Sweet Blogger Award

It was a couple months ago when Pamela@Starring Pamela nominated me for the Sweet Blogger Award! I love her blog and was giddy when she nominated me. She is a lifestyle blogger who blogs just about everything going on in her life. If you haven’t checked her blog out yet, you can do so by clicking here!

Thank you so much for nominating me, Pamela! ❤

sweet blogger award

This award was created by Beyoutiful, and her description of the award is below.

“The Sweet Blogger Award is for bloggers who are inspiring writers and beautiful souls and always take their time to shower other people/bloggers with  so much love & care! They tend to always give encouraging  & thoughtful comments, appreciate their work, and supportive in making them a better blogger 🙂”

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Include the reason behind the award and who created the award.
  • Include the logo in your post.
  • Answer the questions your nominator gave you.
  • Nominate at least 5 awesome bloggers.
  • Give your nominees 10 new questions to answer.
  • Let your nominees know that they’ve been nominated!

Pamela’s Questions:

What is your ideal work situation? (Working from home, working in an office, etc.)

Hmm, this is a toughie. I really don’t know what my ideal work situation would be. Can I pass on this question? I mean, I do want to be a teacher in the future so I could answer this question with: a classroom.

What is your favorite social media?

I’m not a fan of social media but if I have to choose, I’d choose FaceBook because I love all the cute animal videos and fast cooking videos, lol.

If you could win a free trip anywhere, where would you go?

Oh my gosh, a free trip?! What a dream. I’d choose Japan. Anywhere in Japan. Preferably Sapporo.

Continuing the free trip, who would you take with you?

I would def bring my boyfriend.

Your favorite moments of 2017 so far?

Fright Dome@Circus Circus, discovering the restaurant Sushi Neko, adopting Twinkle Star, moving into our new apartment and picking out all of the furniture.

What is something funny that happened to you in the past few days?

I can’t think of anything. Shit. Maybe the fact that we’ve gotten 3 separate deliveries while we were smoking a blunt in like the past week, lol.

What is your favorite scents?

My favorite scent is freshly done laundry. The “clean linen scent.”

What is one film you’d recommend to someone?

Shutter Island

Summer vacation or winter vacation?

I hate the winter, so, def summer.

Any particular food you’re craving right now?

I want to eat a warm cinnamon roll but I can’t because cinnamon rolls make my stomach hurt. 😦

I nominate:

Laken@Dazed and Still Dreaming


Julie@Julie H Cares


Rossy@Ayr Galaxy

Amielle@Love, Amielle

Of course I don’t expect you all to write a response post unless you really want to. Feel free to answer my questions in my comments section if you’d rather but don’t feel obliged to do that either!! I’ll understand, promise. 🙂 ❤

My Questions:

  1. What is your favorite healthy snack?
  2. What is your favorite show on Netflix?
  3. What do you use to blog on? (Desktop computer, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.)
  4. Do you shower every single day?
  5. If you had one wish (BUT it couldn’t be for more wishes or anything to do with money) what would it be?
  6. Do you believe in ghosts?
  7. What is the best gift you’ve ever received on any occasion?
  8. What do your daily, go-to shoes look like?
  9. Do you have any special talents? What are they?
  10. Do you have a phone case on your phone? What does it look like?

24 thoughts on “Sweet Blogger Award

  1. I love reading your answers! Shutter Island is a wonderful movie, I feel the need to watch it again lol. And summer over winter any day!
    Thanks so much for the nomination 💜 you know I’ll make a follow up post ☺️

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  2. Oh no, that’s too bad about the cinnamon rolls. I love them. I have IBS so I get bad abdominal pain a lot, but I eat whatever I want anyways and just deal with it. (Of course there’s not any particular foods that trigger it, it can be literally any food at any time, so I don’t really have much of a choice in the matter).

