December 08, 2017


Hi all!

Yesterday, I woke up around 2p, boyfriend left for work. He worked 3p-9p. I finished reading Dating You, Hating You. I really loved it!! After that, I took a shower and watched some Netflix (The Carmichael Show), ate some dinner. Then I got ready for work and typed up my Unfaithful Relationships post but didn’t quite finish it before boyfriend got home. We smoked a blunt and decided to go out for some drinks. We had more drinks than I had planned on and we were playing the slot machines (didn’t win shit), lol. It was 12a when I thought about going to work but decided against it.

We had another drink then thought we wanted to go bowling. When we got to the bowling alley, I thought in my head “I’d rather be at home, smoking a blunt” lol I didn’t say anything but before boyfriend turned into the bowling alley’s parking lot, he said “I think I’d rather be at home, smoking.” I laughed because he read my mind. We headed home. We had an amazing night together, I do not regret skipping work one bit, hehe. ;-D ❤

Today, we woke up around 2p again. Boyfriend has the day off; which is kind of rude of his job to do to him because he makes the most money on weekends? I don’t know why they cut his days like this. He needs a new job, they are giving him the shittiest hours.

We sat around the house only for a little after I took a shower, boyfriend started cooking dinner around 4p…we ate and then headed to Starbucks. I had to go to Ulta because I needed concealer, a blending pouf, eyeshadow, and a new hairbrush. The closest one was 20m away so it took us an hour to go there and get back home.

We smoked a blunt and I read a few blogs on my reader, we went out on the balcony for a cigarette, admired the neighbors’ Christmas lights, then I started writing this. I’m gonna do my makeup after this.

Oh, Amazon sent me the giftcard for the phones we sent in but they said that boyfriend’s phone is locked even though we know it’s not and the steps they gave us to fix it have already been completed. (???)

I also got my second VoxBox from Influenster in the mail but I haven’t opened it yet, look out for my Unboxing and Review post for that! My sister said she bought my gift today, too, I hope it’s what I asked for lol but I’m sure I’ll love whatever it is!! It’s gonna be hard for me not to open it if it gets here before Christmas which I’m sure it will!!

I scheduled my Recipe Reviews (#8) for Sunday at 8a (my time) so look out for that, if you’re interested!! I have gone through enough recipes that I need to make two more of those posts already. We made our last meal today so we need to go grocery shopping again. I will need to write up My Favorite Quotes From… Dating You, Hating You soon, too. I’m about to start reading another book; I think it’ll be Luckiest Girl Alive. I am determined to complete the 7 Day B&W Photo Challenge this time around! Hope you all are enjoying my photos. 🙂

Happy Weekend, bloggers! ❤ Stay safe!

It is now 7:38p.

11 thoughts on “Journal Entry 30

  1. I love how you buy food specifically for meals, there is so much wastage of food when people just grocery shop and buy random stuff without recipes in mind. I was a big person for doing that and threw out food all the time

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We wouldn’t know where to start if we didn’t look up recipes first! Ha but, it is nice because usually if there is anything left over I can look up a recipe next week that will use the leftover thing!

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    1. I finally put that VoxBox post up! Haha! I hope you’ll enjoy it when you get to it. 🙂
      I totally agree!! I want to go out but every time I go out…I wanna come home lol!


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