My Journey: Minnesota to Nevada

I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada just 4 months after I turned 21 years old. I’ve always known that I wanted to leave Minnesota. I just had no idea where to. I looked at apartment prices in a ton of different states.

For my 21st birthday, boyfriend and I went on a week long vacation to parts of Cali and to Las Vegas with a majority of our time being spent in Las Vegas.

planet hollywood

We fell in love with this city. One drunken night on The Strip, boyfriend said that we should move there. I was so excited that he finally had a suggestion to move somewhere. I kept telling him that I wanted to move out of state but he never seemed down for it. I was starting to believe that he wanted to stay in Minnesota.

He still says he loves and misses MN all the time but I don’t. Is that bad? Will I get homesick later? I don’t know. I highly doubt it. Even if I decided to move out of Nevada…I don’t think I’d choose to go back to Minnesota. 

Once our vacation ended, I looked up a bunch of stuff on the internet; like tips on moving to a different state and what the rent prices in Vegas were like. To my surprise, it was so affordable. 100x cheaper than Cali and Colorado, the two states I had been really looking at before our trip.

cat car ride

Neither of us had a job lined up. We didn’t have an apartment lease signed or anything like that. No moving truck–we had donated ALL of our furniture the day before we left. We had bought two cars (both were the most reliable cars in the world: Toyota Camrys, though they’re not very big. A ’98 and a ’95, they both made it perfectly to Vegas!) from my dad and packed them full of our belongings and our two cats, Sushi and Benji.

benji in car

My dad didn’t trust me to drive all the way from Minnesota to Nevada and neither did I and neither did boyfriend, haha. My dad and his wife drove one of our cars and boyfriend and I drove the other.

road trip with cats

We stopped twice. One time in Grand Island, Nebraska and one time in a city of Colorado a few hours before Denver.

welcome to utah sign
Pee stop in Utah!

We rented a cute, little town home on HomeAway which is basically the same thing as AirBnB. We had never used AirBnB or HomeAway before, it made me nervous to spend so much money when I was unsure of what might happen to the money and I was all the way in Minnesota–I was booking in advance so how would I ever know if the place I was renting for my first month in Las Vegas was going to be legitimate? I stressed over this everyday after sending the payment through even though I got a reassuring e-mail from the owner of the place that everything was going to go as planned.

homeaway screenshot

We left a day early than we had planned so we had to book a hotel for one day in Las Vegas. We stayed at possibly the worst hotel ever called the Shalimar. Never again, don’t book your room there, seriously.

The day after, I texted the owner of the HomeAway. She changed our check-in time to an hour later than she advertised so we went out to eat with my dad but were extremely worried about the cats being in the car. We didn’t want to do anything else until we could get the cats into the a/c. We just stayed in the car with them with the a/c running until we were able to get them into the HomeAway.

Colorado restaurant
At a restaurant in Colorado

My dad ventured off with his wife but came back to check out the town home when we finally got the code to get the keys to get in the home. Then, we went out on The Strip with my dad and his wife a bit. They left the next day on the airplane.

las vegas strip autumn

We didn’t unpack everything out of the cars, mostly just our clothes into the HomeAway. We went out to eat everyday for that month even though the home did provide cookware and utensils. I tried to get a day job and dance at the same time. Boyfriend had 3 interviews (for the same job!) before he actually got the job he has now, it took the whole month before he finally had his first day. It was the last week of the month when he started working. I was also trying to drive myself to work so boyfriend would be able to sleep but I got into a car accident the second week of that month and it was my fault so I had to pay the ticket. If you recently read my Strip Club Auditions pt. 2 post, you’d know that I was having trouble with finding a good club to work at, too. We had more setbacks than we had hoped for. We thought we’d be able to get an apartment before our month was up in the HomeAway but every apartment we toured and applied for kept telling us that our income wasn’t verifiable. Boyfriend had accidentally typed his SS# wrong when he filled out his papers for work and his job has this automated thing to call to verify employment for things like getting a new apartment. They told me I needed to have my bank statements for at least 3mo. of living in Vegas as a dancer or pay the WHOLE year in full. We almost got an apartment with just a letter from my day job but I quit the day job before I got to apply to the apartment. I almost brought the letter anyways but decided against it.

las vegas strip pumpkins

We ended up moving into a weekly for nearly our whole first year here. The weekly was expensive so it was hard to save money, we bought a Moped to replace our crashed car but I was too afraid to drive that to work, so we bought another car from my dad. We sold the crashed car for super cheap because we had to get rid of it asap; before our HomeAway ended. My dad drove the car I was buying all the way down here from Minnesota and right when he left something went wrong with it, the alternator? We didn’t even try to fix it. We just drove our other car until boyfriend backed up on those parking curbs in the Wellsfargo drive thru and the brakes got fucked up.

