Photo Diary: 6 Months in Washington State

I lived in Bothell, Washington for about 6 months when I was 16 years old. (I am 22 now.) This is a photo diary of my favorite memories I have of the time I spent there:

A Christmas light show, it was so pretty
Goofing off in the library, look at the “cool” cell phone back in the day
K and me in a beautiful flower field
K reading the graffiti on a bridge

Puget Sound Beach

My shoes are the only non-black ones
In History class
Buying tickets to the museum at the ticket stand right next to the Space Needle
Another picture at the Christmas Light Show
“Not all who wander are lost.”


K’s mom, me, and K on top of the mountains we hiked up

K, me, K’s half-sister, and K’s dad in the Pike Place market
K and me outside of our apartment, about to go on an adventure πŸ˜‰

I’d love to visit Seattle again as an adult, actually look around and appreciate everything but I don’t think I’d ever live there again.

Hope you enjoyed this photo diary (read: photo dump) of the baby version of me in the beautiful state of Washington. πŸ™‚newproject_1_original_tujmsfcs2r2

All photos in this post are mine!
Featured Image byΒ Honey Caranzo

33 thoughts on “Photo Diary: 6 Months in Washington State

  1. Aww these pictures look so bright and happy! And you look adorbs! You should def visit again! I was just there a few months ago and the time before that I had visited when I was 13 I think. It’s so different going back to places when you’re an adult. So much has changed.

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        1. There are SO many! Within the USA, I want to go to NY & New Orleans but all over the world Paris & Tokyo are at the top of my long list.
          I don’t want to waste my time or $ going somewhere I’ve already been! Like I don’t even want to visit Minnesota again but I know I’ll have to because my whole family lives there lol.

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  2. this is soo cute! πŸ˜€ and I had never heard of Bothell, I had to look it up, right next to Seattle lol.
    how come you wouldn’t live there again? do you mean the town/city you lived in or the state as a whole?! lol
    I personally LOOOVE the PNW, I used to hate it as a child, but now as an adult, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I most likely won’t move lol.
    I actually plan on going to Seattle next spring for a much needed vacation.. πŸ˜‰

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    1. I think Bothell to Seattle (with no traffic) would be around a 30m drive, maybe less.
      I would def not live in Bothell again because the people there are very “hoity-toity”…I liked people of Seattle but I would prob never live in the state as a whole again either. The PNW is SO beautiful but I hate the rain & dark. My friend in the pictures actually tried to commit suicide & they told her it was from lack of sun since she had never been depressed until she moved to Washington.
      I would love to visit again someday but I’d actually rather explore Portland first since I never got to explore the city when we drove there!

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      1. Oh nice you weren’t far off.
        I see. Yeah, it’s definitely different, it’s not as bad down here but I do get anxious sometimes when there’s no sun. I ended up taking up some vitamins and that eased my mind a bit. Of course there were other factors that made me feel mildly depressed…
        Yeah there’s a lot to do here and many places to go explore. I’ve lived here for over a decade and I still haven’t gotten the chance to explore other spots in the city. I plan on making that my mission next spring and summer lol

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        1. There’s this lamp, called the Happy Lamp or something like that & it gives off man-made Vitamin D. My friend said it actually did help her a lot so maybe if you get into a depressive state again that might help you, too? Even if it’s not from lack of sun that you feel that way, Vitamin D will brighten you up no matter what!
          If you don’t mind me asking, where did you live before Oregon?

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          1. Ah yeah! My dad has one of those. It’s pretty bright and nice. I do want a salt lamp too.
            I lived in Mexico, from ages 3-9. I’m originally from LA but my parents moved us due to all the riots that were happening back in the 90s, they didn’t feel it was safe no matter what part of LA we lived in. I’ve been here ever since I got back, I have not moved at ALL LOL

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              1. They have their benefits, they cleanse the air, increase energy levels, neutralize electromagnetic radiation, you sleep better, it improves your mood. But also, size matters, if it’s small it will only be good for a bedroom for example, you need a bigger one if you want one in your living room.
                And…yes and no? LOL. I’ve visited all three states along the pacific coast, and Utah.. and some parts of Mexico. I have yet to venture out of the west coast but hopefully that will change in the future LOL

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                1. OOoh, cool! I’ve never heard of that but sounds super beneficial. I’d love to have one in my bedroom. Does it have a scent?
                  Yeah, I’ve pretty much been on the West Coast & Midwest only, too! I’d love to see Mexico. I’ve never left the US at all before.

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                  1. I think some of them you can add oils to them? I’m no sure, maybe I’m thinking of something else?
                    Mexico is crazy dangerous LOL.. Not all parts but even the tourist areas theres violence like you won’t believe..


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