Journal Entry 21

November 12, 2017

Hi everyone. I hope you’ve all had a great weekend!

I’m feeling rather sluggish today. Friday night I caved into having 2 shots at work. It was a fun and busy night. But of course, since I broke the “no drinking” promise boyfriend wanted to have a drink the next night which I suppose was fair. We went to the Cabo Tequila Bar@Boulder Station Casino before I went in to work on Saturday.

marg bar
seven and sprite

Boyfriend worked during the day on Saturday and didn’t get home until a little after 5, it was really busy for him. When he got home (we are out of groceries) we went out to eat at this place nearby called Ninja Teriyaki or something like that lol. It was a little sketchy but pretty tasty!!

ninja teriyaki
ninja teri 2
miso soup
chicken and gyoza

I know I said no more sushi but I had to see if their salmon nigiri was good. It wasn’t bad but it comes with just two pieces and the amount of rice they serve with it is a little ridiculous.

salmon nigiri
chicken bowls

It was super slow at work last night. I got there around 11p and left at not even 2a. Blah.

Boyfriend hasn’t gotten my desk from the office yet because he gets home when the office closes and leaves right when it opens. I can’t wait for him to get it tomorrow.

My phone plan is with my dad and boyfriend’s is with my sister but his phone screen is cracked so he wasn’t able to switch his phone in with the insurance plan, he has to pay it off by the end of this month. So tomorrow we’re going to T-Mobile to cancel his phone plan with my sister after paying it off and I’m gonna pay mine off and cancel it with my dad but the phone I have now has a trade-in value of $300 at T-Mobile and Verizon. We’re gonna get new phones and open a plan together (JUST US!) and get rid of our MN area codes. 😀 I’m excited.

pink skies

Today, I woke up when boyfriend left for work and finished reading What Girls Are Made Of. I only had a couple short chapters left. I read one chapter of The Bookseller after I finished that, I think I like it already! But then I got sleepy around 12p and woke back up at almost 3p. I showered then wrote my favorite quotes from What Girls Are Made Of down in a notebook (look out for the My Favorite Quotes From… post soon!) then boyfriend was home. I’m not sure how I felt about that book. I didn’t like it that much but there were some good quotes and the author is definitely a good writer.

He got home around 4p I think? We smoked a blunt and then we tried to decide where to eat. We’re gonna go grocery shopping tomorrow, I think. We decided on our favorite Thai restaurant Weera Thai. I was crabby because the waitresses didn’t seem to listen to what we ordered. I also think I’m PMS-ing again already.

thai cuisine
tom yum

There’s this huge running marathon going on DT and on The Strip so hella roads were blocked off. Everywhere we turned to get home, we were blocked. We drove around in a circle forever and it took us 100x longer than it should have to finally get home. It was absolutely horrible. So much traffic and road rage. Babe opened his window and yelled at an OLD LADY. I scolded him afterwards because I think even if the old person is wrong, that you should let them do what they please. She did almost smash into our car over and over again though.

We finally got home just a bit ago. I did a little browsing on the web about all the new phone options–I’m leaning towards the iPhone X but I don’t know if it’s worth all that money!!! Like I said, I’ll get $300 off so maybe I will get it but boyfriend won’t be (shame on him)! :-/ After enough of that, I started writing this! I’m gonna make a second post now because I’m going to start the 7 day B&W photo challenge today! Sorry for clogging your readers with my face, lol! I have a few other posts that are almost ready too. I want to space them out but I also have the urge to post them all right when I finish typing them, lol.

It is now 8:25p.

22 thoughts on “Journal Entry 21

  1. Ha! I knew you couldn’t stay away from your love of sushi! 😂
    I’m passing on the X, I have the iPhone 7 and love it even though there’s not a headphone jack (they give you an extra piece). I wonder why work has been so slow this week? Thanksgiving?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I told my boyfriend about your comment saying that I’d order some somewhere LOL.

      I don’t have the 7, I’ve been sticking with the 6s because I hate how there’s no circle home button on the new ones! but the X looks out of this world lol.

      Yeah one of the managers told me it’s because of the holidays. I think it will be slow until January! 😦

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  2. That sunset photo is so pretty! I love when the sky is pretty colors. I wish we had a Thai restaurant here. My town is filled with Chinese and Mexican restaurants but is seriously lacking when it comes to other ethnic foods. I did that 7-day B&W challenge too but then decided not to post it. I didn’t like the photos enough. lol Maybe I’ll try again sometime.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My town had lots of Chinese and Italian places, but we’ve had immigrants from Mexico and Nepal so now they are opening their own places. The Nepalese places have pretty slow service but it’s just because they are cooking the food more from scratch than the other places.

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  3. Haha sounds like a productive day (sort of)! :p sorry work was so slow for you! The sunset picture is really pretty! I have the iPhone 6s right now and ever since the newest updates my phone has been glitchy. Actually since the latest update, every time I type “it” it wants to automatically change to I.T. So annoying. I’ve been trying to find other ways to say “it” to avoid I.T. Because it’s really annoying 😂 the iPhone X looks cool, but I dunno if it’d be worth it! The iPhone 8 seems capable of doing most of what it can do, plus there’s no face recognition on the phone. Not really a fan of that idea lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you like the picture! I feel like it was even more pink in person. 😦 I has the iPhone 6s plus. It kept changing “I” to and ! And a a square. It was hella annoying! Lol I think the face recognition is cool!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It probably was! Unless you are using a DSLR it’s so hard to capture everything in a scene. And ohh I didn’t experience that problem as much, or I just didn’t notice it. I finally fixed the “it” problem by pretty much the same fix for the “I” problem haha. And I’m just not ready for that with my phone 😂

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  4. Aaaahhh, the sunset photo made my heart melt! So beautiful 💖 The iPhone X looks pretty and all especially the camera but it’s so dangerous for me. I always drop my phone and I heard it breaks easily ’cause it’s made from glass. HAHA!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so beautiful!! Boyfriend was like “babe the sky is pink, come look” (he knows I love pink.<3) and yeah, the iPhone X is okay but now I'm in love with my Note 8. I think a lot of phones are going to be made out of glass now. I'm bad with dropping my phone all the time too but I have protection on it all the time!!! LOL


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