FabFitFun | Starter Box 2017

fff starter box

I ordered this FabFitFun box for only $19.99 with promo code: start.


FabFitFun is a lifestyle subscription box. You get this box every season–4 times a year. The regular price for each one of the boxes is $49.99. The items you get are definitely worth way over that value, though. I just don’t think that I’d personally be willing to pay that much every season but this $19.99 starter box was amazing and it really made me want to buy another box!

I think if you are a seasonal subscriber you get to handpick some of the items you will receive in each box but for this starter box, I think every one gets the same things.

fff unboxing

Everything was packed nicely and neatly in the box. It was so cute!


Summer & Rose – Foldover Clutch in Burgundy (it was underneath everything)

Retail Value: $68

I’ve been dying to get a new wallet. I literally screamed when I opened this and found the huge and beautiful wallet by Summer & Rose. I’ve been using it daily ever since I received this box, it is so spacious. Also, burgundy is so in right now, isn’t it? Lol.

Spongellé – Body Wash Infused Buffer in Honey Blossom

Retail Value: $16

Yum, yum, yummy! Not only does this make my body smell good–it infected my entire bathroom with it’s gentle yet strong scent of Honey Blossom. The sponge itself is a little rough but I liked it. It is reusable and it still has tons of suds and smell in it after a week!

Tarte – The Lip Architect Lipstick & Liner in Muse

Retail Value: $24

Tarte is my absolute favorite makeup brand. I have to be honest, I haven’t used this lipstick/liner yet. But, I kind of already know it will be nice.

Whish Beauty Rice Milk & Rose Hydrating Face Mist

Retail Value: $38

One day, I didn’t use face moisturizer and I sprayed this on my face after a shower instead to see how it worked. My face is super dry all the time and it’s extremely sensitive. I only use First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream on my face and was actually a bit nervous to spray this scented mist on my face but once I sprayed it–I felt how soft and light it actually was. It also dried up super quickly. It did moisturize and soften my face slightly but it definitely doesn’t compare to real face moisturizer!

25 thoughts on “FabFitFun | Starter Box 2017

    1. I’m glad you liked this post!! ❤ 🙂 I hear a lot of subscription boxes are trying to become international. I hope that there are more available for you in Japan soon!


  1. I keep seeing this box (well the seasonal one) showing up everywhere in advertisements. $49.99 is a bit too pricey for me, but it does seem worth it with some of the items. I’m glad you got items you’ll actually use though (: I almost want to get that box just for the wallet lol. I need a new one

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    1. That’s why I got it! Lol I kept seeing ads about it then I saw the ad with the promo code so I couldn’t pass it up!

      The wallet is so cute!!! I can’t believe it costs $68 without the box. So worth it!

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      1. I don’t blame you! I only saw a code for the seasonal box for $39.99. Still thought about it for maybe next year as something to treat myself. It really is a good value when you look at everything.

        And that alone makes me want to get it! Haha. I actually signed up for both Birchbox and Ipsy. Birchbox I’ve gotten a couple boxes now and have gotten a few samples, I’ll get my first Ipsy bag next month. That’s my treatment for myself 😂 I keep seeing ads for Splendies now, and I’m even debating getting a monthly underwear bag lmao

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        1. Ah yeah they always have the celebs opening the box with a $10 off coupon code on FB ads lol! Yeah it reallt is a good value for the things you get.

          I had signed up for both birchbox in the past but I wasn’t a fan of Birchbox. I cancelled after a few months because they kept sending the same products. I had Ipsy too but I cancelled when I moved and haven’t signed back up but have been thinking about signing back up for that and also the Sephora play boxes!

          I’ve never heard of Splendies but I did have an AdoreMe subscription for a bit!

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          1. Haha yes! I’ve watched a few and I do think it’s a good deal for the box.

            That’s what I’ve heard about Birchbox! So far it’s been okay, but I’m only heading into month 3. If they start sending me the same products I’ll probably end that. Ipsy I’ve heard has great bags so I wanted to give it a shot! I cheated to get off the waitlist lmao. I’ve heard of Sephora play boxes, too! There’s a few different boxes out there, it’s like you sign up for one and the ads show up everywhere lol.

