Journal Entry 26

November 30, 2017

I am so upset. My fucking health insurance pulled money out of my account twice this month. Once on the 22nd (when it’s supposed to) and it took the amount out AGAIN yesterday. What the fuck. I am just noticing now because I was unable to get the cash I need to go to work out of the ATM. Now, I have to wait until possibly midnight when boyfriend gets paid. I sent the company an e-mail but their offices aren’t open until the morning which I will have to wake up early tomorrow to call them and cancel my plan with them and demand my money back!!!

It’s busy at work right now too because there’s a convention and I really need to be there. I could pay after which is embarrassing to me and would also add an extra $20 to the fee. UGH. I am so so so pissed.

I’m also mad because we have a car that we’re trying to sell and a moped. We have it parked in a non-assigned parking spot. First they put a violation on it (last month) saying that they were abandoned. Boyfriend went to the office and told them it was ours and they were like ok, cool about it. NOW, today they put a notice on our door saying we have to move it because they don’t have space for it or something stupid so boyfriend stomps to the office and asks what the hell and they tell him that we can have them but to move them to different spots every night….like WTF. My life is a joke right now.

I want my fucking money back and I’m gonna find a new plan or just pay the fucking tax fee of not having health insurance. Whatever. I went a whole year and never used my benefits or went to any of those included annual exams. I am infuriated, you guys.

I need to get my nails done but boyfriend works tomorrow so I’ll have to take an Uber if I really want to get them done. I hate that. I’m so stressed out now. It’s ridiculous.

At least we had enough money to get groceries but we wouldn’t have if I checked my account beforehand and realized I wouldn’t have enough for work.

We bought 3 meals today, we went to Smith’s. Boyfriend also bought some weed today while I took a shower and before we went grocery shopping.

We came home, made dinner, went to get coffee, tried to get the cash out of the ATM. Now, I’m here. I can’t focus because I’m mad so I’ll stop.

beautiful skies
Beautiful sky as we were leaving the grocery store! ❤
fremont street las vegas
Boyfriend’s dad posted this cute pic of us on FB from when he came to visit us a couple weeks ago!

It is now 7:31p.

Ok, I just called my bank and they said they are gonna file a dispute and he read off a bunch of other legal mumbo jumbo. I won’t get my money back prob for like 10 days. How annoying. I am cancelling my insurance still and am still calling the insurance company to yell at them.

Boyfriend also just got paid so I have money to go to work. I should start getting ready now. My face is finally cooling down. What a great start to the weekend!

Sorry for the anger in this post. Happy Weekend to you all. 🙂

It is now 7:42p.

42 thoughts on “Journal Entry 26

  1. Wow. That’s crazy stupid. I wonder if they were pulling out an extra so you are a month ahead. I know phone companies charge you double on the first bill like that.
    Glad you are getting to go to work. Get your dance on!
    And put ads in the Greensheet (is that in Vegas?) and on Craigslist to get those sold so you won’t have more issues. Hugs!

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    1. My insurance isn’t expired until March and I would assume they’d notify me that an extra payment was being taken out, right? For whatever reason.

      Lol yes being able to work has lifted a lot of stress off my shoulders! Thank you. ❤
      I’ve never heard of Greensheet?! And we are keeping the moped, only selling the car! 😛 *thanks for the hugs, hugs back*

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  2. Another gorgeous sunset photo! I love sunsets, but yours are even more amazing because of the pretty palm trees.

    I would be really mad about them taking out extra money when they weren’t supposed to either. It’s even worse that you have to wait 10 days to get it back. I would be fuming! I hardly ever use my health insurance either. I used it over the summer when I had to get a cyst on my head removed, but that was the only time in several years that I used it. I do use my dental insurance though.

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    1. Gosh, I don’t remember pinks and purples in the sky when I lived in Minnesota! The palm trees do add the extra prettiness! ❤ I always say to boyfriend "can you believe we live where there are palm trees??"

