Journal Entry 23

November 23, 2017

Hi all. I think that was the longest I’ve been away from WP. Did you guys miss me? Maybe you didn’t even notice I’ve been MIA, lol. The last time I wrote a journal entry was last Thursday. I didn’t write one day this week and I never got to reading any posts of yours either. 😦 I will get to reading all of your posts that I missed but the posts that I missed in my schedule will be scheduled into different months. Except for today’s post…which was supposed to be My Favorite Thanksgiving Foods.

I’ll just tell you that my favorites are mashed potatoes and cornbread stuffing. Lol. If I had made the post, I was also going to tell you some of my favorite Cambodian/Khmer dishes that are often included on Thanksgiving but never mind. 😛

Today, boyfriend and I are going to Main Street Station Casino for their Thanksgiving Dinner BuffetHe just went to the store right now to grab some White Owls. We need to go to the dispensary and get a little weed even though we really don’t have much money to spare. My work is closed tonight–the only day out of the 365 in the year! It’s been worse than slow there anyways.

I still haven’t gotten my period. Maybe because I have been drinking so heavily? I hope I can have it after this weekend… Last Friday and Saturday at work was pretty lame but still worth going. I didn’t do much before work on those days except get ready for it and go…I haven’t been reading or writing anythingThe Bookseller automatically checked itself back into the library before I could finish it so I had to put it on hold again…now, I have like 5 other books that I’ve been waiting for checked out to me. But, boyfriend and I have been spending all of our time watching American Horror Story. We’re almost through the Roanoke season. When I’m not watching that I’m napping, eating, or watching Young & Hungry.

On Friday, boyfriend had to work so I walked to the Ninja Teriyaki restaurant down the street for dinner. I tried their tiny bowl of tonkotsu ramen. I was not a fan.


On Saturday when he was at work, I just microwaved a frozen meal for dinner. I don’t even remember which one or what kind but it was the lowest amount of sodium in a frozen meal ever, and it was pretty good. I wish I could remember the name of it but it’s not coming back to me. When I see it in the store I’ll def know and try to remember to tell you guys about it. 😛

Boyfriend’s dad, step-mom, aunt, and uncle came to visit us. They got here on Sunday night. We laid around in the morning and boyfriend made dinner. We ate and then they got here just right after we finished up. We met them at the Four Queens Casino downtown Las Vegas where they were all staying. We met his dad and step-mom in their room which was so eerie and awkward. They know I’m a dancer but love to ask me what I do anyways (over and over) with disapproving eyes.

Whatever. My co-workers told me I should have never told them what I do for a living in the first place but I hate lying. It’s stupid. I want to be accepted for me. It’s a JOB.

We met his aunt at the reception desk after a little chit chat but his uncle had already headed off to the the McDonald’s across the street since he was starving lol. We walked over there and everyone else decided to order from there too. I don’t prefer to eat McDonald’s ever but I didn’t want to sit and stare so I had some fries lol. His aunt and uncle were a bit cooler–they didn’t even ask me what I do for a living once because (unlike his dad and step-mom) they remembered I already told them that information 3 years ago when I first met them.

It is now 3:11p and I have to save this as a draft because I’ve got to get ready for dinner and the dispensary is closing early today. There’s gonna be a huge line for the buffet that I am NOT excited about it.

main street station casino

I’m baaaack! It is now 7:56p!!

Wow, the line was so long and we had the most obnoxious family waiting in front of us which made it so much worse. The food was satisfactory.

Anyways, I was just gonna sum up my week and end this post.

bfs fambam

On Sunday, after we all got done eating at McDonald’s we hit the Fremont Street Experience for a wild night. We had a lot of drinks and a lot of fun. The next day I was so hungover–I threw up like 4 times and slept the rest of the day.

We went to Viet Noodle Bar because I wanted some chicken congee for my tummy.


