Journal Entry 22

November 16, 2017

Hi friends. I know I was scheduled to write a journal entry on Tuesday but on Monday, boyfriend and I opened up our phone plan together and got new phones. I switched from the iPhone family to the Android family so it’s been a lot of getting used to. I was looking to get the iPhone X but it’s out of stock until next month and the price tag on that is outrageous. I got the Note 8 which actually was priced the same as the iPhone X when it first came out but it had gone down in price by like $300, though it wasn’t eligible for phone trade-in. It included a free tablet but the thing was that you had to buy a data plan for the tab for at least 6 mo. There is always a thing. We decided against it since we already have an iPad.

I’ve been having fun with the b&w photo challenge but I’m almost done. When I’m finished I’ll have my Recipe Reviews and My Favorite Quotes From… posts up that are past due.

Tuesday, when I should’ve been writing my journal entry I ended up spending my whole day, while boyfriend was at work, texting my sister. She and I decided that we’ll mail each other Christmas gifts this year. We rarely talk but we were texting like we had never stopped talking to each other. On the other hand, I also texted my ex-bff, K, to give her my new number and she seems extremely distant with me but it’s totally understandable since I’ve been ignoring her texts. Of course, she wanted to tell me way too much info about her friends that I’m sure they don’t want me knowing. She’s notorious for that–that’s why I’ve been ignoring her.

I have no contacts in my phone except my family members, K, and her mom. I wanted selfies and she sent me one and she asked me for one. I sent her the un-edited version of this one lol.

tongue selfie

On Monday night, we went to Applebee’s for dinner. It was burger night and 1/2 price apps at the time we went. I ended up not going to work on Monday night though. I have no explanation for myself. I was just… lazy. Ugh.

apps at applebees

Tuesday night, I ate some frozen meals while boyfriend was at work. I did gather myself up and go to work that night.

Last night, I got my makeup all done but asked boyfriend if he wanted to go for a drink even though we didn’t have much money to spare on booze. We ended up stopping at a casino for a drink and ended up getting two. I got tired and didn’t want to go to work–so I didn’t. I’m so naughty–I know. I hate myself, too.

We went grocery shopping yesterday, too. We got 3 recipes worth of food and a few yummy snacks. Oh and 2 bottles of delicious sparkling cider. They were on sale for 2/$5 which is a great deal since one bottle on regular price is like $4. We chose this one (below) and a Spiced Apple one that wasn’t as yummy. We drank them both earlier today.

sparkling cider

When I woke up this morning, I decided right away that I wasn’t going to work. We were also supposed to clean yesterday–but yesterday, we said we’d do it today. We didn’t do that either. Neither of us have mentioned it to each other. LOL. Boyfriend pretty much did do his part yesterday…I just haven’t done mine. I didn’t have a hangover or anything. Sometimes I just get in this funk….aka PMS.

After dinner tonight, we hung out on the couch and I fell asleep right after we had sex. Sorry if that’s TMI for you, but I have to mention it because this is bad. If you don’t pee right after you have sex you could develop a UTI and I really do NOT want one of those. Ugh. I woke up in a panic and pee’d right away. I tried to wake boyfriend up but he wouldn’t budge. I was barely keeping my eyes open anyways so we napped a little longer.

We finally woke up just before I posted my b&w picture of the day.

I’m already kind of hungry again.

I need need need to clean my apartment up. I’m two weeks behind. I have to find Christmas gifts for my sister and my boyfriend and a birthday gift for my brother (his birthday is 12/27, poor guy). AND I promise you…and even more so, myself, that I will go to work tomorrow and Saturday. I would even go on Sunday but boyfriend’s dad’s family is coming to visit on Sunday and they’re staying for like 4 days. I’ve only met his dad a couple times and I’m nervous to spend time with him and the rest of his family members. I feel so awkward and weird around people I don’t know and I feel even more awkward because I want these people to like me and I don’t know if they do.

Boyfriend got my desk and my chair put together, I love my little computer space now. 🙂 I got my new phone and I love it (I know I already mentioned this, I’m just recapping, ok?). OH! One more thing, our downstairs neighbor somehow got their dog pregnant (the little one that kept escaping) and she had a bunch of puppies!!! They invited us down to see them and offered us one (for a re-homing fee, of course) when they’re ready to be away from their mom. They were so freaking cute. Boyfriend really wants one and so do I but we already have 3 cats who crave our attention 24/7. They’re expensive and hard to take care of already–I truly don’t think we’d be able to handle a puppy but gosh, they were ADORABLE. They are little weenie and Chihuahua mixes. I’ve always wanted a weenie. UGH.

I have had a pretty unproductive week, huh? Blah. Hope all of your week’s have been going better than mine and if not, the weekend is here and hopefully that will be good to us. 😀 ❤

It is now 11:13p.

22 thoughts on “Journal Entry 22

    1. Thank you, I try not to be but it’s hard. I get so frustrated with myself for having no good reason to be lazy.

      Ah yeah lol I did give up not drinking. I didn’t want to but not drinking is difficult lol. I might try to give it up again soon.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You know what, you need to have some lazy days every now and then! Do you deserved it! Even if it sucks because you feel like you’re slacking haha. I get worried about the whole UTI thing, too! And awww those puppies sound adorable! But yeah you’re right it’d be a lot to handle. Puppies are a handful for one, and you’d have to be around to watch the cats around the dog. Plus you have to take them out to pee and all that, just a lot of work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gosh I don’t know if I deserved the lazy days but my mind and body needed them. Lol I’m glad I’m not the only one who panics about the UTIs. The puppies were so freaking cute! But yeah, having to bring them outside would be hard for me lol so we didn’t end up getting one. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha well then you needed those lazy days! And you definitely aren’t haha, I worry about that kind of thing. And I bet they were! Haha. But yeah that’s probably the more realistic option, even if you really wanted one!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I would only get the iPhone X for the camera thb, lol. I made the switch to the android family last year? Maybe this year? Honestly, I don’t remember LMAO. But I love that I can clear my SD card whenever I need to free up some space because I take lots of photos when we’re out haha. Then again, I use my ipod for photos still because the photos look a little better.
    Anyway, don’t worry too much about cleaning up, I’m like a month behind HAHA I fell like anytime I clean up a room, another one gets messy and then the room I cleaned up becomes messy when I’m done with another #momlife lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m pretty sure I read that the iPhone X has the same camera as the Note 8! I just realized how boring iPhones are compared to the Galaxies. 😛 I didn’t know anyone still carried iPods haha. That’s how I feel about my house too and I’m not even a mom (unless you count my fur babies hehe.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OOOhhhhhh really?! I’ll have to look into the Note 8 and get it then 🙂 I don’t want to buy an iphone anymore lol.
        Well you’d technically be a pet mom because you’re looking after their well-being 🙂

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