    Thanks for nominating me! I’m going to go ahead and answer your questions here in the comments, just in case I don’t get around to doing this on my blog. I keep track of all my awards in a notebook though so I have it to look back on. 🙂

    What is your favorite healthy snack?
    Fruit salad or raw veggies.

    What is your favorite show on Netflix?
    Fuller House.

    What do you use to blog on? (Desktop computer, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.)

    Do you shower every single day?
    It depends on if I sweat throughout the day. Sometimes I skip a day or take a bath instead. I only wash my hair every other day.

    If you had one wish (BUT it couldn’t be for more wishes or anything to do with money) what would it be?
    I would probably wish for someone to start a family with.

    Do you believe in ghosts?
    Yes. The universe is made up of energy, including ourselves. We’re just made of energy with a physical body. It doesn’t seem that unlikely that certain souls/energy can somehow get trapped or stick around once it leaves the physical plane.

    What is the best gift you’ve ever received on any occasion?
    Probably the karaoke machine or the CD player I received when I was a kid. I was so ecstatic about both of those things.

    What do your daily, go-to shoes look like?
    Black converse.

    Do you have any special talents? What are they?
    I don’t really feel like I have any talents. I personally think I’m pretty mediocre at everything.

    Do you have a phone case on your phone? What does it look like?
    It’s gold and glittery and shimmers in the light. I love it.

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    1. Ah, I used to not care but now I’d just rather avoid the pain. I really want a cinnamon roll though. My boyfriend’s best friend has IBS, too. I’m sorry you have to suffer with that syndrome. 😦

      What a good way to keep track of your awards! I bookmark them in my computer browser but I could lose them anyday!!

      Thanks for answering my questions and giving me something entertaining to read!

      I used to love Full House but I actually haven’t seen Fuller House yet! It must be good to be your favorite! Aw, I don’t think you’d need to waste your one wish on someone to start a family with. It’s already in your future! I just know it. ❤ 🙂 I also believe in ghosts, but I love your reasoning for it! My reasoning is always "how could there not be?!" LOL.

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      1. I grew up watching Full House, but I think I might even like Fuller House better. Maybe that’s just because I haven’t seen any Full House episodes since I was a kid, so I don’t remember too much. I just remember I liked it. lol But Fuller House is so funny, and I love the new characters in this one, like Ramona and Fernando.

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  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! I’ll try to get around to it this week! Im sorry about the cinnamon rolls 😥 warm cinnamon rolls are one of my fave things. I’d also LOVE to visit Japan! Hopefully we both get the opportunity!

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    1. You’re welcome, love. You ARE a sweet blogger, though. 🙂 I can’t wait to read your answers! MMM, a warm cinnamon roll sounds amazing. 😦 I hope we both get to visit Japan one day, too!! ❤

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  4. Even if Facebook can be pretty toxic sometimes, the videos of cute animals there makes me happy too!! And Japan really is a dream place! 💖 Thanks for the nomination!!! I’m just very busy lately for work is draining me and all but I appreciate it and will do it if I have the time and energy! 💖

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  5. I have a love-hate relationship with FB because everyone is so offended by everything but I love it so much for memes and cute animal videos lol. If you’re looking for recipes, you should subscribe to Tasty on YT, I’ve been looking into their videos and they have a lot of easy recipes! If you want dinners and you don’t mind eating TexMex food, subscribe to Hilah Cooking. She’s amazing and gives lots of good tips. I’ve already given a few of her recipes a try and they turned out delicious!
    And I get soooo excited when someone mentiones Japan because that’s #1 in my list! I hope to go there someday, I want to go to Tokyo and Kyoto and a few other places. And I want to be there at least 2 weeks lol.
    Oooooooh….! How GOOD is shutter island?! It blew my mind lol.
    And thanks so much for nominating me love! xo I’ll go ahead and answer the questions here if you don’t mind, I’ll do my best to keep it short because this comment already looks pretty long…

