November 28, 2017

I thought boyfriend had the day off yesterday but we were sitting here Sunday night and he looked at his schedule for the week and realized he did work. Bummer.

So yesterday, boyfriend went to work around 2p. We woke up around 1:30p so we only got to say our brief “good morning” before he left for work. He came home around 8p and the whole time he was gone, I typed up the post I have to post tomorrow. Warning…it is a long one. I finished typing it all so that tomorrow all I have to do is re-read it to make sure everything makes sense and maybe add some stock photos to liven it up.

I’m gonna finally get back to work tomorrow.

Since boyfriend worked yesterday, we didn’t clean the house…I know, I know. It must look like a pig sty in here…trust me, IT DOES. We could’ve done it today but we woke up at like 11a. I wanted to make it to the UPS store so I couldn’t get back to sleep. Luckily, boyfriend heard me showering and woke up right away. We snuggled and messed around in bed for a little bit then got up to go to the UPS store. Our printer is out of ink so we had to print the shipping label there and it cost $2 for “computer use”…what the hell, lol. Anyways, after that we had to buy cat food and some rice because we were gonna eat our leftovers from yesterday today.

We came home and smoked a blunt. We decided that we wanted to go to Chipotle and of course, we needed to go to the dispensary. I think we buy an 1/8th every other day…jeez. We went to the spot near our place…we always go here now because it’s the most convenient spot. I asked the budtender if I could take photos because I thought you guys might be interested in seeing the inside of a dispensary if you’ve never been to one and she said “absolutely!”

jardin interior

We bought a pre-roll and tried to smoke it on the way to Chipotle but it was leaking resin out of the mouth hole for some reason. We were making a mess on our lips and hands so we didn’t finish it LOL. I’m only mentioning this because I think my hands STILL smell like resin, ugh.

We had Chipotle. I LOVE Chipotle.


We had to stop at the Smoke Shop. I went in with boyfriend (usually I wait in the car) to see if there were any yummy snacks or candies I could buy lol but there weren’t any. There was a Family Dollar across the street though and boyfriend brought me over there. We bought 8 bags of the $1 candy bags. LOL. We came home, smoked and pigged out on some candy, tried to watch a movie on Vudu (Rough Night w/ Scarlett Johansson) but I fell asleep, of course…and I just woke up from my nap, replied to your lovely comments, and boyfriend is still napping…I want to wake him up but he never wakes me up when I fall asleep so should I leave him alone? Probably not. 🙂

Oh! SO, the whole reasoning/excuse for not cleaning today is because after we came home from doing all of this…we realized we didn’t have any paper towels when I was about to start cleaning (I promise, I really was going to)! We were not trying to go back out and buy some so gosh, I don’t know when I will clean this place up. Maybe next year?

I’m 70% done with The Leavers…I think I’ll be finishing it right after I post this actually. I might finish watching Rough Night first though, hmmm…what to do, what to do?

It is now 8:46p.

34 thoughts on “Journal Entry 25

  1. “Budtender” haha. What a great term. I’m glad you took pictures of the dispensary because I’ve never seen one since we don’t have anything like that here. For some reason I was thinking it was like a vending machine that you just put your ID and money in and it drops it out. I’m so dumb. lmao

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    1. LOL, isn’t it? That’s truly what they’re called, too. All dispensaries are different but this one is really nice and has the weed on display really well so I’m glad I could show you guys a picture of it. 🙂

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they make vending machines like that someday soon haha!

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    1. LOL. I wanted to take it back, too. I was like “can we return this?” but boyfriend said they wouldn’t allow it. The only way is to rip up the joint and smoke the weed a different way–which is what we ended up doing.

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  2. The dispensary sounds like an interesting place – so foreign in places where it’s still illegal 😂 vape shops are big in PA because you can buy all of your bowls and bongs there and supplies – people aren’t that dumb I hope 😂 I went in one with Ray the one day because he needed a screen for his bowl (which he lost when he went to actually use the screen he got lol). Sounds like it wasn’t the productive day you wanted it to be, but at least it sounds like a decent day 🙂

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    1. Hahah, I know. I still get excited about going inside dispensaries I’ve never been to before. I also love vape/smoking supply shops. So fun, lol.

      It did end up being a decent day prob because I wasn’t productive. 😀

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  3. your dispensary looks so different over there! over here they literally have big jars full of buds on display behind the counter (on shelves). I don’t typically go since Alex and I can’t both go in because of Ciel lol (one of us has to stay out). Next time I go in I’ll take a picture so you can see (hopefully they let me) LOL
    Anyway, chipotle for the win! I love their sofritas one!

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    1. Yeah, there are a ton of dispensaries and they all look different but this one is rather fancy, in my opinion! Their flower display is on point.

      Ah! I hope you get to go in next time so I can see what yours looks like! I already asked you in another comment I just wrote to you but I’m curious to know where you live! It must be recreational where you are?