            Splendies sends you 3 pairs of underwear monthly for about $13? I think. Each pair is valued around $10. And look cute! So I thought about eventually haha. And oh does AdoreMe send you stuff, too? I’ve thought about buying from them before, but never actually did. I thought about trying out JustFab before, too, lol, but I don’t want to get stuck with a problem with cancelling the VIP subscription

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            1. It was a few years ago that I had Birchbox so maybe they’ve improved! Ipsy is amazing, I’ll sign back up once I pay my furniture off next month lol. I don’t think I’ll be wait-listed because when I signed in–there’s a “re-subscribe now” button…I hope I won’t be! How did you cheat to get off of it? And if you hadn’t what was the estimated wait time?

              There are SO many boxes out there. I wish I could try them all lol. And yeah, definitely. Ads that are shown to you are based on what you search and buy online…it’s crazy!

              AdoreMe is a bit different. You get to choose a really nice lingerie set every month (better quality than VS and half the price) and the 5th month you get a free one. It’s never a surprise though, you always choose but it you forget to choose they charge your card anyways and give you store credit. I never heard of JustFab…Lol what is that one?

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              1. Ohh gotcha! They may have honestly! But like I said, only have had two boxes so far lol. So it’s hard to say. And ohh you shouldn’t have to worry about Ipsy then! Haha I cheated because they have you post on Facebook and send the ad to people, so I posted privately on Facebook (so only I could see it) and then I messaged myself on Facebook (you only have to message one person). And it still worked and I got off it lol. It doesn’t tell you how long you have to wait, but it could’ve been a month or a couple months I’m guessing.

                And same!! Haha I wish I had the money 😂 it is crazy!

                And ohh I see! That’s cool they give you a chance to get a free set! Maybe someday I’ll start buying from them, I have heard nothing but good things, and I don’t have much in the lingerie department lmao. I buy cheap bras at outlet stores that are cute, but not a part of a set. Same with the nicer underwear I have – always cheaper on sale stuff lol. My broke ass 😂 and Just Fab is for shoes! Same as Shoedazzle basically, but I’ve seen so many mixed reviews it makes me skeptical. You have to sign up for the VIP membership to get the cheap prices, but you apparently can skip a month or cancel it before being charged. It all sounds a tad confusing haha


                1. It’s good that you like the Birchboxes so far! And that’s awesome how you were able to get yourself off the wait-list for Ipsy! Lol. Yeah, every 5th one is free which is a good deal but I cancelled my subscription to them because kind of like JustFab it was hard to keep up with. I would forget to skip the month and I’d have to buy a new lingerie set when I didn’t need one. For myself and my boyfriend I don’t really wear or have cute/matchy lingerie, ha. I only buy the sets for work. But yeah, JustFab sounds just like the AdoreMe plan. I’ve never heard of ShoeDazzle either, though LOL. Wow, I thought I had read about them all. There are SO many.


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                  1. Yes I agree! And ohh yeah then it has to be similar in that extent. They do have some great deals on shoes sometimes, so I get tempted haha. And I gotcha! I feel when you’re with someone, the only time you really bother getting sets is for special occasions haha. Because honestly, most guys don’t care that much 😂 and there are a ton of sites out there!

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  2. Oooo the starter box looks good! If you subscribe and pay seasonally you can select two items (each with a choice of two options). It you pay annually then you get the options and you can pick colors for another two or so items I think. But I prefer to be surprised as much as possible!

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  3. I’ve heard of this box but I personally wouldn’t subscribe to it lol. A lot of times they’ve included products from brands I’ve never heard of. It’s great that the value of the box exceeds the price of the subscription, but it’s still not enough to make me subscribe to it lol.
    It’s good you’re enjoying it. I recently subscribed to another sub box but I’m just waiting to get off the waitlist.. Hopefully i receive my first one next month LOL

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