We cancelled the insurance on the car after the brake incident and that caused my registration to be suspended, I got a notice in the mail saying I owed $X to the DMV for a suspended registration. We had no idea this would happen and our insurance company didn’t even warn me when I called to cancel it. This would not have happened in Minnesota. If I wanted the car to be registered under my name again once it was fixed; I would’ve had to pay this huge fee but we got smart and I “sold” the car to my boyfriend. He got the car registered under his name which was also expensive but not nearly as much as I would’ve had to pay if I wanted it back under my name.

We drove the Moped around for those couple of months until my dad was sick of texting and asking me if the cars were fixed when my reply was always “no.” He booked a flight here and came to fix both of the cars. When he left, the alternator went out in the other car! Boyfriend bought the piece and fixed it himself since my dad taught him how to when he fixed it in our other car, luckily, it was easy for him.

We had gotten approved for this tiny apartment but we also had toured a better one that we applied to but hadn’t got an answer from yet. The landlord of the tiny apartment told us that we needed to put a deposit down but we didn’t want to yet, in case we heard back from the other apartment. We didn’t hear back from the better place but I got an e-mail from HotPads saying that it was no longer available. I was mad I lost the tiny apartment and mad that the better apartment didn’t even call to tell me that it had been rented out. We called the people of the better apartment and asked if we could have our application fee back–they did give it back, forunately.

I stopped looking for a bit. It was stressing me out. I thought it was easier to just stay where we were.

Both of our cars were in working order. I got a day job for a little bit and even drove myself to work and back often. (I refuse to drive now, the amount of anxiety that overcomes me when I drive isn’t safe. I get so shaky–one time I couldn’t press the gas pedal because I was shaking so bad, I just stalled in the middle of the road for a bit…) I got too tired to dance at night and the day job upset me in more ways than one (that I sometimes had to drive myself was def one reason), so I quit and I had this surge of motivation to make more money by being a better dancer not by getting a day job.

Then, I had the horrible neighbors move-in below me, they popped boyfriend’s tires repeatedly and I got even more motivation. The day I had planned to come check out my apartment that I’m in right now for the first time I almost didn’t wake up but I heard those neighbors blasting music and doing their daily screaming at each other and it made me jump out of bed.

new apartment

This place didn’t have any cat fees, the move-in was available asap, washer and dryer in-unit, and a balcony. It’s like it was meant to be. The only thing it was missing that we were looking for is a second bedroom. I’m kind of glad we didn’t get a two-bedroom now though because it’s one less room to clean and it’s spacious enough in here anyways.

bf in new apt

We had all of boyfriend’s pay stubs that were needed, all the bank statements of mine that were needed. It was all simple and easy to sign the lease and we got our keys the next day. Every other place before had been so difficult. I’m glad we didn’t settle for the tiny apartment. I’m so happy about where we are now! I guess it’s true what they say, that: patience is a virtue.”

When I was 16 years old, a Junior in High School, I also moved from St. Paul, MN to Bothell, WA but I’ve already talked about how and why that happened in one of my very first posts on this blog. I also talk about how and why I had to move back to MN in that same post.

(p.s. The post is linked through the words above.)

40 thoughts on “My Journey: Minnesota to Nevada

  1. “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.” I don’t think anyone could blame you for your anxiety becoming so high. Heck, I only moved from New Jersey to New York (Not the city, but Long Island), and it was unnerving at first.
    Very happy to hear that you and your boyfriend are settled into your new place. Congratulations!!! By the way, your cats are adorable!

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  2. I had a 2006 Camry and the alternator died at about 100,000 miles. Earlier this year I got into an accident and it was a total loss. I understand the trauma that can come after a crash. It still in my head today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mine was totaled in the accident too and my boyfriend’s Camry had to have it’s alternator replaced but it was perfect after a new one. Yeah, driving is scary. I will never forget the sound of the crash! Thanks for stopping by!! ❤ ❤

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  3. Just reading this gave me anxiety. lol You are brave for venturing out and moving to another state. I don’t think I could ever leave Maryland. I would get too homesick because I was born and raised here, and there’s also things I would miss (like the blue crabs that I absolutely must eat every summer because they’re the best thing ever). My mom and I did talk about moving to Florida last year, but we were worried about finding jobs, and there aren’t any companies down there similar to the type of work I do now. Plus, Florida gets hurricanes and the rest of my family is here. I also like the change of seasons. I wish I was rich so I could have multiple homes in different states. lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you. ❤ I think if I lived where there were amazing blue crabs every summer I wouldn't be able to leave either, mmm. Yeah, Florida seems like a scary place to live with all the natural disasters. I wish I could have multiple homes, too. That'd be a dream!!

