The First Time I Blacked Out From Drinking

Why would I make myself write about the first time I blacked out? How can I remember a time when I blacked out?

I can only tell you what I was told about that night.

I was working at Deja Vu in Minneapolis, MN. My best friend at the time, A, and I always had a bottle of vodka in our lockers. This particular club didn’t serve alcohol and I was underage anyways. We got drunk every single night that we went to work.

I have no recollection of how I got as drunk as I did. We were drinking Grey Goose. A told me that she begged the managers to let me go home but they kept insisting that I nap it off in the dressing room. She continuously tried to feed me water but I wouldn’t drink it until she told me it was vodka. They made me stay there for awhile but I think they did let me go before the shift ended. I was running around the whole place, falling everywhere. One of the dancers carried me up the stairs but she was just as small as I am. Everyone said we were toppling over each other…it took us forever to finally get up the stairs. The other dancers also helped me get dressed, stole all of my cash I made that night out of my wallet, and threw my empty wallet in the locker next to mine. I didn’t find it until a couple months later.

I started throwing up after I got dressed. The door man was holding me up in the customer’s bathroom but after awhile he had to get back to work and he left me there–I fell on my head hard. The door man and managers all came running in because it was super loud. I’m 99% sure I got a concussion from that.

When boyfriend finally was called to pick me up, he said I was going nuts. The whole time I was at the club I was shouting about how I wanted him to come get me. When he finally got there, I still shouted about how I wanted him there.

A came home with us. She was in the backseat, silent and probably scared of me. I was jumping around the car so much; causing boyfriend to swerve…we got pulled over. I had weed in my purse in the beginning of the night but luckily, it got lost (or stolen) at work somewhere. The police asked us where the weed was and I kept asking “if I give you the weed will you let us go?” they gave boyfriend a sobriety test. He was 100% sober, thank God! Our car just had a permanent weed smell–we actually had none in the car. Whew!

While the sobriety test was happening, I jumped into the driver’s seat and said I was going to drive away…A had to lure me out of the driver’s seat by calmly telling me how bad of an idea that would be. I opened the door to throw up and I fell face first into the snow, I gave up on life and just stayed like that until boyfriend was free to go; he came back to the car and picked me up.

When I got home, I demanded a bath. I got in the tub and started banging my head everywhere (if I didn’t have a concussion from falling in the bathroom at work, I had one now). I was shouting about how there were too many people everywhere and I needed to go home…I was home in my own bath tub. I was going absolutely insane.

I finally went to sleep and boyfriend stayed up the whole night and made sure I was alive and not choking on my vomit.

I wish I could tell you I never drank to the point I blacked out again after that but I have.

I do NOT remember any of this. NONE. All of the above was told to me by boyfriend and A.

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32 thoughts on “The First Time I Blacked Out From Drinking

  1. Wow, what a crazy story! That’s so awful how the dancers stole your money. I only blacked out once, and it was the night I was almost raped. My friends and I were staying over at one of our friend’s houses. We had went to Walmart that night for something, but I can’t remember what. We ran into two guy classmates there and they said they had a gallon of vodka in their car and we could all drink together. So my friend told them to follow us to her house. I ended up doing shots of straight vodka. I did 10 shots total, but I only filled the shot glass half full each time, so really it was like 5 shots. But I did all that within the span of an hour or an hour and a half. I honestly do not even know how I didn’t get alcohol poisoning. Apparently I started spinning around in a chair and kept giggling. Then they said I leaned over and just started puking all over my friends floor. I have no recollection of that at all. We were upstairs in my friend’s bedroom, but for some reason they must have carried me downstairs and I ended up on the couch. I was passed out. One of my friends went downstairs at some point to go to the bathroom and saw one of the guys on top of me on the couch. I was stunned when she told me that, and also incredibly angry because they didn’t kick him out. He was still there the next when I woke up (and I woke up laying in a pile of my puke and it was all in my hair). Him and I were arguing about something (but at that point I didn’t even know what happened or what he tried to do). Eventually I did get a few flashbacks from that night. I remember being on the couch and coming into consciousness. I remember the guy being on top of me with his hands up my shirt and tugging at my pants and I leaned my head over the couch and puked again on the floor. Then I must have passed back out. That’s the only memory I have. The guy that was attempting to rape me became a heroin addict and he’s currently in jail for armed robbery.

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    1. Oh my gosh, Britney! That guy is a pervert. I am glad he’s currently in jail!!! He deserves to stay in there forever. No one should be taken advantage of just because they are intoxicated. They actually say a woman is only supposed to have 3 shots in one night which never seems like enough.
      I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to you. Thank you for sharing with me. ❤

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  2. OMG Hunida, thank God you’re okay. I drank a lot in my younger days while working at a disco and a strip club in Boston. I can honestly say that I have gotten drunk but not to the point where I passed out. That’s wicked scary. That’s some good booger shit that you had money stolen by people you worked with while you were in the state that you were in. I am not going to judge you for doing it again because I drink too. (jack Daniels, Fireball whiskey and Patron, baby!) I would say though watch those co-workers of yours.

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  3. Please take care of yourself. Each time you go down that road it’s like buying a lottery ticket – one that rewards those whose numbers are picked with the most horrific of prizes. And of course this is 100% preventable – not always without help, but help is there for those who need it. I say this as someone who has a couple stories of my own like this and finally said “enough.”

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  4. Girl I have way too many stories from being black out drunk (most from my college days). Your story was crazy though I am glad you didn’t get in trouble for underage drinking and that sucks your own coworkers stole from you. Lol Grey Goose will sneak up on you!!!!

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  5. Well that was intense! I only have one blackout story, luckily I remember the entire night until I walked outside when my friend was going to drive all of us home. Some little flashes of me getting in the car, and vomiting when we got back to my friends house LMAO

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  6. Ohh gosh that sounds awful! And the fact they stole all of your money? Ughh I’m so sorry! I’m glad your boyfriend was stone sober that night. I’ve never blacked out – but I have come close I think. I’ve had nights where I got really drunk and can only remember bits and pieces – but I still remember. Blackout drunk is scary, I’ve had friends tell me their stories.

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    1. Ah yeah, I would never steal someone’s money just because they were drunk but I know a lot of girls who would. I suspected any of the girls that night could’ve done it, I wouldn’t have put it past any of ’em.
      I’m so glad boyfriend was sober too and that you’ve never blacked out before!! Blackout drunk IS scary and no one should ever drink to that point!!

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      1. Neither would I! But I guess they see it as an open opportunity – if you’re drunk, you’re too drunk to realize it’s happening.

        And I believe it’s terrifying! Who knows what can happen if nobody is watching you or looking out for you

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        1. Yeah, that’s so messed up but that’s exactly how they see it. I’m glad someone was always there to look out for me when I blacked out but I’ve heard some really bad stories from other people’s black out experiences.

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