      I never tried their sofritas! I always get steak. 😛

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      1. i think that’s neat though! 🙂 having the flowers on display, do they let you smell it? they always open up the jars and let us smell it because some have a really pleasant smell and are very high on THC lol

        Yes, it’s recreational here in OR, I think we were the 3rd state (after Colorado and Washington) to make it recreational, I honestly can’t believe we beat California to it hahahaha

        and you should! it almost tastes like chorizo but it has a very unique flavor. i started trying out other stuff from their menu because i’ve been eating less red meat since earlier this year

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        1. Yes, you can smell them all at any dispensary! Like you said, some have a really pleasant smell and there is a certain smell that some people look for so I think maybe all dispensaries have to let you smell them–it’s like part of the deciding factor, lol!

          Gosh, you know, Cali still doesn’t sell recreationally. They’re supposed to have it going before Jan. hits! Ours just started in July this year! I think Massachusetts will have it before Jan. too if they don’t already.

          WA and OR have the best weed though, better than CO and CA! In my opinion. 🙂

          I love chorizo!! Maybe I will try it next time! 🙂 I wish I could stop eating meat altogether, I even found yummy meat alternatives but I just still eat all kinds of meat… :-/

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          1. True, lol.

            Really? I thought it was already in effect. Then again I’m not entirely sure since my friend over there has a medical card and has been getting it for “medical purposes” for years lol. Glad I never had to go through that trouble of getting a card I don’t need anymore lol.

            Interesting, I feel flattered for some reason hahaha. All the weed I’ve tried was amazing, a few years back I tried a strain called Maui something, I kid you not, I felt like I was on a tropical island I felt so serene and at peace lol. My fave is sativa, I can’t smoke indica anymore lol.

            And hopefully you like it lol. Alex liked it but I know he would never get it because he wants real meat hahaha. And it’s definitely something that takes time. I still eat meat but have reduced the amount of red meat I eat by A LOT. I actually kind had to stop eating it because it felt too heavy on my stomach and greasy meat would give me headaches.
            I mostly eat chicken and turkey breast and fish every once in a while.

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            1. No I guess not! A lot of people from Cali visit Vegas and they’ve told me they still can’t buy it recreationally! I know I was always too paranoid to go through with the medical card so when they announced that they were selling recreational in July, I just waited for the day but the budtenders always tell me to get one still because the prices are much lower with a medical card. I doubt I ever will.

              Ah I love how you described the way you felt after smoking that Maui weed! So perfect. I can’t really smoke sativa because it makes me panic but if it’s hybrid then it’s okay for me. I like indica but sometimes it puts me right to sleep when I’ve def already had enough for the day LOL. Why don’t you like indica anymore?

              My boyfriend always wants real meat too but when I buy these frozen faux chick’n patties he always eats them all up ahaha.
              I really try my best not to eat pork but I love bacon, pork belly, pork chashu. :-/ I can’t help myself! I couldn’t even try not to eat beef or lamb though–they’re my favorites!!

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              1. Oh damn that sucks. I think we pay 20% tax (according to my husband). He says it’s cheaper with the card but it would be hard to get one without a doctor’s note and a lot of doctors aren’t willing to sign a paper. Lol.

                Omg I’m that way with indica! It makes me paranoid and gets me super anxious. Sativa gives me a brain high and not so much of a body high, so I’m more productive and what not. I get a lot of shit done lol.
                But it all started when I started smoking and Alex essentially “led me down the rabbit hole” with all the conspiracy theories lmao. To the point that I did my own research and I got paranoid because a lot of that stuff is real but people don’t realize it. It was like going through some kind of awakening, I definitely don’t see the world the same way I used to. But I guess smoking indica reminds me of that time (it was like 5 or 6 years ago) so it’s like my brain associates indica with paranoia and anxiety. It happened about two years ago when I tried it again and it was too much my body was shaking lol. Then again Alex made me smoke too much, he forgets that I’m much smaller than him and therefore don’t need as much lol.

                Oh that sounds good. I wanna try eating at veggie grill, I didn’t know it was vegetarian. But I can’t blame you girl, beef broths are very delicious and flavorful.

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                1. I think we pay 20% tax, too, it’s a bit ridiculous! It’s easier to get your medical card here, there are tons of places that don’t require doctors note but I’m still like nervous to try.

                  I think that’s the reason why I can’t smoke sativa! Hahah my brain is already going at 100 mph so I need to slow it down not speed it up.

                  What kind of conspiracy theories did you look up? I’ve also looked so many up. It makes me paranoid to even talk about them online. Lol…

                  The frozen chick’n patties you can find in almost any grocery store. They are Quorn brand. We like the spicy ones but they have regular too. You should try them!

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                  1. It’s a lot isn’t? Lol. But I do like that a lot of that revenue is going towards education and such (or so we hope).