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  4. What a journey it is!! You guys are super brave for leaving everything behind and moving into a new place without having anything yet. I don’t think I can do that since it’ll just stress me out. Hahaha. Is HomeAway cheaper than AirBnb tho?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss, so stressful! I’m not sure, I think they had pretty much the same prices! HomeAway just got booked slower because it is less popular so there was only one that I could afford on there at the time I booked it!


  5. I can’t believe all you have gone through in such a short time. I’m glad you’re happy in Vegas. Maybe the next time you have vacation time, you should go to MN to let boyfriend have his time at home and then go home and remember how much happier you are!

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  6. Your journey has definitely not been an easy one but I’m glad that after all that struggling, you guys found a legit place to stay at 🙂 very nice of your dad to have helped you out anyway he could, i love how you also refer to them as “my dad and his wife” haha i do the same, I can’t call them my “step parents” lol

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    1. Thank you, it felt so good to get our first legit apartment here. 🙂 Yeah, my dad threw me out when I was 16, welcomed me back then threw me out again when I was 17 so now he does what he can but it’s not like he gives me or fixes these cars for free so a lot (maybe most) of it has to do with the $ he receives from me.

      Lol, she’s cool and all but “step-mom” is weird to me…I have her phone # saved under “Lady” and I often refer to her as “Lady” in casual conversation still lol.

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  7. Ahhh I love your pictures! I can’t say this enough – you guys are adorable together 💜 your journey sounds like it was a long, tiring, and almost breaking one – but you made it! I’m glad you held off, for a better job, for a better home. It may not be where you want to stay forever, but for now, it sounds like you’re right where you need to be ☺️
    It’s amazing that you both just up and left MN without anything, but you made something out of it. It really is an incredible journey that you both did!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, love!!! You are so sweet. ❤ My dad took most of the pictures in this post with his super sketchy phone lol that's why the quality is so bad but I'm so glad you still like them. 🙂

      I'm happy we waited for what we wanted too. Sometimes things feel easier one way but it's not always the best way! I started to doubt myself after awhile but I'm so proud of where we are now, too. Thank you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! 💜 and ohh the quality isn’t horrible at least haha! 🙊☺️

        And I do agree with that, when things are rough and hard, it’s hard to keep waiting and we want to settle. But I’m happy for you guys now 💜


  8. Nice post. I moved from New York to Boston to Los Angeles to Las Vegas and then back to New York , where I am now. The Boston to Los Angeles move was because Delta Airlines transfered me and gave me a week to get myself together! Yikes. I lived in Vegas for three years and while I wouldn’t move back there, I love the energy of the city. You don’t have to gamble either, just know how to have a great time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, that’s so awesome! I’d love to visit Boston someday. I am guessing you work for Delta Airlines? What a dream job!
      I love Vegas though I don’t think I’d raise my children out here (if I ever had any on accident). I never gamble but I fall for the binge drinking too often!


      1. I worked for Delta Airlines for three years in Boston and Los Angeles , then I was let go and worked for 8 years with Malaysia Airlines in Los Angeles . I left the airline business and worked in Vegas but where else, a casino. No Vegas isn’t the place to raise children . You should visit Boston , you’d love it.

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  9. Oh, my gosh! You definitely had some hardships. I can’t believe those neighbors that you all had that popped your boyfriend’s tires on multiple accounts!? That’s so mean! As if you all hadn’t had enough car troubles as it is!

    I’m sure this was a trip down memory lane after you documented this. And look at where you all are now! It’s such a beautiful and messy journey. I’m proud and so happy you all made it to where you are now! It sure gives me a lot of more hope reading this post, and what perfect timing since Stephen and I just moved!

    Thank you for directing me to this post, I went down a little rabbit hole and read some other fascinating posts of your lives! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh, yeah, those neighbors were SO rude but I still silently thank them for being my motivation. I don’t think I’d be as happy with where I am now if I hadn’t had such a messy journey to get here, y’know? You & Stephen are going to do amazing in your new state! ❤ I'm so happy you found some of my other posts fascinating!! ❤

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