November 6, 2017

Saturday night at work wasn’t so bad. Yesterday was my day off. Boyfriend had to work during the day. I woke up when he left for work around 10a and I stayed up on my phone until about 1p then I fell back asleep until 4p which is when boyfriend texted me to let me know he was on the way home. I can’t remember if I showered yesterday, lol.

It should come as no surprise to you that I spent my day off going out for sushi and stopping at the dispensary. We went to this dispensary that was super close-by to Sushi Neko. We had been there only once before and now, I remember why–everything there was hella overpriced!! They even charged $2 for the takeout bag. >:-(

sushi neko flatlay
sushi neko w my love

We were so stuffed and maybe sick of sushi. I know, *GASP*! Lol, we told each other that we aren’t going back this Sunday.

After sushi and the dispensary we came home and chilled. I ordered a desk and computer chair off AmazonSmile! (p.s. Please, if you’re reading this, make sure to use AmazonSmile when ordering from Amazon.) I’m so excited for them to come! Right now, I have the computer on the coffee table and I’m sitting on a fluffy pillow. It will be nice to actually have a desk and a comfy chair.

We fell asleep around 1a watching tv and snuggling on the couch. Well, actually we fell asleep a little before that because that was the time we walked into the bedroom.

Today, we woke up at almost noon. I made the bed and boyfriend swept up the house. I need to clean the cat boxes still. We hung out a bit, he watched tv and I read some blogs. I looked for recipes for dinner this week and made a grocery list.

I don’t know if I mentioned before that our dining table had a broken leg, but it did, and it took them about 2 weeks to send the new legs. We called them on the 18th of Oct. and then the lady called the next week and said that the part was taking a bit to get to their warehouse. We thanked her for letting us know. Then the day after it was supposed to come, she called and had a huge attitude, talking about she didn’t get the e-mail of the broken leg on the table that I sent her on the 18th. I fwded the e-mail to make sure she saw the date from when I had sent it before, and it didn’t make sense that she didn’t get my e-mail but she was saying before that the part I needed was late? Idk. They called today around 1p saying that they’d be here from 4-7p.

I had finished making the shopping list around 3p and we were about to head out, we kind of actually forgot about the guy coming to fix our table. Luckily, they were early, they knocked on our door as I was getting dressed to leave…they gave us absolutely no warning that they were gonna be early and I was like “who tf is at the door?”, but I’ll let it slide because if they had come when they were supposed to; we probably would’ve been fucked, lol.

They came and actually had to fix two legs. Now, it’s nice and sturdy and I’m happy. It took them less than 5m. The cats were scared of them, lol, Sushi growled and ran under the bed. After they left, we went to Smith’s. The one we went to last time sucked (the one by the comic shop), it didn’t even have an Asian section or chicken thighs. We wanted to go to a different one but I accidentally chose the same one on the GPS, lol…when we got there, boyfriend chose an actual different one and we went. It was the best Smith’s ever. Our new home grocery store, for sure. We found everything we needed so easily.

We got home and boyfriend put all the groceries away. We realized we forgot to buy White Owls so boyfriend marinated the chicken for the dinner we’re having tonight and he left. I was gonna shower but got carried away browsing WP and I was just about to get in the shower right when boyfriend got home from the smoke shop, lol. Anyways, I showered and he rolled up the blunts that we’ll smoke for the rest of the night. I got out of the shower, moisturized, dressed, sat down, and wrote this.

We were smoking a blunt in the beginning of this post and we finished a bit ago. Also, some people knocked on our door in the middle of me typing this…prob trying to sell elotes. We just didn’t answer and they went away. Now, boyfriend is cooking the dinner and I hope it’s done soon. It smells YUMMY!

After we eat, we’ll go to Starbucks, come home, smoke a blunt, and then I’ll have to get ready for work.

I hope you all had a nice weekend and your Monday was the best Monday a Monday could be. ❤ 🙂

It is now 6:36p.