It helped a lot. Then, I was craving this dessert that I used to get when I was a kid and thought I could find it at this little dessert shop called Bambu. I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for but it was close enough, I guess…I prob shouldn’t have had dessert anyways because my body had had enough sugar from the margaritas the night before and it made my headache worse.

bambu dessert
bambu interior
asian dessert

I went home and fell asleep then boyfriend went out with his family for a few hours. I’m a bitch because I asked him to come home when he hadn’t planned on it yet but it was getting late and I hate to be home alone at night. :-/

purple blue skies

On Tuesday, we wanted to go out to eat with his family but they ate without us because as you probably already know; we are late risers compared to your average joe lol…so boyfriend and I just went to this pub in DT Las Vegas together. It was called The Smashed Pig Gastropub. It was delicious.

smashed pig
bf at smashed pig

I went to work around 8p so that boyfriend could go hang out with his family. I only stayed until about midnight when I texted boyfriend to come pick me up…mostly because I was nervous he would drink too much and I knew he would still drive to pick me up no matter how drunk he got. He picked me up and we went back to hang out with his family on Fremont for a bit again. They closed down Fremont’s outside bars at 1a that night because of how slow it was. We walked to this fun little bar I had never been to before called Hogs & Heifers. We played pool and drank a lot lol. But not too much this night because I was not trying to be hung over again!

Wednesday morning, they left, so Tuesday was the last night we saw them. We didn’t do much…we were excited to finally have a normal semi-off day. Boyfriend made our last meal that we have groceries for at home and it was so good…can’t wait to share it with you guys in my next Recipe Reviews. Now, we need to go grocery shopping again.

Today…I woke up, laid around, went to the dispensary, went to the buffet…and now I’m home. We’re gonna watch American Horror Story when I’m done with this.

I know it’s only been a week but I feel like I haven’t written in forever. I will be getting back on schedule now, though. (If you even pay attention to my blog schedule lol.)

I really hope you all had a wonderful week! ❤ and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!

It is now 8:21p.

49 thoughts on “Journal Entry 23

  1. I’ve been away for a while too and I’m glad you’re still here, on WP.
    Your life is very interesting and kinda relaxing. I’m sorry you have that problem with your bf’s family but I’m so happy that he doesn’t care about their opinions.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my dear! xx

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    1. Aww, I noticed you were away for a bit, too. Even before I was! Nice to hear from you, Madeline! ❤ Glad you're back and still around too!!

      Lol I'm glad that you find my life interesting and relaxing because it is the opposite to me. 😛 I am so happy he doesn't care, too…since his opinion matters more anyways. 😀

      I hope your weekend is wonderful, too, love!!! ❤

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  2. I did notice your absence! I noticed you haven’t read my latest posts, which you usually do, and I checked your blog a few times to make sure I didn’t miss your posts. I was worried something happened to you, but I was just hoping you got busy or something.

    Could you be pregnant? Or is it usual for your periods to be late? My periods were somewhat irregular, but I’ve been on BC for 11 years now, so I always start at the same time.

    That ramen looks really good, even though you didn’t care for it. It’s making me hungry. 😛

    Throwing up when you’re hungover is the worst! That’s why I don’t really get drunk anymore. I just drink a few to get a buzz going. I used to be able to drink however much I wanted and wouldn’t feel too bad the next day. Now that I’m closer to 30, I started throwing up the next day whenever I got drunk and it was just awful.

    That photo you took of the sky is amazing! I love it!!!

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    1. Aww, something did happen…I was crushed with the anxiety of impressing my boyfriend’s family LOL. But other than that–I’m okay! Thank you for worrying about me and checking on me. ❤ I'm going to catch up with your posts as soon as I can!!! Can't wait to read 'em all. 🙂

      My periods are always late. It seems like they are always a week after the next month. I mean, it's always a possibility that I could be pregnant…but I hope not. :-/ I think it's on it's way. My PMS is just too long…like 10-12 days. I just want to feel normal.

      What kind of BC do you take? I hear there are kinds that can stop your period all together.

