Then and Now: Songs I Perform/ed To


When I first started dancing I didn’t know what kind of music I wanted to dance to. Luckily, the DJ at the first club I worked at knew his music. He would dubstep mix these songs for me, these were my favorites:

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray

Stay With Me by Sam Smith

All of Me by John Legend

I, then, believed I liked dancing to dubstep music. At my second club the DJ chose some cool songs I had never heard of but really enjoyed:

There was this dubstep mix that repeated “Music Is A Drug” over and over but I can’t seem to find it on YouTube or anywhere else on the internet!! UGH! I loved it.

Tonight We’re Kids Again (Illenium Remix) by Dada Life


I tell the DJ’s at my work I want to dance to Justin Bieber and they play me these songs:

  • Sorry by Justin Bieber
  • Love Yourself by Justin Bieber
  • As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber
  • Power By ft. Justin Bieber

They also like to play Rihanna hits for me:

  • Rude Boy
  • Only Girl

I honestly don’t LOVE any of the songs I dance to now a days but it is what it is! They are also super popular songs that continuously play on all the “top hits” radio stations still so I won’t add the YouTube videos to those songs. I know the first three were very popular but they don’t play as much and I still get excited when I do hear them so I added the videos to those. 🙂



21 thoughts on “Then and Now: Songs I Perform/ed To

  1. I love Summertime Sadness! Do you like the song “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran? There is a trap remix by BKAYE and it’s awesome. It always puts me in a sexy mood and makes me want to dance.


  2. The only kind of music I know how to dance to is classical because I took waltzing classes to avoid making a fool of myself at formal occasions. I was never very good but I got a few compliments from my dance partners at my brother’s wedding; come to think of it, some of them might have been because my first dance partner had been so determined to show off that she kept dragging me about and the other bridesmaids wanted to make up for it.

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    1. I don’t really like Lana Del Rey as a person but I do love her voice. Lol dancing takes a little practice and a lot of people just don’t have the rhythm in them even after lots of practice.

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  3. I️ would of thought Sam Smith “Stay with me” song would be more romantic and or depressing but I️ guess it’s just me.


  4. I ♡ Lana Del Rey! And now I’m pretty sure when I hear the song I will think of you 🤗

    I love that dubstep can take the slowest of songs and make it a ‘club mix’! I can’t even imagine what my set music would be 😁

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