Journal Entry 24

November 26, 2017

Boyfriend is on his way home from work now. I just finally got out of the bed. I woke up around 11a today. I used the toilet and took a shower. I crawled back into bed and read a good bit of The Leavers. I started a couple days ago and am now 50% done with it (well, 49%). I have really, really been enjoying it so far. I’m not Chinese like the characters in the book but I still relate to it so much.

I was able to go to work on Friday. Boyfriend worked the day shift which I always like better because it works with my schedule a lot better but he never gets any sleep. I got to work around 10p and didn’t start making any money until past midnight and after one long island. I was lucky to have made anything because I heard some girls were having a hard time even making their house fees back. Please, help us in Vegas!!! We need our tourists and everyone hates us this time of year. WHY! 😦 A family walked out on boyfriend without paying for their food on Friday, too.

My Aunt Flo was pleasant to me this month. I did have a long PMS cycle but I always do…she came only 1 day later than my period tracker estimated. It estimated on Friday but it came on Saturday. Usually it likes to come after I’ve shaved, finished my makeup, and have drank my whole cup of espresso but this time, it came right away in the morning. I would have preferred to have been able to work but hey, at least I didn’t have to shave and do my makeup for no reason.

After, I showered, I read a ton of your blogs. I’m still like 3 days behind but I bet I’ll catch all the way up tonight and if not tonight, definitely tomorrow!! I am really into this book I’m reading, obviously…I’ve been reading it ALL day today.

Boyfriend just got home!! 😀

But, anyways, I think I’d rather catch up on all your posts before I get back into the book!

Boyfriend did work yesterday so, after I realized I had gotten my period and after I showered I came straight to the computer to catch up on WP! I missed blogging so much and I had only been away for what? 7 days?!

I was mean and angry at boyfriend when he came home from work because we didn’t have enough weed left for a blunt and I assumed if he had known that that he would’ve bought weed on his way home. He rolled a tiny doobie (if you didn’t know by now I need/prefer blunts) and I was mad that it wasn’t enough, I kept talking shit to him…YES, I’m a bitch, I know. He huffed and puffed and said “ugh I’ll just go to the dispensary now–I thought you’d be able to smoke just a little, then we could go get more and grocery shop.” I wasn’t having it. I am on my period and the cramps only disappear when I smoke…but who am I kidding? I would’ve been a cunt even if I wasn’t on my period…actually, probably even more so if I had to work that night because we’d be pressed for time lol.

So after he came back, we did smoke that blunt I wanted, then I had to take a little break from WP to make a grocery list and go grocery shopping. We did pretty good with the grocery shopping. We bought 3 meals, not an overload of snacks, some fruit and we still were under budget! When we came home, boyfriend did an amazing job on din. We ate and I got back to WP.

We headed into bed around 2a and I read a little of The Leavers until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. Before 3a even hit, I was asleep.

Like I mentioned earlier, I woke up at 11a today. Have done nothing but shower and read. Boyfriend’s home now, rolling a blunt for us lol. I’m gonna start reading everyone’s posts again now and prob do so for the rest of the night!! I love days off, man. ❤ ❤

Tomorrow, we gotta go to the post office and ship our iPhones to Amazon. They offer good money (in Amazon giftcard form) for old iPhones! (In case you were wondering what you should do with your old one!) We are also absolutely, positoovely going to be cleaning the whole apartment. It’s time. I am actually looking forward to it.

I really hope you all had a fun weekend and a relaxing Sunday!!

It is now 4:36p.

29 thoughts on “Journal Entry 24

    1. Hahaha, I was just talking with my boyfriend’s step-mom about this. She just started menopause and she hates it but I told her I’d be so happy if I had it lol…she looked at me like I was crazy.

      Just curious, why don’t you and your husband smoke blunts anymore? lol 😛

      Thanks so much for reading!!! ❤


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      1. We had gotten divorced, and we remained friends afterward. But, he was killed on his job site back in 2005.
        I’m a bit too old to smoke blunts anyway, not to mention I am on so many medications because of my mental health issues.
        I wish I could turn back the hands of time though.
        Oh, and by the way… Menopause will come soon enough, and I assure you of this. You will hate everything about it until it’s over with. LOL!!!! 🙂


  1. I didn’t even realize you were gone for 7 days, I just knew you were gone for quite a few days haha. And I guess you would get used to smoking a blunt everyday if you smoke often. I smoked some of one at Ray’s party over Halloween weekend and that fucked me up 😂 in a good way haha.
    And I didn’t think to check out amazon for returning phones, but whenever I update mine I may have to do that if the 6s is still worth something lol. I’m due for an upgrade, but trying to wait until after the holidays (and after income tax) if I can!
    And I know we’ve talked about this before, but it really sucks how PMS symptoms last at least 3 weeks of the month 😂


    1. Haaha, I realized I was gone for 7 days because when I scrolled down the last post I had read on my reader, it said “7d ago”! Aw yay…I like Ray even more now that I know he’s a smoker, lol. I think the 6s will still be worth something just not as much as it is right now. Yeah, we had been due for an upgrade for awhile. We were going to wait until next year but bf smashed his phone screen so we got new phones earlier than we planned to.