      Yeah, they e-mailed me saying that it happened to more than one of their customer's and they are going to refund my money…"thanks for your patience" which I actually don't have for them.

      My health insurance doesn't even cover dental or vision, I'd use it more if it did. I am just going to find a new plan! 😛

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    1. HAHAHAHA THAT IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND’S DAD! That is is some entertainer on the Fremont Street Experience in DT Las Vegas! His dad just posted this pic on his FB (very late since they were here two weeks ago) and I wanted to share it with you guys. LOL!!

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    1. It’s never happened to me before! I’ve only heard horror stories of it happening to other people lol, I am so upset. Thank you! Today is better so far. 🙂 Hope your weekend is wonderful!

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    1. They sent me an e-mail saying they’re trying to fix it and “thanks for your patience” (which I don’t get why they think I have that for them!) and they ignored the part about me wanting to cancel my membership.

      Yeah, I think I’ll find a different one plan! I don’t trust them anymore!

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  3. How irritating! They definitely should have notified they would be charging you or not have charged you at all. I am glad you were able to get the money to work though. That’s annoying your apt would put up notices and stuff when they already knew you were parking there! I had a terrible experience with my last apt because they literally towed me and my bfs cars because they were doing construction and weren’t clear on where to park. We wound up having to pay a shit ton of money and it was a mess. That is why I hate when apartments are greedy like that and clearly do not care about residents. It sounds like they are trying to work with you so that is good.

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    1. They didn’t notify me because they weren’t supposed to take it, I hate them! Yeah, thank God for my boyfriend I was able to work!! ❤

      It's annoying because what if I actually did drive that car and moped? I wouldn't be able to park in the same spot every night? There are two of us and we only get one assigned parking spot, that's not fair…I don't get their logic! You're right, they are being greedy!!

      That's so annoying that they towed your car!!! Ours got towed one time at our old apartments too because my dumbass friend took the note that told us to move our cars and never showed it to us. I know it must've been a pain for you to get out. The worst part is: if you don't have enough $ the first day to get it out, it keeps going up by the day!

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      1. That would make me so angry because banks do crazy charges too if you don’t even have the amount that they take out!!!! Like what a terrible way to do business. I hope they can get your money to you immediately because that is so unprofessional. That’s a dumb rule you can’t park it in the same spot???? Like what an inconvenience. I’ve had such bad luck with tow yards one time my car was stolen and I had TO PAY TO GET IT OUT OF A TOW YARD. Like I offered to go get it where they found it and they said no we have to tow it…

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        1. Right? I was like I’m glad I had the $ in there because otherwise I would have gotten an overdraft fee too like how fucking rude! They still haven’t given me money back.

          Such a dumb rule! I’m so mad at them. And wow!!! I can’t believe they made you get your car out of the tow yard when someone else stole it…what the fuck is wrong with the world?!

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  4. That sounds so annoying! I’d be furious! Especially since most of us depend on what’s in our bank account, and when they double charge you it throws everything off balance. I wish it wasn’t mandatory to have health insurance – yes, it’s good to have, but how often do we even use it most of the time? So frustrating.

    That sky is so pretty! I feel sunsets are more beautiful out West with all the palm trees.

    And that picture of you and his dad is kind of funny but cute! What is he even dressed as? Haha

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    1. It really is annoying that it’s mandatory to have health insurance but it also makes sense why. UGH. I want to cancel it now but I don’t wanna make the call haha.

      I know, after I took that photo I screamed “why is the sky so pretty here??” haha. The palm trees definitely are part of the reason!

      LOL…I must have worded that caption wrong. THAT IS NOT HIS DAD HAHAHA. That’s just some street performer on the Fremont Street Experience! You can just give him a few dollars to take pictures with him lol otherwise he dances around if he’s not posing for pics.

      I have NO idea what that guy is dressed as though…he was HILARIOUS. I can’t wait to tell my boyfriend that you and Paulliver thought that was his dad LOL!

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      1. It makes sense! But at the same time, it’s so expensive – and it’s so expensive if you don’t have it. And I don’t blame you lol, I wouldn’t want to make that call either!

