December 02, 2017


Wow, onto my 3rd month of journal entries (every other day). It was weird writing December and it’s gonna be even weirder when I have to write 2018 next month.

Update on the whole health insurance debacle: I sent them an e-mail saying I wanted my money back immediately and for them to cancel my membership. They e-mailed me back the next day telling me that it had come to their attention that some members were billed twice and that they were working on refunding us all. I checked my account yesterday and this morning and the money still hadn’t been refunded but I checked again right before this post and I am happy to announce they have returned my money…but I DID notice they ignored my cancellation request, lol. I’m too annoyed to call and cancel but I think I will do it soon…or should I keep it? I don’t know if I trust them anymore. Does this happen a lot to other people? I feel like this should be illegal, honestly.

We moved our car to a different unassigned parking spot…we actually haven’t gone to see if it’s still there or if they put another notice on it (even though they said they wouldn’t)…so I hope they haven’t.

I tried reading Lolita but I couldn’t understand all the old English style writing. It made me feel stupid lol so instead I’m going to start reading Dating You, Hating You. 🙂

Yesterday, boyfriend had to work from 3p-9p and he got home around 10p with our 5 shots of espresso each, I can’t wait to have one soon. I was still getting ready when he came home because I had to write up my Dec’17: Blog Schedule and My Top 10 Favorite Christmas Films and I wanted to finish before I started on my makeup. I finished typing them but didn’t post the list until after I finished my makeup.

Work was kind of dead but not devastating lol. The convention’s last night in Vegas was last night, I guess they were all partied out. I hope tonight isn’t even worse. Maybe a different group of people will fly in tonight. I’ve got to think positive. I ended up drinking one long island last night because I was having a rough start and when I was offered one, I jumped at the the chance lol. I think I give up on giving up drinking.

I worked from 11p-2a and the DJ was like “didn’t you just get here??” when I checked out with him lol. He always gives me shit for working short shifts but he’s totally right. I do need to work longer and not give up so quickly. I just have no patience with people these days.

Today, boyfriend left for work a bit past 9a and I woke up a bit, too. I read some posts on my reader and texted boyfriend until he went into work at 11a. I fell back asleep and woke back up at almost 3p. I used the toilet and took a shower. Then I put on shorts and a tank top and laid back in bed, lol. I read all the blogs on my reader and before I was done boyfriend texted me saying he was on his way home. We are out of toothpaste and I asked him to pick some up on his way home but he forgot. I really hope we don’t forget to get some when we go to Starbucks later.

When boyfriend got home, he came to the bed and laid next to me after he rolled us a blunt. We smoked that and a cigarette and decided which one of our meals we were gonna cook. Now, he’s cooking and I’m typing this up.

After we eat, we’ll go get coffee and toothpaste. Oh and hopefully I don’t forget the EVOO lol because we don’t have enough for the other meal–which is why we chose the one we did!

I need to express my anger about the 18 year old girls that start dancing because they are out here looking for love. This girl told me she gave this customer her number because she wanted to date him. LIKE NO! That is not how our job works!!! And it makes me look bad because the customers say to me “So&So gave me her number so I know you could, too, if you really wanted to” *eye roll!!!* not to mention the ones that do the extras and tip the manager a large amount to get away with it. It’s hard when there aren’t a lot of customers and those type of girls get to all of the customers first. There are a ton of us who go to just do our job and we’re suffering. But I get it…some girls gotta do what they gotta do for whatever their reason. I’m not judging them or hating on them but it’s really hurting my hustle in the slower months. *rant over*

Hope everyone had a great Friday. 🙂 Sunday is tomorrow and if you didn’t already know…Sunday is my favorite day of the week!

I have to get my nails done, they are so shit and my toe nail broke again…just a little–it could be easily mended at this point if I don’t ruin them any more tonight. *fingers crossed* Boyfriend doesn’t have the day off until fucking Tuesday though…maybe I’ll be able to go tomorrow since he’s working the opening shift and should be home at a good time before the salon closes.

Ok, I’m for real done rambling now.

It is 7:02p. (I took one cig break and a little snack break in the middle of this post, hehe.)

