Journal Entry 20

November 10, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful week!

My week hasn’t been so wonderful but maybe the weekend can make up for that. 😛

Yesterday, I didn’t wake up to the alarm. I had a nail appointment at 12p but that’s what time I ended up awaking at. Boyfriend set the alarm on his phone but I guess it never went off because neither of us heard it. We quickly got ready to go and made it there around 1p. My nail tech asked me if I moved my appointment down lol. I apologized for being late and was willing to wait if I had to but luckily, there was no one there!

stiletto nails

Tarte was having this amazing flash sale yesterday for a 7pc kit that included a foundation and mascara which I am in NEED of. I got an alert e-mail sent to my phone but I still missed it by 5m somehow–they still took the money out of my account even though by the time I pressed “checkout” it was out of stock. I was a little upset but I e-mailed customer service and they said they will return my money in 3-5 days. This is why I hate online shopping. My desk from AmazonSmile arrived today but instead of bringing the package to my door like every other delivery guy ever has, this guy decided to drop it off in the office and by the time I woke up and realized this, boyfriend was already at work (still is) and I wasn’t trying to carry the box from the office so he’s going to go get it tomorrow before he leaves for work.

pink stilettos

After I got my nails done; I showered and moisturized, babe cooked dinner, then, we ate dinner. We went to Starbucks, hung out for a bit at home while I finished drinking it, I did my Horrifying Horror Films post and then I got ready. I got to work around 10p and it was pretty dead. More customers filled up the club around midnight but no one was spending money on the dancers. I got fed up at not even 1a. I texted boyfriend to pick me up and one of my co-workers needed a ride home so I was nice and offered one. We dropped her off and it ended up being 10m away from our place but oh well. I also found a stray $20 bill in the bathroom and I gave it to house mom in case a girl realized she was missing it. I ended up hearing a girl say she was missing it so I told her to get it from mom. All of the other girls said I was too nice and that they would’ve kept the money…I don’t know. I don’t want any bad juju, lol.

Boyfriend just left work and is getting our espressos so he should be home any time soon. I’m gonna wrap this post up because I didn’t do shit today anyways. I woke up, showered, and fed the cats. Had to put Benji in timeout twice because he was being mean to Twinkle Star but now they are all sleeping peacefully. Lol. I ate a frozen meal made in the microwave that was ok and then I ate PB & J sandwich because I wasn’t full. Now I’m a little over full. I better start getting ready now.

Have a fun and safe weekend, my lovely bloggers. ❤

It is now 8:42p.

25 thoughts on “Journal Entry 20

  1. Wow, those are long! I’m flashing back to when I was playing cards with a friend of mine in her kitchen and her boyfriend finally woke up and wandered in for breakfast at lunch time; he turned his back to me and we started laughing. He asked what was so funny and I said, “I could play chess on the scratches she left on your back!” So he went to the bathroom to look in the mirror. “My God, why aren’t I bleeding?”

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  2. Your claws look amazing! I’m also super impressed that you’ve continued with these journal series! I totally agree with giving back the money too, it sucks when you work an entire shift and realize you’ve lost some of your tips. It’s also just good karma and decent to return it. I know every girl has her personal favourite mascara but I absolutely swear by “Better Than Sex” by Too Faced, so if you didn’t get the one you originally wanted I suggest you try that one 🙂

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    1. Lol “my claws”!! 😀 thank you, babe! ❤

      I enjoy writing these for a wide variety of reasons so I think I'll continue them for quite awhile!! 🙂

      Yeah I believe in good karma too. All of my colleagues made it seem as though I made the worst decision. Even our house mom told me I should've kept it. I'm glad you're on my side!

      The mascara in the Tarte kit wasn't one that I had tried before but cheap so I was willing to try something new. I usually just use this Sephora Lashcraft one. Is Too Faced cruelty free? 😛 I'd def check it out if it is!


  3. Your nails are so pretty and glossy! We’ve had this convo before, but I would so struggle with those 😂 that’s annoying the desk got sent to the office instead of your apartment! Some people are just lazy 😒 and that’s good karma that you did that! I try to give money back if I know the source of it. But if I find a random dollar or something on the ground in a parking lot, I do believe in finders keepers lol. Can’t really turn money into lost and found. I actually had a customer drop some money at work once, and I didn’t notice it on the ground until after he left. I waited for 2 hours for him to come back until my shift ended and he never did. So I split it with a coworker. Is that bad? Haha. It was like $7.

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    1. Thank you!! ❤ 🙂 I'm getting more used to them on the keyboard now, lol. Yeah and it's still in the office right now, too. 😦

      Yeah there's only one shared bathroom in the locker rooms so I knew it had to be one of the dancers'…I couldn't keep it because I knew it wasn't mine and that someone would notice that they were missing it eventually, maybe. But I agree…if I found it in the Walmart parking lot with no wallet/ID I'd keep it too. And if he didn't come back for it, it was yours! That was nice of you to split it with your co-worker!

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      1. You’re welcome! (: haha that’s always a good thing! And that sucks ☹️

        Gotcha, definitely makes sense then. I wouldn’t want to do that either then, because in that case you know it’s one of your coworkers. And thanks for making me feel better about that haha. My coworker saw me find it so I told him I’d split it with him if the guy never came back. He didn’t come back lol.

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  4. I can’t get over how gorgeous your nails are! The shape, color, everything. But that shade is super pretty. I seriously need a nail polish in that color. If I knew that there was likely someone around who lost the money, I probably wouldn’t have kept it either. However, I once found a $20 bill on the ground and nobody was around, so I kept it for myself.

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    1. Aww, yay I’m glad you like them and especially that you like the color. Usually I opt for darker colors. When I had Ipsy I actually got a nail lacquer similar to this shade, maybe they’ll send you one. 🙂 Lol I would have kept it in that instance too!

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