My Top 5 Favorite Cocktails

1. Red Wine Sangria

They usually aren’t able to make these at regular bars because most don’t have fresh fruit or juice but a lot of bartenders will try with what they’ve got, if you ask nicely!

2. Long Island with Lemonade instead of Coca-Cola

I don’t know why a lot of bartenders have a hard time understanding this drink order. They think I’m dumb, that I’m trying to ask for an AMF but I’m not. I love a Long Island but I don’t like Coca-Cola. I want the Coca-Cola replaced with lemonade not with the Blue Curacao and Sprite!

3. Adios, Mother Fucker (AMF)

I had never heard of these until I moved to Las Vegas and constantly kept receiving these instead of the Long Island w/ Lemonade that I really asked for. I don’t know if this is on my list by choice but Las Vegas, you made the AMF one of my regular drinks lol.

4. Margarita

I usually prefer regular margaritas on the rocks but I do like them flavored and/or frozen from time to time, too.

5. Lemon Drop Shot

What do you usually order when you go to the bar?

Featured image photo byΒ Helena Yankovska

51 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Cocktails

  1. This all look and sound really good. I’ve never had any of them (though I did get regular Long Island’s before). I was never much on going to bars, so I’m not really that familiar with cocktail drinks. I just prefer to get some Rita’s or Redd’s and drink at home. I did get a Captain on Acid a few times before, and it was very good. It kind of tasted like kool-aid. I didn’t think they were strong enough though.

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    1. Haha I’m not sure if the pictures are exactly the drink but I tried my best to find ones that looked a bit similar. πŸ˜›
      I’ve never heard of a Captain on Acid, I’ll have to try one!!!

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  2. Those all sound good! I think I’ve had the lemon drop shot before lol. Anymore, I don’t really order mixed drinks unless it’s a cranberry vodka. I’ve been drinking beer a lot lately whenever I go out, and when I’m at my bar, I always try something new haha

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  3. The drinks look beautiful! I used to drink Long Island on and off when I was younger (as if I was that old, haha), but drinks are SO EXPENSIVE here in Switzerland I usually just order beer or wine. Though whenever I’m in Uruguay I order sweet stuff like Daiquiri or Sex On the Beach πŸ™‚

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    1. Don’t they? I want to drink them all up. ❀ I wonder why the drinks are so expensive over there? It's hard for me to enjoy plain wine and beer. :-/ My dad loves daiquiris–they are yummy, but I've never tried a Sex On The Beach!

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  4. I never really went to bars, but the times I did I believe I ordered the long island…The others look really cool and interesting. And of course, margaritas are my go-to at mexican restaurants LMAO, although I’ve never tried them on the rocks..

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      1. I remember the bartender making them strong for me cause i’d ask her nicely LOL and she was the only one who would too haha (my husband worked as a bouncer there and i would sometimes visit after work). I remember one time I walked in, I was talking to the bartender for a bit and I asked her for a drink and as I was sitting there, the poker dealer came up to me while they were on “break”, and he was all like trying to get to know me and I smiled and said “uhm…my husband is right over there” and I pointed at Alex, and Alex just fucking waved back XD omg that was funniest shit ever, that guy must have been embarrassed because a lot of his co-workers knew I was Alex’s wife HAHAHA

        omg that was random lol but yeah, I never had it on the rocks, i always get asked “blended or on the rocks” and I always say blended. I like the texture lol
        next time i think i’ll try it on the rocks πŸ™‚

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        1. It’s always nice to get to know bartenders so they’ll make your drinks stronger just because they like you! My bf always insists on going to the same bar because this one bartender makes him strong drinks but I always want to try new places lol.

          OMG, hahaha. HOW EMBARRASSING FOR THAT GUY. I lol’d a little when I read that Alex just waved back, ahahaha!

          I like them blended too, so yummy but I feel like they get me full faster and I can’t drink as many LOL


          1. Yeah she was really nice and super down to earth. And that sounds like Alex too I’m always the one insisting that we should try new places and he just wants to go to our favorite restaurant because he loves the food lol.

            Yeah, I went back a few other times and the guy would sometimes look over at me and then look at Alex. Like he didn’t want to get in some kind of trouble with Alex for looking? Lol. I mean Alex was* a bouncer/security lol.

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      1. I think I misspoke. I think the drinks were popular in the 20’s-40’s but were created much earlier. I probably read about them in a book from or about the 1930’s as that’s my favorite era. But yes do try to get both drinks at some point. Maybe not on the same night tho. πŸ˜‚

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