Dec’17: Blog Schedule

October and November seriously flew by, didn’t they? I just know December will, too. It’s going to be 2018 in no time!

I cannot believe this is my 5th consecutive month of blogging everyday! It’s been so fun though, I have to admit I had a little trouble last month and I disappeared for a whole week, I don’t think that will happen again anytime soon though–no worries. 🙂

I won’t be participating in “Blogmas” since I already post every single day and I’m sorry but the “Gift Guide for Your Great-Aunt” posts are already rather annoying and they were always uninteresting. I will start off the month with a list of my favorite Christmas films though (look out for that post later today if you’re interested, I’ll be working on that right after I get this one published) because I am enjoying those posts and I don’t want to be a total Scrooge. I really do love watching Christmas films all month long and listening to Christmas carols on every radio station but I’ll only post about Christmas again on Christmas Day.

If you’re interested in reading any of my posts from the previous months, you can choose any month from ->this page<-. Every day/topic is clickable (made into a link) and will bring you to the corresponding published posts.

Anyways, back to what you all were originally reading this post for…here’s what you can expect to read on my blog this month:

  1. My Favorite Christmas Films
  2. Journal Entry
  3. Keep, Replace, Or Throw: My Makeup Bag
  4. Journal Entry
  5. My First Blackout From Drinking
  6. Journal Entry
  7. My Unfaithful Relationships
  8. Journal Entry
  9. My Favorite Spots and Events in Minnesota
  10. Journal Entry
  11. Photo Diary: 6 Months of Living in Washington State
  12. Journal Entry
  13. Inside Scoop: The Prices You Have to Pay to Be a Dancer
  14. Journal Entry
  15. My Favorite Psychological Thriller Films
  16. Journal Entry
  17. Daily Products I Swear By
  18. Journal Entry
  19. Selfies From The Past
  20. Journal Entry
  21. My Timeline of Best Friends
  22. Journal Entry
  23. When I Was a Thief…
  24. Journal Entry
  25. Photo Diary: Christmas Memories
  26. Journal Entry
  27. The Best and Worst Things About My Job
  28. Journal Entry
  29. Items I Need At Work Everyday
  30. Journal Entry
  31. Superstitions I Believe In

I will also be continuing my Recipe Reviews and My Favorite Quotes From… posts. I have one of each that I need to type up; they both should be up very soon!

I love you all so much for always reading the shit I write and for all of the support you show me everyday. I truly enjoy reading your comments, having conversations, and getting to know you all more and more. ❤


20 thoughts on “Dec’17: Blog Schedule

  1. “Gift Guide for your Great Aunt” lmao! That seriously cracked me up. I’m a little buzzed right now, so I find simple things quite amusing. Don’t mind me. 😛

    This month’s posts sound like they will be interesting, as always. 🙂

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  2. It really is crazy we’re on month 5! Despite your hiccup, I’m proud of us both for how far we’ve come since we started! ☺️ I also won’t be participating in Blogmas – mostly because I was unaware of it lol. But I have a few Christmas posts in my queue. Just to get in the holiday spirit ☺️ as always, looking forward to your posts! 💜

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