        I believe it! Haha the skies look pretty here, but never that beautiful!

        And OHHHHH that makes more sense hahaha. I could’ve swore you said it was his dad somewhere in that entry but I probably read it wrong, then saw that comment! OMG hahaha. I’m sorry! But that’s hilarious!!

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        1. Is it more expensive if I don’t have it? Should I just keep it? Lol so I don’t have to call or pay the fees… 😛

          Yeah I never saw pink or purple in the sky in MN. I am amazed at the sunsets here!

          Lol omg I’m gonna change the caption to make it sound better somehow!!

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          1. I’m actually not sure! Haha I want to say it’s like a $600 fine when you do your taxes, which would probably actually be cheaper overall 😂

            And ohh really? I’ve seen pink skies in PA but hardly ever seen purple!

            Hahah okay 😂😂

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      2. I just looked at your post again, you did write “Boyfriend’s dad posted this cute pic of us on FB from when he came to visit us a couple weeks ago!” as the caption, so I thought that meant he was your bf’s dad hahah

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  5. That sounds kind of annoying.. I’d be pissed too. like when the clinic tried to charge me twice for a bill i had already paid the month before.. I’ll have to find the first bill they sent me in case they try to charge me again.. and how does your health insurance work? ours is through Alex’s work, which automatically gets taken out of his paycheck, so the money he gets we get to keep.. I agree, it’s a little stupid that we even HAVE to pay for healthcare (but it’s a fucking business), but also a lot of people who have free healthcare say it’s not the best because the wait times are ridiculous, so there’s pros and cons?
    but at least your bank is trying to take care of it, and over here, the most you’d pay for the fee is less than $400? I think they mentioned that it would keep increasing though, so it’s best to look into that.
    and you said you live in an apartment complex right? they would give us shit over here too with unassigned parking spaces, it’s like a “first come first served” type of thing, and a lot of people had more than one car (so did we) and we also had to park in the street and my car got broken into once too.. they can be pricks about it but they should be nicer about it and probably put it on the contract or something? or at least mention it when you lease an apt

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    1. The amount I owe every month is automatically taken out every month on the 21st. I signed up for the 19th but it always gets taken out the 21st or 22nd… my healthcare isn’t so wonderful. It’s the bare minimum to cover me and annual exams, show that I don’t have to pay the tax fee. I think I’d rather pay a legit insurance company now. This lady came to my club last year and offered us this cheap Christian insurance, lol.
      Well when we leased the apartment I did ask him where I could park my car if we only had one assigned spot and he said in any of the unassigned spots (without the roof thing)…so I really don’t fucking get why they’re having an issue. They don’t want us to park it in the same spot everyday…I’m confused.

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      1. Oooh okay. That makes sense. I think ours is the minimum too, we still have to co-pay and if we get any major procedures, of course that’s out of pocket. I still can’t believe that we have to pay a couple thousand dollars for the insurance to kick in. And that’s a yearly thing…
        hmmm….that shouldn’t bothered them, but then again some people just don’t care much and are assholes

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        1. You have to pay a couple thousand for the insurance to kick in? what the?! I didn’t have to pay anything on top of the monthly charge to start mine.
          We also noticed there’s a car with a flat tire that’s been sitting longer than ours with a notice on it but they haven’t been towed…?

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          1. It applies to major surgery I believe, our insurance is still pretty cheap but not everything gets covered. Like when Alex had to have his wisdom tooth taken out, we had to pay out of pocket because our insurance didn’t cover that. If I ever got surgery, I think we would have to pay our deductible first and then the insurance would cover the rest. It’s a pain in the ass. Which is why I tell Alex that we need to eat healthy, exercise, etc.
            That’s interesting…they should have towed that car by now..

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            1. Mine doesn’t cover any dental or vision. Just doctor visits. 😛 it is cheap though.
              All insurance is a pain in the ass until you need it though, am i right? Lol.
              Yeah that car is still there. It’s not fair lol.

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