    1) Fave healthy snack: Idk how “healthy” it is, but hummus. More specifically, the Sabra Taco Inspired Hummus, lol.
    2) Fave show on Netflix: too many good ones, I keep a list and rotate between shows when I’m completely done watching them all the way through.
    3) I use my laptop a lot more now but occasionally will use my iPad or my phone to read comments.
    4) I wish I could shower everyday, but I do every other day. It literally feels like a privilege for me LOL.
    5) A wish… Peace and love all over the world.
    6) I think I do* believe in ghosts and I don’t at the same time. I honestly can’t make up my mind but I think I would also need empirical evidence xD
    7) Best gift…Definitely my car, my husband bought it for me for my birthday. I don’t think any other gift can top it (unless it’s a trip to Japan) because it’s literally one of my many dream cars lol.
    8) Daily go-to shoes…My slippers, and my Adidas sneakers.
    9) Special talents…I don’t believe I do, I would have to ask Alex.
    10) Phone case, not anymore. I had one that had liquid in it with shiny hearts but I read somewhere that if it breaks it can burn your skin or something like that. And my son grabs it sometimes so I don’t want to put him at risk if it ever does break.. I should get a new one though..

    Thanks for nominating me girl, I loved answering your questions, they have been by far the most interesting ones I have gotten lol.

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    1. I think I do follow the Tasty page but I’ll def follow Hilah now. Hahah, I love watching all kinds of food being made! Though I usually watch them with no sound so I wouldn’t be able to hear her tips!

      I love everything about Japan that I’ve seen and heard. It’s #1 on my list, too! It’s expensive though lol.

      Shutter Island was such an amazing and unforgettable movie. ❤

      Hummus IS healthy for you! I think even with the flavors it's considered healthy. I love it too!! ❤ I love your one wish, it is such a selfless one! Your husband sounds so awesome!! You are brave to not have a phone case! LOL. I want to take mine off because it feels so much better in my hands without it but I'm too clumsy for that. 😛

      Thank you for answering my questions!! I really did enjoy reading them. 🙂 ❤ and am happy that you thought they were interesting, I just think of them off the top of my head lol!!!

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      1. I tried the jiggly cheesecake but I didn’t have the right mixer and it also didn’t cook evenly, so I definitely need a new mixer and new pans 😦 lol.. I feel like I waste 13 eggs for nothing LMAO
        Ah yeah, it’s a little expensive, but I’ve been looking into it a bit more and you can easily get to another prefecture at a much cheaper price if you take a flight and then take the bus? I can’t remember, I’ll have to find the video again, I follow too many people who live abroad in Japan so they always share tips for people who want to move there or for those who want to visit lol. I’ve already started saving for it, I WILL go before I die, lol.

        I do want a phone case, I’ve dropped my phone so many times already!! T_T

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        1. Holy crap! 13 eggs?! LOL. I’d be sad, too!!! Hopefully it turns out better for you when you get your new mixer and pan. 🙂 I follow this woman who lives in Japan as an English teacher and lately, she has actually been making it sound so bad to live there as a foreigner but I know I’ll have to visit before I die, too!

          Lol, get one on Amazon–they’re so cheap!!!

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          1. LOL, I will probably attempt it again when I have everything I need. Tomorrow I’m making snickerdoodles for Alex.
            *gasp* how dare she?! I think it’s just people’s experiences and what they like or don’t like. The people I follow LOOOVE Japan, a lot of them say it’s like the greatest experience they’ve ever had. I’m pretty sure I was Japanese in my previous lives or something because I love EVERYTHING about Japan, their culture speaks to me, I love how well-mannered they are, how respectful they are, their belief system, their ideals, the food is DELICIOUS, I looove their cars, I’m into the JDM lifestyle so I’ll definitely be going for their car scene, but most of all, there’s just so much beauty over there, their shrines, sakura trees, ugh, I could go on and on and on and on about Japan lol. I’ll stop here 🙂


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