already getting late, so we decided to go to Chipotle (which you all know I LOVE, lol).

steak bowl

I came home from work at like 2a on Wednesday. I wasn’t planning on drinking so we didn’t stop anywhere to have one before I was dropped off. When I got to work though the bartenders were just as bored as I was so I went to smoke a cigarette at the bar & I always have like a piece of candy to eat afterwards but the bartender stole it (it was a Starburst, hehe) & he offered me a shot. I gave him a few more pieces of candy & he & I took 2 more shots together. I tried to refuse the 3rd one because we were shooting Jameson & Jameson is not my thing. Plus, I just felt my stomach expanding & not enough buzz in my head. He made me a small shot anyways. Boyfriend had a can or two of Mike’s Harder Lemonades while I was gone which I don’t mind if he does. When I came home, I ate a cup of Ramen & boyfriend had a Vegan Boca Burger.

We were up & fooling around together in bed until nearly 6a…it was getting bright out when we finished up & we still went at it again when he eventually woke up. I woke up a bit earlier than he did, I don’t know why I couldn’t get back to sleep after I used the toilet at noon. I took a shower, I stayed up & read a little bit…I started Eleanor & Park. I kind of like it but I also don’t because it’s written in 3rd person, I prefer to read books in 1st person. I browsed WP then, boyfriend woke up around 2:30p.

After our bedroom shenanigans, we needed to go to the dispensary & find that fucking tahini. After we picked up our weed we went to Albertson’s to look for it this time…& guess what! We fucking found it! But, the jar is HUGE & we only need it for one recipe…it cost a whopping ten mother fucking dollars. I almost didn’t buy it but we needed it so I’ll have to look up other recipes that use it in the future so it doesn’t go to waste.

After dinner, we both just lounged around. I watched a bunch of Drop The Mic & Carpool Karaoke on YouTube, lol. Boyfriend was watching New Girl on Netflix.

We went to sleep at almost 3a. I woke up today at like 2p. Boyfriend left for work at around 1:45p, he won’t be home until like past 9p.

I’ll prob read some posts on my reader, work on & publish the post that is actually scheduled for today (& hopefully, a few other ones I want to schedule for publication asap), eat something around 6p, & then get ready around 8p, wait for boyfriend to get home if he isn’t already, smoke a blunt, & drink my espresso, then off to work I go!

I can’t wait to get all the stuff I ordered for boyfriend in the mail, eeee!! Everything has been shipped & it’s all on it’s way now. The gift my sister sent me is on it’s way, too & should be here on the 21st (of course, I won’t open it until the 25th though!) Also, a small gift I bought myself has finally been shipped, too! Isn’t this what Christmas is all about?


15 thoughts on “Journal Entry 33

  1. I love Chipotle. I wish they would put another one in my town because the one here is completely on the other end of town from my house, so I don’t get to go there that much. I love their burrito bowls so much though.

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  2. Hopefully they aren’t too mad you left without tipping! That’d be dumb if they were. You made me laugh about that jar that was mother fucking $10 😂 hopefully you can make some good uses out of it. Christmas is definitely about giving, but you should always treat yourself to something, too ☺️

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    1. Haha yeah they were fine! 🙂 I’m glad I could make you laugh, I needed to express my frustration!! I’m still mad about it!
      LOL, you’re right!! But I kind of meant it as a joke like…Christmas is all about gifts in general. 😛

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      1. Haha good! And I feel you on that. If it makes you feel better, I vented super hard about this old lady trying to talk to me as I’m wiping down our front door at work. Like we weren’t open. I’m sorry, I can’t give you a takeout menu, I’m busy as fuck, nobody told you to wait in the parking lot for a half hour 🙈 I probably over reacted but it was annoying. And haha true it is!

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          1. Hahah right? She showed up at the parking lot at 10:38 – we open up at 11:00. And around 10:52 I was trying to wipe down the windows real quick and she’s trying to talk to me through the glass about getting the menu. It pissed me off 😂 then the phone ran off and I probably looked like a bitch because I had to answer it. I can’t open the front doors, and I somehow managed to find time to bring out 6 cases of beer in 8 minutes – I just had too much to get done before 11.
            We actually don’t have a menu under our half of the restaurant online, but they could find it if they look up the bar’s name. It confuses people I guess. Despite being connected. Haha

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  3. ahh chipotle! i have been getting sofritas lately and it taste delicious!
    and don’t you hate when you need an ingredient for ONE recipe, and you have to get an expensive thing?! happens to me all the time.. i have dijon mustard that i only used once or twice, and i think i also have ground mustard which again, used for only one recipe lol..

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    1. Oh my gosh, when I went to get that Chipotle, I told my bf that “my blogger friend told me I should try sofritas, SHOOT!” right after I asked for the steak lol. Next time I will try it!!
      & omg yes, we have the stone ground & dijon mustard, too!!! That’s why I always have like mustard chicken recipes LMAO I want to use it all.

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      1. lol no worries, I hope you like tofu! haha I think the spices definitely give it a great taste. it’s all about preparation and the type of tofu.
        Alex and I don’t really like mustard, but I’ll have to try a few recipes so it doesn’t go to waste 🙂


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