      It's nearly impossible for me to get to a good and fun drunk level without throwing up the next day. That's why I don't wanna drink anymore at all. 😦

      I couldn't believe the sky that night. It was so pretty!!!

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      1. I take Ortho Cyclen. I can use it to skip my period if I want by starting a new pack once I get to the placebo week. I usually only do that though if something comes up (like a vacation) where I don’t want it. I don’t get PMS anymore, thankfully.

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  3. I noticed you were gone! I kind of just assumed you were off having adventures in real life though and that you’d come back and tell us all about them….. I’m sorry your boyfriends dad and step mom are so judgemental BUT I have so much respect for not lying to them and sticking to your guns x

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    1. Haha, thanks for noticing my absence!! Lol but no, I wish I was having adventures but really, I was just debilitated by stress and anxiety!! Am back and better for now though. 🙂

      THANK YOU! I mean, my boyfriend told me not to lie to them from the beginning but even he thought that maybe I should’ve lied to them after we hung out. It made me kind of mad that he changed his mind but he still doesn’t care what they think (so he says). 😛


    1. Hahah, his uncle was so cool I’m almost 100% certain he’s had a good time with a dancer before. His dad….I don’t know. I feel he might have been to one before but was a bozo the whole time and never talked with the dancers; just sat and judged us with his buds the whole time.

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  4. Thats the worst that your boyfriend’s dad and stepmom are judgemental about your job, but hey, if you’re earning an honest living and paying income tax that’s all that should matter.

    I love chicken congee! Such a good hangover cure!

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    1. Lol, I do pay my income tax but I don’t think that’s what they’re so judgmental about it. 😛

      I love chicken congee too but it’s way better when my mom or dad makes it! 😦


  5. I also have been away a bit and need to catch up on everyone. Glad we synchronized our gaps so I didn’t miss much.

    You said:
    “I was also going to tell you some of my favorite Cambodian/Khmer dishes that are often included on Thanksgiving but never mind.”

    ^^^ That must happen soon! I would be really interested. Also tell more about that dessert/drink! I see vaguely familiar things in it – jelly, some tapioca? Basil seeds? I’m so curious!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay, glad you’re back and that we synchronized too! Now I know I haven’t missed too much from you. ❤

      Aww…I don't quite know how to translate the Khmer dishes into English words but I'll do some research and I'll make a post that's dedicated to my all-time favorite Khmer Dishes, just for you, in the near future!!! ❤

      I also don't know what was in that dessert/drink I bought so I looked it up on the website…lol it had: red tapioca, grass jelly, pandan jelly, coconut milk and shaved ice! BUT I was really looking for this dessert with just these green worm looking jellies and coconut milk. I just looked it up and I guess the dessert I was looking for is called "cendol".

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  6. I definitely noticed you being away for a few days haha. I was going to wait a week and try to contact you on your blog if you still weren’t back 😂 I’m glad it was temporary! But sometimes life just gets hectic and all we want to do is nothing when we have that extra time. Hope your thanksgiving wasn’t too bad, it sounds like you had some good things going on (: despite your boyfriends family. I’d want them to just accept you for you, too, it is a job, you make money that way. It’s not like you’re cheating on him or anything that distasteful. You have that line between work and personal, some people just don’t understand that I guess :/

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    1. Aww, you’re so sweet. ❤ I’d try to contact you if I noticed you were missing, too! I was just so stressed out last week with all the going out I had to do…it drained me! Thanks for sticking around for me to come back. 😀 Our Thanksgiving was good because his family left the day before so I got to spend it with just me and my man and a big buffet LOL.

      Yes, exactly. They think my job is to cheat on him all night. That’s their problem with my job…they have no idea what I do.


