Journal Entry 32

December 12, 2017

Hello, all. 🙂

I went to work last night but we stopped for a drink beforehand. I had another drink at work but didn’t finish another one I had. I didn’t want to get too drunk and I felt proud of myself for staying at a good level and no hangover today.

I decided to stay home today to read Luckiest Girl Alive because today is the last day I have it (I’ve been waiting since August for it, okay?!). I’m only 25% done…and I haven’t started reading it at all today yet.

I woke up, showered, boyfriend showered. I accidentally distracted boyfriend because I didn’t have clothes on still when he got out of the shower…I was bent over the bed, browsing my social media lol.

After that…I had to look up recipes which is always extra hard and time-consuming because I eat dairy-free. We found 3 good recipes. We went grocery shopping and could NOT find the tahini. I’m sad, I hope we can find it somewhere else tomorrow.

Yesterday we ate at this Thai restaurant nearby that we’ve never tried before. It was called Thai Food To Go but there were some dining tables for dine-in customers. There was no bathroom though (luckily, I didn’t need to use it!). The food was delicious. We were happy we tried it and that it’s so close! I see a lot of Thai food in my future.

restaurant interiorthailand muralthai teathai sausagespring rollspad thai and padwonsen

Babe’s cooking dinner now. I ordered all of his gifts on AmazonSmile, my sister has already received her package. Now I just need to buy my brother’s birthday/Christmas gift and I’m all set for the holiday season! I might pay my dad’s phone bill or something for his gift lol since I know the password and login info. It would be a surprise and I’m all about surprises. Which leads me to how mad I am that I ordered this small gift for boyfriend and it told me it wouldn’t be here until mid-January so I spoiled it by telling him what it was while expressing my anger about how it was coming after Christmas but now it’s actually shipped before everything else and it’ll be here before Christmas, too–he could’ve had an extra little gift to open!! I mean, it was just a spoon rest for the stove top for when he’s cooking because he mentioned he needed one but he still would’ve liked it as a gift, I’m sure!! He’s actually cooking dinner right now, lol!! But whatever, if it gets here before Christmas; he’ll get to use it right away.

I’ve gotta go and get this book read.

Have a good night, everyone!! ❤

It is now 07:04p.

26 thoughts on “Journal Entry 32

  1. No bathroom?! That’s so odd that a food place wouldn’t have a bathroom. That would make me nervous. I always get anxiety if I’m anywhere there’s not a bathroom (including being in a car). That food looks really good though! I actually don’t think I’ve ever had Thai food before.

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    1. I know! I thought it was weird too but it was a really small restaurant. I always have to pee when I’m told I can’t lol so I’m glad that didn’t happen to me there!
      You need to come to Vegas! I’ll have to bring you to sushi & Thai food. 🙂 lol.

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  2. Good luck finishing the book! Haha hope you made it in time. At least half of your shopping is already done for the holidays (: I’m sure your boyfriend will still be happy with the gift regardless of when it arrives. And paying your dad’s bill would be a really nice and practical thing for a gift!!

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      1. Hahah ohh no! Was it even worth it then? 😂
        And oh same here, I keep spending money on things I need and I’m wondering how I’m going to afford that much in gifts, but I may have to put a few things on my credit card 🙈

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        1. I don’t know if it was worth it but I was proud of myself so maybe? haha. I think I’d rather have some people disappointed in me than to buy their gifts on my nearly maxed out credit card lol.

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          1. Haha I guess it was worth it then! And yeah that’s true – I don’t want to go all out or anything, just have a couple of decent gifts for Christmas. I got lucky this week and got nearly $50 extra in tips, plus I’ll be making $50 tomorrow on a side job for my coworker, so I may be okay!

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            1. Aww, yay!! That is so sweet that the customers tip you. ❤ & awesome that you're allowed to keep it! My sister is a host at a restaurant & she's not allowed to take any tips!
              You'll be okay! ❤

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              1. It really is! I don’t even have to be tipped lol. And it’s all cash, which is great. That sucks your sister isn’t allowed! I work at a small business, so I dunno if that lets the rules be a little different lol.
                And aww I think so 💜

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                  1. It definitely feels that way! Like even the health regulations are less strict where I work now compared to what it was like when I worked at Sheetz lol. Not to say our kitchen isn’t clean or anything, but we had some done rules when I worked at Sheetz – like lids on garbage cans. It defeats the purpose when you have to touch the lid to open it because then you have to wash your hands every time. And when you’re in a rush, that’s hard to do lol

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                    1. Yeah, Sheetz is a corporation so they could get in trouble any time. A small business can only get in scheduled trouble lol like if a health inspector were to come in, they’d tell the owner & before she came he would take all the lids off the garbage cans. You know?

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                    2. Haha true. I noticed that, too. Like where I work, we only were super cautious about things during the month or two before the health inspection. And as soon as we passed, I pushed the lid off the garbage can and was so happy 😂 at Sheetz we’d have to keep it up all year

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