Physical Altercations I’ve Gotten Myself Into

I moved to the city I graduated HS in when I was about to start 7th grade. I was a catty, annoying little middle school-er. I was really good at making friends, I always had been until I reached HS (I don’t know what happened to me). I was one of those girls that hated you just because you hung out with a girl that I hated. I wanted everyone else to be against anybody I was against.

There was talk of this new girl coming in the middle of 8th grade, at least, she was new to me. A lot of students had known her from Elementary school before she moved away for a couple years. There was a lot of: “did you know S was coming back?” going around; that’s how I knew there was a new girl coming that was going to try to fuck with my manipulative social game I had going. I already hated her.

When her first day finally came, I realized she was pretty. I was even more mad. Everyone wanted to talk to her and get to know her–she was not shy. She dressed quite slutty for an 8th grader…but, wait, everyone said I was the one who dressed slutty?!

One of my friends had homeroom class with her. He was one that had known her from Elementary school. She told him a story about how she accidentally killed her cat because she turned the dryer on without realizing the cat was in there. (I still hate her for that.)

YES. Now, I found my reason to make everyone else hate her, too.

I never personally met her or talked to her before I started campaigning against her. One of my best friends at the time, N, was also one that had known S from Elementary school. N told me she always hated her and gave me more reasons to hate her, too.

N and I were leaving comments on each other’s MySpace pages about her; mean ones. Talking about her weight, the color of her teeth, her clothes–all the mean girl things you could think of; we were saying it. We made such a clever code name for her…ha ha…NOT. She knew we were talking about her right away.

The next day, my boyfriend at the time and I kept disrupting the math class we were in together (we would always just talk too much and too loud, laugh while the teacher was teaching)…it was my turn to get booted into the hall (the teacher switched off who he would send out).

I was fine with being kicked out because I needed to get my homework done for my next class. I went to my locker to get my science binder out and I sat down next to my open locker (I was kicked out for the remainder of the period) and started working on my homework. I was almost finished when the bell rang for that period to end. I didn’t get up from the floor yet, I kept my head down, writing down the answers to my homework. The classroom wasn’t that far away–I’d still make it on time if I finished my homework.

As everyone was bustling through the locker bay, grabbing their things for their next class…this bitch, S, comes up and grabs me by my hair. She had such a good grip, she pulled me up at the scalp, by all of my hair, and started shouting her head off at me about all the shit I said on MySpace about her. I didn’t know what to do, physically, but all the shit kept pouring out of my mouth, lol. As the teachers pulled her away she kept saying “I lived in Saint Paul, bitch” (where she went before she came back to the suburbs). She thought since she had experienced the city life and we were in the suburbs, she was tougher than us all. Which was kind of true because NONE of us ever thought about violence as revenge back then. Not until we met her.

We became friends later. (She hates me again but that’s a diff story, lol.) She told me about how she was afraid to go back to her old school because the girls at her bus stop would beat her up everyday. So I understand where she learned the violence from. In HS she got into so many other physical altercations and I was always on her side but she eventually got expelled…from my HS and every other one she attended.

You all probably have read some of my past posts about my shit head ex-boyfriend, J, but all of HS revolved around him for me. (My eyes are rolling to the back of my head, too.)

Gosh, I can’t even tell you why I hated this one girl so much. I hated her even more than the girl J cheated on me with, though, that girl was part of the crew that jumped me, too.

J cheated on me with M but we stayed together after he told me about it. I wasn’t going to let him get off that easily though. I wasn’t going to let him have had two sex partners when he was my only one.

J left me to hang out with his friends one day when I still wanted to be with him, I was pissed.

It was a nice, sunny day out, it was nearing the end of the summer and I was entering 10th grade soon. There was this boy who had been really nice to me ever since I moved to that city in 7th grade. He was one of my good friends, though, I knew he always had a crush on me. Let’s call him X.

I had been with J for almost a year by now though and I hadn’t really talked to anyone else that whole year. I nonchalantly texted X after J left me at my place all alone, “hey, didn’t you mention that we live closer now that I moved in with my dad?” he responded right away even though he had mentioned this fact to me almost a year ago. He told me he was able to walk to my place if I wanted him to. He was dating that girl I mentioned, the one I hated so much (for no good reason that I can remember), we’ll call her T. I asked him about T. He told me that he was still a virgin, they were dating all year (just as long as me and J), and hadn’t had sex yet. I told him how sad I was for him, lol…I asked him if he wanted to come over, that I’d help him out. He walked to the gas station right by my apartments, I met him there, and we walked back up to my dad’s place. He told me that him and T weren’t dating at that time but I think they were. I told him J and I weren’t either but he had just left my place. I really had hoped that they were dating because…I hated her. I didn’t know who I was more excited to hurt: T or J. I forgot that X might have feelings, too.