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      1. Awww haha, well I definitely understand that! It sounds draining – family can be draining. And of course!! I’d miss you if you really left for good 😂 and that’s awesome then! That makes it worth it 🙂

        Yeah it sounds like they don’t even bother trying to learn about you, they just make those sorts of judgements on their own

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  7. I didn’t notice if you were gone or not because I wasn’t even here LMAO, yes I was posting but I technically didn’t stick around to read, which I am doing now LOL.
    And sounds like you had somewhat of a good time, even though your bf’s family seemed to be kind of a drag a few times ahaha. And I think the reason why people look down on you for your job is because they see it as “demeaning”. I feel like the media (such as movies) have made that profession seem worse than it truly is? But girl, you do you! As long as your boyfriend supports you also!
    And I can’t believe the ramen wasn’t good LOL, but at least you got a good meal at the noodle bar

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    1. Hahaha, it didn’t seem like there were that many posts I missed out on. I guess the holiday backed us all up! Yeah his family was cool except for how many times they brought up my job…and yeah I get it, I know why they don’t like my job. They’re worried that I’ll hurt my boyfriend or that I should only show myself to him, blah blah…I hate the movies and shows about strip clubs. They’re always so extra.

      My boyfriend understands my job and he doesn’t LIKE it but he supports me indefinitely!

      Lol we both had sucky ramen!!!

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  8. I did not notice you gone but that is only because I am just now catching up a little on my reading!!
    I love your journal entries the best, sometimes I do not read all of your other posts but I always read the journal entries!!

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    1. Hahaha that’s okay you didn’t notice, I know you’ve been busy packing and SHOPPING!

      I like that you only read what you’re interested in, Jad. ❤ I'm glad I can write at least a little something you enjoy reading!!

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  9. It’s kinda awkward for me if I were in your place and they keep on asking me what I do with those eyes. I wouldn’t have lied to because I hated lying but maybe it’s just because it’s rare that they encounter and really meet people who has a job like yours in person?

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    1. Haha yeah! It was always awkward…I just kept trying to change the subject! I hate lying too! And you’re right, they never met anyone with my job so they are in shock I guess lol.


  10. I still don’t know whether it’s a myth or a medical truth, but I’ve heard women can miss their periods if they’re stressed? When I was a teenager, I used to miss my period on occasion and I would freak out trying to figure out a reason why. Nowdays I only seem to notice I miss my period if I sleep or eat poorly. Idk if those are just coincidences or my body is responding to the lack of nutrients and rest by making me miss my period??

    Yay for AHS. I am in the process of rewatching that season but very slowly. I am tempted to binge watch but I think that makes it harder for me to absorb each episode on its own. What do you think of Roanoke so far? Which characters do you like/hate? I think I liked fake Shelby best. I was probably drawn to her because Sarah Paulson was killing it, and she seemed so believable as an aging British actress. I also found the pairing between her and Evan Peters‘ character to be cute and refreshing.

    I’m so sorry you had to deal with such judgment from some of your boyfriend’s family. I agree, it’s just a job and has nothing to do with who you are as a person.

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    1. I think it’s the truth that you can miss your period from stress! I am always stressed though lol! I think I’ve only missed my period for one whole month. I def freaked out lol. And eating poorly or not sleeping enough messes with my period, too. 😛

      I need to watch the new season of AHS now, we finished Roanoke and it was my least favorite season so far but I still enjoyed it, a lot! I think I liked the real Shelby best! I do love Sarah Paulson but real Shelby was so believable and real to me. I’m so sad Evan Peters had such a small and meaningless role this season, too! I thought Lady Gaga was awesome, too…I didn’t even realize it was her until the middle of the season!!

      Yeah, I wish they would realize that I am not my job but they don’t understand. So whatever. I’m just happy my boyfriend doesn’t judge me the way they do. 🙂


      1. Lol I had the same reaction to Lady Gaga. She looked so different as that character in Roanoke I thought it was some other actress at first. The flashback scenes of her character before she died is what made me realize who she was. Yes, I was shocked too at how fast Peters’ character was killed off. I can tell you that this def does not happen in the Cult series.

        Glad to hear your boyfriend sees the real you and not your job role.

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