23 thoughts on “Journal Entry 18

  1. I’ve actually never heard of AmazonSmile but I’ll have to check that out next time I buy from them! I actually stopped really buying from Amazon after I lost my prime membership lol. That’s annoying that it took so long to get them to fix your table, but at least they showed up when they did. Sounds like the rest of your day wasn’t bad at all! Hope work goes well for you!

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    1. It’s exactly the same as Amazon, same products and prices but you get to donate to any organization of your choice! (I️ chose best friends society:-) )

      Yeah it was annoying but I’m glad they came at the time they did too lol. I️ did have a good day! Thank you. I’m at work now lol.

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  2. This food looks really good! But I do want to warn you of smoking so frequently- my latest posts explains why. That’s a tricky game to dabble in that can lead to misery and tragedy. But anyways, have fun at Starbucks! The maple pecan latte is super delicious.

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    1. The food was amazing. I️ only get shots of espresso from Starbucks before work; which my addiction to is prob worse than my smoking “so frequently.” I️ did try the maple pecan in a Frappuccino though, I️ agree that it was delicious!

      I️ was on heroin when I was 17 years old. It would have taken my life the way it did your brother’s if I️ hadn’t smoked marijuana “so frequently.” I’ve written a few posts about how marijuana has saved my life, actually. Marijuana has never caused a death and is actually proven to be the best sleep aid, anxiety cure, pain reliever, etc etc. it is way better for you than any pills…that is why CBD is legal in nearly every state in America and marijuana will prob be legal recreationally in all 50 states in the near future just like it is in my state. It helps more than harms. Thanks for your concern though. ❤️😊

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  3. I’ve been using Amazon forever and never heard of that. I’ll look into it. Glad you found a good store finally and no, I can’t believe you guys are sick of sushi. I think after a few days, you’ll go somewhere and order it. 😀

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    1. It’s all the same as Amazon except you get to choose any organization you want to donate to and every purchase you make (at no extra charge) donates to that organization! Lol boyfriend said “maybe not this week but prob next week!!” 😀

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  4. I’ve never heard of AmazonSmile either. lol That’s crazy since I order from amazon a lot.

    Mmm sushi. It’s been a while since I’ve had any. My mom is supposed to take me out for sushi for my birthday coming up, but I won’t hold my breath. She was supposed to take me for sushi last year for my bday too and never did.

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    1. Haaha, yeah, it’s illegal in most states in America, too but just recently legalized here in Vegas (July 2017). I was in Colorado (when it was legal but I was under 21 and we were driving and smoking which is always illegal) and we both got a petty misdemeanor on our records for possession, we had to go back to CO for court the next month, and the police told my boyfriend if he wasn’t off work in 10m that he would’ve put him in jail.

      You have a great week too! Thank you!! ❤


  5. The amount of money you guys spend on Starbucks have you thought of getting a Keurig and getting the k cups, even if you buy starbucks brand it would be a lot cheaper
    I bought a Hamilton beach single cup coffee maker from Amazon Smile for $30, takes Kcups, coffee grinds or coffee bags. I love it and you can get all kinds of different flavors from the grocery store.
    That photo sure is a whole lot of food for 2 people!!
    I am in awe of you, so proud of you getting of the heroin. You chose a difficult career but you are so accepting and matter of fact that for you it works.
    Keep doing you!!

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    1. Do Keurigs make espresso cups? or something? We have always said that we need to buy something like that so we can make our espresso at home (we don’t drink lattes or anything sweet, we just drink straight espresso shots over ice) but we can’t find an espresso machine (for cheap) and we don’t even understand how to make it. LOL. Please help. !!

      Lol yikes…we actually ordered a little more food after eating all of that!!!