I did promise X that I wouldn’t tell anyone about us but I promised him that when he was already in my bed. He would’ve fucked me either way. I didn’t want to fuck him again anyways…so what did I care if he got mad at me?

It was seriously like the first week of sophomore year. I can’t remember what I did wrong but T was chasing me into my science class, shouting with her finger in the air–wagging it at me. Gee…I hadn’t even told her what X and I did over the summer yet but oh, how I knew it would come in handy now. (They were back together now or never apart, whatever.) I know I was shouting back but I was definitely running, too. T is huge compared to me, I was scared. My teacher made her leave but I heard her say she’d be waiting for me when I got out. As she was walking down the hall, I peeked my head out of the classroom and shouted, “guess who your boyfriend lost his virginity to, bitch?” she was definitely waiting for me after class…along with M and another one of my ex-friends!!! (Yes, at one point, I was friends with all of 3 these girls.) T came at me first, of course. Her hot breath was really getting too close to my face so I shoved her hard and everything was blurry from there.

In a bad quality video I watched of the fight, I had M against the wall and my hand in her hair the way S did to me in 8th grade. The only thing you can hear is M shouting “Hunnniiidddaa stop! Let go!!!” LOL. But, I got punched in the face, my glasses were knocked off (but, not broken) and my scalp hurt because the other two girls had been pulling my hair on each side of my head…eventually, the school cop came. (I had been buddies with the previous one. He would catch me smoking cigarettes but would always let me finish them.) I didn’t know this new cop. He grabbed me by my backpack and pulled me as I shouted at him “Welcome to *insert city name here* officer!!!” he laughed at me while I laughed at the 3 girls who jumped me. I was giving high-fives to the crowd as I was being pulled into the office, lol.

But hey, I do feel this was my victory because I was the only one laughing…they were all crying in the office when they had to call their parents. My dad just asked me if I won…lol. My favorite comment someone made about my fight on FaceBook was “damn that little Asian girl got jumped but she held her ground!!!”

Also during sophomore year, this girl who had never rode my school bus before had came on. We all knew the regular kids on the bus and noticed when there were new ones. I just ignored her and so did the people I chatted with. She conversed with a different group of kids than I did but one day, I got on the bus after school and one of the guys that I did talk with told me that she spit on one of the kids in her own little group. This kid wasn’t my friend or anything but I took it upon myself to stick up for him. I shouted at her “you’re grimey, bitch!” I turned around, sat back down, not expecting her to do or say anything. The next thing I know, this girl is speeding up from the back of the bus where she was sitting to where I was. She looked like she was about to spit on me, too, but you guys, I beat her ass. I kicked her into the next seat and banged her head against it countless times. I was not getting spit on. My sister got on the bus and saw all the chaos…I remember my sister pulling me off of this girl that she was now shouting at, too. The bus driver didn’t even get up, he just shouted from his spot to “cut it out.”

I never saw that girl on the bus again!! Actually, except for this one day…she got off the bus at the same time as me (which wasn’t her normal stop). When we got off the bus, she was behind me, I quickly turned around and said “are you really trying to fight me again?” she didn’t even look my way. She was just going to one of her friend’s house or something, I think. I don’t know. Maybe she did want to fight me but chickened out or she wanted to egg my house but realized I lived in an apartment? I have no idea.

The last person that punched me in the face was my ex, J. Or maybe it was the other heroin head I never even met.

J and I fought a LOT. Since freshman year when we were 14; there had always been a lot of rough grabbing, pushing, and pulling between us but never any punching or slapping, you know?

When we were 17, we started doing heroin. Well, he started doing it with his best friend, E, and at first, I dumped him. I didn’t want to be a part of that world…but J and E were my only friends. I wanted them back after awhile.

J and I weren’t on the best of terms but and E and I were always okay. All 3 of us had been meeting up and snorting heroin for about a week…J and I were still not what we used to be. (I was stupid to think that we were ever going to be but I hoped.) I wasn’t happy with J…he couldn’t hang out with me without E anymore because E was the source of the heroin. (E was always in the way of our relationship.)