                    Lol really? My mind kinds slows down sativa, you’d think it’d have the opposite effect because my mind is just none stop thinking all day, always worried about shit lol. Sativa mellows me out. Of course I haven’t smoked in a while because I wanted a job but then Alex keeps saying “you don’t need a job” but I want to help out with bills and all that. Lol.

                    And he’s started me off easy with the zeitgeist films, they used to be on Netflix, not sure if they’re all there anymore. But then I read a few other things such as chemtrails and how to differentiate between contrails, I actually started following standup_911 on IG because he was posting a lot of that stuff (still is), things like 911, and what the army is really doing (protecting opium fields in the middle east), the illuminati, new world order, aliens, food and a bunch of other crazy shit. The deepest I went was when I researched fluoride and that shit did it for me. I felt this fear wash over me and I got anxiety because of it and I felt like I knew too much and that someone was watching me. It got THAT bad, and I didn’t even want to live. But what turned it around were some of my classmates and my teacher from a psychology class who kind of snapped me out of my thoughts by simply talking to me. And one time my teacher stopped on her out and asked me how I’ve been and that really touched me back then because I felt anxious 24/7 for weeks. It felt nice to sort of be acknowledged. Obviously I’m much better now, and instead of getting anxious about things I get infuriated when I hear about all these conspiracies because a lot of them are real, the pizza gate theory (pedophile rings, which are coming to light) and several other things regarding “their” agenda. Some stuff is fucking crazy but I also keep myself grounded by meditating, although I haven’t in months. Being a skeptic also helps. One thing I also believe is that we are going through a shift, and you know how they say “it gets worse before it gets better”, I truly believe that. Trump getting elected was worse, he’s an idiot, he only cares about the money so everything is business for him. How it seems like we’re at the brink of WWIII. ..
                    And at times I think, it’s never gonna get better, but over the years, I have seen more people believe these conspiracies. They’re “waking up” to the reality. I wonder where that will lead us because our future seems uncertain, and there’s about 100 ways it could all go wrong.

                    Ok, sorry this is ridiculously long..but now you have an insight to my life that few people have lol.

                    And I’ll have to stop by the organic isle. I usually only get stuff for my son from there, I’m being “conscious about GMOs lol.

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                    1. I hope it is going towards the education too.

                      Crazy how it effects people differently. Sativa makes my heart race lol. But wow, I wish my bf told me I didn’t need a job lol. 😛 I do understand why you would want your own money too though.

                      Ahhh…there are a few things you mentioned that I’ve never heard of but some that I truly believe in but I’m not gonna say which ones or discuss further. :-/ I’m curious to look up some of the stuff you mentioned but I won’t, I don’t wanna learn things I’m not supposed to know. Lol…

                      What are GMOs? I think the patties say GMO-free. 🙂

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                    2. Yes, I definitely want my own money lol.
                      And no worries, I remember being frightened to talk about it years ago…I used to try and tell a few friends about things and they thought I was crazy. Now it’s them who are trying to “trying to open people’s eyes” per say.. so don’t worry girl 😉
                      GMOs are genetically modified organisms, their genes are changed or spliced in a lab. A lot of controversy surrounds GMOs a lot of people saying they’re not bah for your health but there’s not enough proof that holds that statement to be true. However, the real controversy lies at the pesticides and round up they spray onto crops which is apparently harmful when it’s sprayed (there are photos of people spraying the pesticides onto crops and wearing hazmat suits). And if they’re GMO free that’s great, would be better if they’re part of the Non-GMO project (verified). Products from the organic isle will mostly have that label but not all.

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                    3. Ah yeah, boyfriend and I try to eat everything organic if it’s available! Cage-free eggs, grass-fed organic beef etc. I read about how the pesticides are used to make large strawberries and stuff lol.


  4. Yeah, I hate printing stuff at the UPS store too and I dislike how they charge just for using their computer. Yuck! I definitely rely on my home printer a lot and it is painful when there is no ink left. I didn’t know you have a cat as a pet. I have not had the chance to read all your blog posts yet (I intend to although it might take a while lol) but did you post pictures of him/her on any of your posts? I like Chipotle too. I had it recently though I’m sorry to say it didn’t end well lol. The food was awesome but the long car ride home made me queasy. Thank goodness I stepped out when my brother stopped the car to get to the bank, or I would’ve puked up my whole Chipotle meal in his car.

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    1. Omg, I had never had to print something out at the UPS store before. I can’t believe they charged me $2 for using their computer for less than a minute.

      I have 3 cats actually lol I think I’ve posted photos of all of them sporadically! Wow, thank you so much for trying to get through and read all my posts. There are SO many! It means a lot to me that you even want to read them all. ❤ ❤

      Ah, sorry to hear about your carsickness!!! I'm so glad you were able to step out on time!


      1. Cool, three cats! Are they a handful or are they easy to care for?

        I am relieved the carsickness passed! What a night that was for me lol. Hopefully next time I can have Chipotle and not throw it all up… eek.

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