Journal Entry 28

December 04, 2017

Hi friends. 🙂 Happy Monday!

Saturday night, boyfriend and I grabbed a drink before he dropped me off at work.

jerry's christmas tree

When I got to work, I could tell that it was not a good Saturday because of the atmosphere. Also, no one was doing any lap dances and only one stage was running (usually all 3 are running on a Saturday at the time I came in around 11:30p). It was worse than Friday just as I suspected it would be. I left at 2a, haha. I’m a piece of shit. I know.

Boyfriend and I came home and I read Dating You, Hating You all night. Boyfriend worked Sunday morning at 10a and he didn’t get home til a bit past 4p. He wanted to go for sushi and I wasn’t gonna say no to that. We went to one of our favorite spots Yama Sushi but were wishing we had went to our first favorite spot Sushi Neko the whole time.

yama sushiice cream scoops

When we came home, we smoked a blunt while I cleaned out my makeup bag and took the photos for my makeup bag post. After we finished smoking the blunt, boyfriend laid down on the couch and fell asleep. I let him sleep while I typed up the post which took a lot longer than I thought it was going to. I watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas (!!!) while I typed that post up (which could also be a reason why it took longer than I thought it would hehe). I also finished up that VoxBox post and then the movie ended. Boyfriend mentioned to me that he wanted to watch Boss Baby since it just came on Netflix so I thought it was time to wake him up. It was nearly midnight.

He woke up and we smoked another blunt. I really really really wanted to finish watching the movie but I fell asleep on his shoulder halfway through. 😦 It really was such a cute freaking movie…what I got to see of it anyways!

Babe carried me to the bed from the couch. ❤ ❤ it was around 2a, I think?

We woke up around noon today…boyfriend was scheduled to work tonight at 5p which is shitty because he’d be there until nearly 11p…so he called off lol. I should stop complaining about money because it is totally our fault, I know…lol. But if he had went to work I probably wouldn’t have.

I showered after I woke up and used the toilet. Boyfriend called his work then we smoked a blunt and I called my nail salon to see if my favorite nail tech was there. She answered and she knew it was me right away! LOL I got a new number so that means she remembers my voice now hehe.

I went with a sparkly dark red. So Christmas-y, right? ❤

christmas nails

We had to stop at Albertson’s for some TP, cat food, and aluminum foil. When we got home we smoked a blunt while I replied to some lovely comments and read a few posts on my reader. Boyfriend started dinner, he’s finishing up now–it smells yummy!!! We’re going to Starbucks after we eat, gonna do my makeup, then go to work. Longer than 3 hrs tonight, I hope.

It is now 6:13p.

31 thoughts on “Journal Entry 28

  1. Omg, your nails look so festive!! Sparkly gold (or silver?) definitely adds some festive touch to them. I love it (but I’m never a girly-girl type. I am too lazy lol)

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  2. It seems like your days are filled with happiness, I commend you for being the boss of your life and not letting this life be the boss of you. I enjoy reading about your day, you and your bf appear to be very close and have a great time together, idk if that sounds weird, I just remember being free and happy in a relationship, and your post bring me back. Having 4 children changes a lot of things, some for better and some for worse. Thank you for sharing, I love your posts. 😁😎

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    1. Hahah thank you! ❤ you are too kind! Your observation of my boyfriend and me is accurate!! ;-D it doesn't sound weird at all!
      I'm sorry to hear about the children…lmao JK, I personally don't want any of my own!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and I'm happy that you enjoy reading my content–it means a ton! ❤


      1. No worries, having kids brings a deeper joy in life than before I had kids. Total eye opener, sometimes I miss the old times but the new memories and experiences gained through having my little ones are priceless, like it’s never routine always something new with their growing into and discovering the truth of them. They are the best teachers to find the truth of you in this existence. Maybe one day you’ll want to experience having children as well but I dig your perspective i felt the same way before I had any. I think you have an awesome page great posts, I definetly will keep checking out your blog. Much love and light to you and yours!😊


    1. Thanks, babe ❤ the ice cream was so yummy! It’s the only place I can find Red Bean flavor. 🙂 lol he always does otherwise I’d sleep on the couch all night hehe.


  3. The food at Yama Sushi looks really good, it reminds me of a smaller restaurant that we have here on the blvd, it’s called Sushi Kata, it’s cheap and the food is delicious!
    Alex and I saw Boss Baby too and we thought it was pretty cute, although I had a bunch of questions because some things didn’t seem to make sense hahaha, overall, good and cute movie.
    That sparkly red polish looks so cute! I don’t think I’ll be doing red nail polish, I bought a dark olive green polish that I want to try.

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    1. Yama Sushi’s appetizers are the best! Lol I had a lot of questions too!! I was confused from the beginning but oh well…it’s a cartoon so I guess it doesn’t matter? haha. It was super cute though!!
      Thank you! I was thinking of doing a sparkly forest green but ugh I love red nails, when it’s not Dec I get red without sparkles all the time ha. Olive green would be pretty though!

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