I texted E that I wanted to do heroin but I didn’t want J to be there because I didn’t want to have to share with him. As you can probably assume, I wasn’t doing heroin to get J back any more. I wanted it all for myself. E wouldn’t share the heroin dealer’s number with any of us because he knew that way, he’d always have to bring us to get it and we’d always have to share it with him. (He was the only one who had a car and drove anyways…and he was the only one who provided us with a place to stay all the time. We were always going to share with him.)

He picked me up and had my bag already so I was happy I didn’t have to go meet up with the dealer to get it. I was pissed because J was in the car and I thought that E was going to make a line for J even though I said not to but he actually didn’t. E was on my side for the first time, ever. (He knew this meant more for him.) He smashed it all up and made two perfect, fat lines in the middle console of his truck. As we were both about to snort it up, J blew it all over the place!!! E kicked him out of the truck and we drove away. We went around and did what was left of the bag together. I was so high.

We decided to go find J. We eventually found him and he came into the backseat with me and tried to apologize. I wasn’t having it and I kept telling him I was going to buy more and not give him shit so he punched me in the face.

I’m pretty sure that’s how it went anyways. I flew back and I kicked him in the face over and over but he was obviously stronger and definitely winning. E didn’t know what to do, he was so high I don’t even think he said words…he eventually dropped me off at home because I finally decided I wanted to go. (I know I was crazy. Many times after I was abused by J, I still wanted to be with him. WHY???)

Another time, us 3 were out with a few other heroin users we had met and hung out with now. They were all older than us…this one guy was well over 30. It was me, this 30+ year old, and J in the back seat. J went to get some stuff at this gas station while we were waiting for the heroin dealer and all of a sudden, this big ass guy comes out of a car parked next to us, opens our door from the side that J just left on (so there’s an empty seat, me, and the 30+ year old is next to me). The big guy starts swinging and the first thing he hit was me, in the jaw. Everyone starts shouting like “ay ay ay there’s our girl in the middle!!!” then, the big guy tries to get on the other side but they locked the doors. Everyone tells the big guy (they all knew him but I had never seen him before in my life) he better stop making a scene or he’ll be waiting all night for nothing so he goes back to his car and there’s complete silence. (He was there waiting for the dealer, too…and the dealer would not have sold to any of us if he saw all the commotion…getting the bag was the most important thing to us all.)

I was so fucked up both of those times; at the time they happened and after they happened. I barely remember how those punches felt. I can still feel that punch from the girls who jumped me though, lol, my face hurt for days after that one.

32 thoughts on “Physical Altercations I’ve Gotten Myself Into

  1. Omg girl, I don’t think I’ll be fucking with you 🙈😂😝 I need a best friend like you to have my back 😂 not that mine don’t but fights are (that) common in England, not where I grew up anyway 😂😂🙈.
    Really enjoyed reading this! 😆👍🏼

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    1. Hahaha, omg. I am NOT tough or one to start fights but when people challenge me–I don’t back down even if I know I’ll lose!! That’s good that fights weren’t common where you grew up. There were way too many in my HS!

      Thank you for reading, Rosie! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I wish I understood the mentality of teenage girls!!
    You are still young enough to remember all the feelings and emotions with trying to fit in and being part of the culture that decides who is in the in crowd and who is not!!
    I had several fights in high school, they were bitch fights, with hair pulling and scratching, pretty sure no punches were thrown!!
    Thanks for sharing, it was an interesting insight

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, I wish I understood, too. I remember thinking those things and how I felt but I still don’t understand why and I am thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed!
      But hey, bitch fights count, too haha!!
      Thank you for reading. ❤ I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!

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  3. These memories of our childhood leave an indelible mark on our mind. In childhood even the trivial things matter a lot. I was also a such type of girl. The person whom I didn’t like believed that nobody should like that person. This friendship mattered a lot only for the selfish reasons at that time.

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  4. Damn, I knew you had a lot of trouble in high school, but this really tops it all off lol. I’ve never been in a fight – I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself if I got caught in the middle of one. I give you props for always standing your ground and defending yourself, though!