      I know, I keep hearing recommendations about BC and it makes me want to try it to get rid of all the PMS and stuff but I’m terrified of BC. I feel like it will make me a worse human.


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      1. Haha ohh man! You must’ve scheduled a few posts so that’s why I didn’t notice it 😂 and haha he’s a daily smoker so there’s that ☺️ I only get to smoke when I’m with him. And yeah it’ll be worth something, but you’re right, not as much. I’m just trying to get through the holidays before upping my bill again haha. And that sucks he smashed his phone screen! But new phones are fun!

        And oh girl I’m the same! Apart of me wants to get on it, just to regulate it and for that extra protection, but I feel I’ve been doing good without it. And I don’t have terrible periods or anything like that, I’m pretty regular. So I don’t want to mess my system up with it.

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  2. Wow, a whole family walked out without paying? That’s awful! I could see like a young teenager doing it or something, but an actual family. Wow. Maybe they have fallen on hard times or something, but that’s still wrong.

    You know, it’s funny… I always hear how weed helps pain (like menstrual cramps, for example), but I have to tell you this story. One time (it was like 11 years ago when I was 18), I smoked way more than I should have because my body wasn’t used to it. I was due to start my period soon and so I was having some pre-period menstrual cramps. Well, the weed actually made them 10x worse. It was so terrible! I swear I must be the only person that has happened to lol. Maybe it was because I smoked too much though. If I just smoked a little maybe it would have helped. Anyway, that whole experience was just terrible. It gave me the chills and my pants kept feeling like they were soaking wet, so I kept thinking blood was gushing everywhere. lol I was also dry heaving and then I ended up falling asleep for like 12 hours. Now if I smoke, I won’t do more than two hits.


    1. Yeah, he said it was a couple and one kid. I said that too, maybe they realized they didn’t have enough money and were too embarrassed to say anything, but who knows? He said the kid and mom left first so it seemed kind of planned.

      Oh my gosh, when I lost my virginity, I hadn’t really smoked much weed yet (I was 14) but I did right afterwards and I was so paranoid and scared–I kept thinking blood was gushing out of me, too when there would be absolutely nothing coming out of me. When I first started smoking weed, I would get SO high and think that the car was going 100mph when in actuality, they were driving the speed limit. I do not get high like that anymore LOL. It could have been the strain/type of weed you smoked and yes, the fact that you weren’t used to it. Your body prob tensed up and made the cramps worse. Smoking cigarettes makes my cramps worse but never weed, luckily!

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  3. Girl I definitely felt your absence and have been looking out for a post! Glad you’re back. I hate getting my dot. That was one of the best things about being pregnant not having to deal with cramps and bleeding a ton! That’s cool amazon offers that. Do you know how much they give you as far as the gift card goes? Wait so you can’t work on your dot or you choose not to? This is a serious question lmao! I would totally be a dancer like you but I have this lil mama belly and no one would want to throw ones at that😂 your bf sounds like he’s super nice and in love with you. Im glad you got your blunt.


    1. Heheh, aww…it warms my heart to know that you felt my absence. ❤ HAHA was being pregnant really better than having your period once a month?? I thought being pregnant would feel like always on PMS.

      Amazon said they'd give me around $200 for iPhone 6s since it's in perfect condition. I've never taken the screen protector or case off. My boyfriend's screen is smashed and they are offering $50 but they will determine that final amount once they get my phones in the mail.

      Ah, I choose not to work on my period. Tampons and I do not get along. The other girls will just cut their string off or stuff it all the way in but I find it way too uncomfortable and one time I cut the string off, I couldn't get it out and had to go to the ER. So I just don't go anymore when I'm on it lol…

      Oh girl, there are lots of dancers with a lil belly on them!! It's rarely about looks/your body once you get hired!!

      My boyfriend is literally the best. I don't know why or how he puts up with me lol.

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      1. I loved being pregnant it was just hard in the beginning because I had reaaaaaally bad morning sickness and at the end when I was ready for him to come out. But there was no period which was amazing!!!! I was so sad when it came back. That’s a good amount for something you don’t even need anymore! Glad you’re able to get something out of it. Wow that ER trip seems like it was awful so that makes sense why you don’t work on your period. Girl I don’t have a lil belly I got some extra pounds I’m 6’2 so I’ve never been stick thin but I haven’t worked out like I used too plus having a baby and birth control has my body all out of whack. Your bf sounds like a good guy! That’s awesome you have him.

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        1. That’s interesting that you loved being pregnant lol. I’m scared to ever be! And right? I love Amazon so I can’t wait for the gift card. 🙂 and yes, girl, the ER trip was horrible!
          I bet your body is beautiful, love. ❤ And thank you, I’m lucky to have him!!!


  4. I think between Thanksgiving and Christmas people tend to travel to families rather than fun vacations.
    I only cancelled my Vegas trip because I did not want to end up going alone again, I am a little sad I won’t see Vegas again before I go home


  5. 3 days behind? Love, I’m a week behind reading blogs! 😭 Hahaha. And I hate it too when I get my period right after taking a bath or something. Or worse, waking up and realizing your period had come!

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    1. Hahaha! It’s okay, Amielle! You’ll catch up one day. ;-D I like waking up right away and knowing I have it–I don’t like getting it in the middle of the day! LOL


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