20 thoughts on “Journal Entry 27

  1. Yay! Glad you got your money refunded, and it was even before you thought you would get it so that’s good. Wow, that dancer gave a customer her number? That is so dangerous! And I don’t understand those dancers who do the “extras” either. I feel like it ruins it for those who are just there for dancing. If you want to do “extra” that is what backpage is for. lol Go advertise yourself there. Smh. Nothing against it if that’s someone’s cup of tea, but I don’t think a strip club is the place for it. That should be for dances only.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I was so happy lol.
      Yeah she did–it really is dangerous! And exactly, thank you! Those are my exact thoughts about the “extras” girls. :-/ We even have legal brothels an hour away so I don’t get why they have to work at strip clubs.

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  2. At least you got your money back, I’d say to look for a different insurance provider, but if you can’t find one for the same price then stick with it?
    And that really sucks about those girls, I work there and even I know that giving away your number to complete strangers is not a good idea LOL.. maybe they want a sugar daddy??

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    1. Yes, I’m very happy they returned my money! I still haven’t cancelled my policy, I don’t know what I’m gonna do yet.
      Hahah yeah there are definitely girls at my work that give their numbers for outside services such as sugar daddies which I also think is wrong–they have websites and such for that… but this girl really was gonna break up w/ her bf of 3 yrs to be w/ this guy like for free, real dates lol. She truly liked him!

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      1. Well think it over first you could also do research and see the cost of other plans and their benefits and weigh out the pros and cons of each.
        Oh no, that’s so terrible..Maybe she shouldn’t be working there if she likes a customer..

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  3. I’m glad you got the health insurance debacle solved! If they do it again I would definitely cancel. They shouldn’t be allowed to do that, at all. And those inexperienced girls! Even I know better than that. You can’t mix work and love, especially in that industry. It should be done a little more professional than that.

    And I feel you on people 😂 it’s hard to even work 9 hours at my job at times – people make me want to pull my hair out. Hopefully you can pull through these holidays soon! Good luck with it! Maybe you need to mix up your schedule a bit more or something?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gosh, me too. I don’t want to give them the chance to do it again but I also don’t want to find a new insurance lol. I agree, I hate that it’s possible for businesses to double charge and over charge you! inexperienced. I agree.

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  4. I have a question and I totally understand if you would prefer not to answer.
    I only ever have been to a strip club once, the dancers took turns doing a song, it was really quiet which was surprising because it was during mardi gras and the street was packed but I guess they were all out in the street drinking, anyway the dancers took turns but only a couple of people slipped some singles to them, most was 4 or 5 dollars per dance. My friend paid for a lapdance for me, I think he paid $20, it does not seem like much money for the night, is that pretty standard?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well that kind of sucks arse that you can work hard for little reward? Do you love doing it? I think if I had a sexy body I would be one of those girls in the little cute costumes that does the drinks in Vegas Casinos, I bet they make a whole bunch of money from tips especially people who are on winning streaks!!

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        1. Yeah it does suck when that happens. I do love dancing. I personally would rather do my job because they wear quite showy outfits in the middle of big casinos, where I am in my outfit in a dark lit club, they get treated like crap and are supposed to act nice…we can treat our customers like crap back and honestly, their good night’s are a dancer’s bad night. Lots of dancers have been cocktail waitresses just to come back to dancing.
          The thing about dancing is you could be at work for 2 hrs and make $0 then that lucky customer comes in and makes your whole week so it’s okay if you make $0 once in awhile. If you have the patience and people skills, you’ll always make up for the bad nights.
          BUT I bet the dealers at casinos make more than we do. I would do that in a long-sleeved button up and casino vest lol.

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  5. Yay, finally your money got refunded!! If I were you, I’d just bug them one last time and make them cancel it. I don’t think I can ever imagine experiencing the hassle if it happened to me again.

    Also, lol at the 18 year old girls you shared. They probably went out already now. Hahaha roll eyes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh, I really should call them! Thanks for the reminder. 😛 I kind of forgot all about it!!! I really don’t want it to happen again.

      I know..they are ANNOYING lol.


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