      And thank you so, so much, Jad. Your words really do mean a lot to me. ❤ ❤

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  6. LOL, I don’t like sushi, is that a bad thing? Idk, I can’t bring myself to eat raw fish for some reason but maybe I haven’t tried the right kind yet and I kind of refuse to 😡 hahaha I really like the california roll though, that one is delicious 🙂
    Alex is the only one who goes to the dispensary, he smokes all day every day, before breakfast, and dinner, before work and after work. He gets sativa and it makes him super productive, I love it! Lol. I actually find it kind of awesome that you speak openly about it because people often think of it as “bad” or that you’re a huge “stoner” who lazes about and never does anything (my husband is a great example of a stoner who is super productive, lol). But I think it’s time that people realize that it’s not as bad as people make it out to be, they’re constantly fed propaganda that they’ve fallen for their silly lies. I’ve seen that it helps people overcome many things, it definitely helps ease pain of all sorts, it’s even good for period cramps lol. I haven’t smoked in about a month because I wanted to get a job. I kind of had to turn it down when I did get it because the shift was around rush hour and it would have taken me forever to get there. And they also wanted to drug test and I’m pretty sure I might have still had it in my system so I probably would have failed it anyway lol. It sucks. Do they test you guys at work? Both you and your boyfriend, i mean? or do your workplaces no care?
    Annnndd…this is the first I’m hearing of AmazonSmile, what is that? haha omg I literally almost wrote that in japanese lol, silly me

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    1. My boyfriend and I both hated sushi before we moved to Las Vegas. Your taste buds change every 7 years and we had both just turned 21 so maybe it was because our buds changed or because the sushi in MN wasn’t as wonderful. It’s def an acquired taste though! The cali roll is one I actually don’t like. I prefer the fresh fish nigiri sushi over the extravagant rolls! Maybe you should try again when you’re 28! 😉

      Lol, Alex sounds like me and my boyfriend with his smoking habits! I can’t smoke sativa because it gives me hella anxiety but I do like the boost of energy it gives me. If I didn’t smoke I’d laze about more because I’d be depressed. Indica soothes my anxiety and makes me feel ready and like I’ll be able to face whatever is thrown at me for the day. Plus, I’ve always had the hardest time sleeping without it and gosh, I don’t even know how women live with period cramps without smoking weed, seriously.

      My boyfriend and I wanted to quit at first when we moved here because all the casinos here do drug testing, and they pull it from your hair! I read online it could take up to 3 months or more for it to NOT be found in your hair. But boyfriend found a good serving job that didn’t drug test so we both just started smoking again. I got one job as a dancing bartender at the D casino but I never went because I was scared that I wouldn’t pass the drug test, like you were! 😛 I don’t think I even had a chance of passing at that time, though.

      They def don’t test me at my job but they always warn that they’d prefer us not to smell like weed when we walk in, lol but ever since it legalized here, I’ve smoked the vape pens at work without any hassle from the managers and even customers bring theirs in to smoke, but one time someone lit a real joint and got kicked out lol. 😛

      You write in Japanese?! What? That’s awesome!! AmazonSmile is the exact same thing as Amazon–same products and same prices. The only difference is that you’re able to choose any organization that you’d like to donate to and every time you make a purchase off Amazon, they will donate to that organization at no extra charge to you!!

      ❤ ❤

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      1. Lol, well, I think for my it’s more because it’s raw, because I looove to try different kinds of foods. We recently tasted indian food and it was good but I was hoping they would have a wide range of different curries to try but they didn’t 😦 lol..
        LOL Alex has a vape pen too. He prefers those over the flowers. I remember a few years ago I smoked for an entire year hahaha wake and bake, before lunch and before bedtime lol. I had to stop when I got pregnant of course. Then I had to wait a bit longer than two years because I was breast feeding. I actually started smoking again in Feb?

        Nah, I’m learning Japanese, so I know a few phrases, but can only write them in romaji for now. I’m still trying to learn the hiragana alphabet lol.
        Ooooh that sounds pretty cool but then again, I don’t believe in every organization out there lol.


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