Journal Entry 17

November 4, 2017

Yesterday, boyfriend had to go to work after having 4 days in a row off. I read Obsession all day. It was an amazing book–a serious page-turner!! I walked to Albertson’s yesterday and I bought a salad to eat for dinner. I spilled nearly half of it on myself when I was eating it. I was very upset but still pretty full after I ate what was left. I also ate a pickle and two pieces of turkey slices (for sandwiches), lol.

When boyfriend got home it was already 11p and I was finishing up my hair and makeup. I didn’t get to work until after 12a. It was a pretty horrible night. Especially for a Friday. I hope tonight is better–I really don’t even want to go. 😦 I got home around 3a, we smoked a blunt in bed, boyfriend fell asleep before me because I just had to finish Obsession, I only had 50ish pages left and I finished around 4:30a! (Keep a look out for a My Favorite Quotes From… post for that!) I think I’ll be reading Wolf at the Table next.

Today, boyfriend had to leave for work at 10a. I stayed up a little until he got to work and we sent gifs to each other until I was sleepy again. I fell asleep before he started at 11a. I woke up at around 1:30p because Benji wouldn’t leave Twinkle Star alone. He is so mean to her! I took a shower after using the toilet and then I edited some photos and browsed FaceBook when I saw an ad for an app game called Fight List. I downloaded and played it until boyfriend texted around 3p that he was on his way home. I was going to do my Recipe Reviews (#5) post up but um….the game lol.

I already decided that I wanted to go out for ramen today because we haven’t been for some in awhile. I asked boyfriend to check if the chicken we bought for a dinner was still ok and it was not. It’s less than a week old. I hate chicken, it goes rotten so fast. Yuck. So, we were gonna have to go for ramen anyways or I guess, we could have just bought new chicken breasts. Whatever…we will just have to buy it later and make that meal some other day.

We went to our fave spot Ramen Sora and we were lucky to get the last spot right when we walked in. The reason we haven’t been in so long is because ever since Sept. hit; everyone wants Ramen Sora and the wait is horribly long.

We shared the fried rice but then neither of us finished our ramen–it was all yummy, as always.

We went to Starbucks and just got home and now I’m typing this. We just finished the blunt so boyfriend is waiting on me to go smoke a cigarette, then I’ll have to start getting ready for work. 😦


Oh, I changed my theme but now my whole page doesn’t show up on the mobile-version. I like it too much to change it, lol. I also wanted to change my little circle and square picture because I took a new selfie (happens once in awhile, lol) but I’m too far off in the corner and the circle crops half my face out. So until my next selfie, that’s gonna stay the same. 😛

It is now 7:38p.

27 thoughts on “Journal Entry 17

  1. Awww you’re so cute! I’m the same way, I don’t really take that many selfies, it’s a once in awhile thing. Half the time when I do take a selfie, it’s with a dumb Snapchat filter LOL! You could try cropping the photo into a square and then trying to update your photo?

    Sorry work sucked for you! Hopefully tonight will be a much better night! Make lots of money lol.

    I have also been guilty of getting side tracked by games I download, get obsessed with for a few weeks, and then get to a place where it’s too investing and I stop playing it lol.

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    1. Hehe, thank you! ❤️ Lol I don’t have Snapchat so I don’t even take the filtered selfies. I just never think “time to take a selfie” lol. Aw thanks for the cropping idea, I should’ve thought of that, lol.

      & Thank you for the well wishes about work. ❤️

      Lol that’s so how I am!! I can’t stop but then the day comes where I don’t even want to open the game anymore. Lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome 💜☺️ haha gotcha! That’s probably better, but Snapchat filters make me look cuter so I like them lmao. And you’re welcome! Haha it happens where we forget that’s a thing.

        And you’re welcome (:

        And yes!! Hahah it becomes more of a chore than an enjoyment

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                    1. Yeah, I saw that! SO cheap! Is that only for right now or are they always fairly cheap between Vegas and LA?
                      I went to Cali for a day and a half but I only made 3 specific stops. I’d love to go back for a visit to see lots more!!

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