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  5. Wow you had your fair share of fights.. I don’t think i had any TRUE physical altercations, they got broken up before they even got started because people were always around LOL. I think the first one was in 8th grade, it had been with a girl who I thought was my bff but she betrayed me. And she had beef with a girl I was friends with (for no reason, just to start shit), but she was younger and smaller than she was, so I told her that if she ever tried to fight with her, that i would back her up. And sure enough, one time she tried to give her hell when i was with her, i don’t think she realized i would step in, and i was trying to be kind at first telling her to back the hell up, and she gave me this pussy push, and i lost it because no one fucking pushes me lol.. i sent her way down the hall that she almost slipped and ended up walking away.. i tried not to fight because i didn’t give a fuck about people and they weren’t worth it.. a lot of them were just petty little excuses and people talking shit, but i guess people were afraid of me anyway? which was news to me lol.
    i did get suspended when i confronted my brothers ex, i was just pissed off because i think she cheated on him and we treated her like family, she was the school’s whore i think, she slept with so many guys..
    but anyway…man had you had your share of fights! LOL what’s your horoscope sign if you don’t mind me asking? haha
    and i’m sorry that son of a bitch punched you, i only had one of my exes lay his hands on me a handful of times, but i remember the time he slapped me and tried to choke me (for being friends with another guy—he was the jealous type) that’s when i decided no more.. he was done.. and sure enough, i broke up with him and he kept trying to get back with me for MONTHS! i went back to him several times prior to that incident, even after i heard he was cheating and messing with other girls.. we were young, i think at one point in every girl’s life, theres an asshole guy that we always go back to…but ultimately, i think that’s the guy that makes us all realize what type of guy to NOT be with and that we deserve better. 🙂 they’re all learning experiences 🙂
    I’m sure you get treated much better and differently now 🙂

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    1. Hahahah OH MY GOSH. I’m glad you pushed her hard enough to leave you alone right away, don’t think it would have ended so well for her anyways!
      I never wanted to fight either but my mouth always got me in trouble. ugh lol. It didn’t matter because after a fight, I’d only talk more shit so I don’t understand what fights are supposed to accomplish.
      Hahaha if I found out someone cheated on my brother, I’d cuss her out too! And would be disappointed in my brother for choosing the class whore! There was a girl they would call the “town bicycle” in my HS because everyone got a ride HA.
      Don’t hate me when I tell you that I am a Gemini. lol. A lot of people hate Geminis.
      Yes actually that son of a bitch still sporadically contacts me and it’s been over 3 yrs since I finally left him. I’m glad we both got out of those shitty situations!! I agree; it does seem that everyone goes through one horrible relationship just to learn what they truly deserve.
      and YES. lol, I am so lucky to have found someone much much better. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol I did my best to keep my mouth shut, there was drama but it never escalated to fights because like I said, people were ALWAYS around, like they were expecting some shit to go down hahah.
        I remember being mad at my brother for choosing her because there was another girl interested in him and she even came up to me scared to tell me she liked my brother, and I was like “I prefer you being his girlfriend than that other hoe,go for it”. But I guess the other had made her case better and so my brother chose her. I was mad for a while at my brother but I had to get over it because she constantly came to the house..
        hahahah no I don’t hate you for being a Gemini, although the ex that laid his hands on me was a Gemini I think? Lol.. but girl, scorpios get a lot of hate too because we’re hard to read and we’re very blunt.. people don’t like to hear truth and it always comes from us hahaha.
        Well glad you’ve moved away from that guy. I still unfortunately live in the same place but a lot of my exes have moved on lol. One tried to contact me shortly after I got married and tried to convince me to have an affair I was like “shut your fucking mouth, don’t come disrespecting my marriage” I told him to stop contacting me and he thought I was joking, wtf..

        Liked by 1 person

        1. My HS was crazy–people would meet at parks just to watch two people fight after school lol.
          Yay! I’m glad you don’t hate me for being a Gemini! There IS a lot of hate on Scorpios too but I’ve never had a problem with one! Haha I usually have problems with Taurus’ and Capricorns.
          WHAT TF. I can’t believe that one of your exes suggested you had an affair with him. What in the world was he thinking?? Go you for telling him off like that HA!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Omg hahaha I remember when people here would also say there’d be a fight after school and EVERY ONE would run out to witness it lol.
            Lol I think if I hated you, you’d have to have done something really shitty, I’m a pretty good friend don’t worry lol.
            Yeah he was an idiot.. he isn’t the first person to make suggestive passes at me.. one of my so called “friends” would always try to remind me how he didn’t believe in marriage and would always try to say things to me like “I wish we could cuddle” and every single time I’d have to tell him, “I’m happily married, please stop saying things like that”.. I was mostly afraid to have Alex pick up my phone and see a text lke that from him and assume I was cheating on him so I had to cut that guy out of my life. He’s been trying to get back into my life (adding me on Facebook). Luckily I also changed my number.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Lol ugh it was so funny and people would take the shitty quality videos!
              I can tell that you are a good friend, which is truly hard to find!
              Oh my gosh “I wish we could cuddle”?! That’s so crazy. Good thing you cut him out of your life!

              Liked by 1 person

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