fall 2
fall 4

I just purchased these two items (above) from Macy’s in the middle of October, they were both under $20. They were in the LAST ACT sale section so, theoretically, they should be out of stock by now.

I’ve had this one (below) in my closet for a couple years and the hood is attached on permanently. I love it so much which is why I didn’t hesitate to buy the super similar one from Macy’s (above). The hood on the one from Macy’s is buttoned on and kept falling off on one end when I wore it.

fall 5.jpeg

I got this one (above) from PacSun.

fall 6
fall 7
fall 8
fall 9
fall 10

All of the above were from Aeropostale. I purchased them all at different times in the past few years. Yep, I do like that store. The quality of their clothes is amazing, it all lasts for a such long time. And yes, the last one is a dress BUT, it’s made of velvet fabric and it’s actually quite heavy. The neck line is so low, I could never wear it without something underneath. It is way too hot to wear in the summer/spring months, even when I was in Minnesota. It’s super cute with a turtle neck underneath but I really hate when things are around and suffocating my neck so I rarely get to wear it that way, I own one plain black turtleneck though, because I’m stubborn and try to force myself to wear it but I never do. And, of course, thick black leggings, long socks, and boots.

fall 11

I got this dress from Ragstock when I was in High School, maybe sophomore year? I clearly remember the day and how I got it but I don’t remember how old I was. I do love to wear this in the summer as well; with nothing underneath–in the colder months with a long black sleeve underneath and thick black leggings and long socks, just like the other dress, basically.

I truly can not remember where I got this dress but I bought it to wear for my boyfriend’s birthday two years ago, we picked it out together. His birthday is in the spring (March 21) and I do wear this dress in the spring and summer months a lot, but I love it for the fall, too. The fabric is a little thin but nothing a few layers can’t fix. The colors and pattern on this dress are so perfect for fall, I make it work!! I actually think I bought it from Rue 21.

fall 14

I got this one from H&M a couple years ago when I was shopping with my sister one day. I wear it maybe too often.

fall 15

I got this from Rainbow maybe 3 years ago. I used to take the city bus and there was a Rainbow right up by the bus stop so I’d always shop in there when I had to wait awhile for the bus. The clothes from there doesn’t last long (it is cheap though!) but I wear this jacket a ton and it’s been through a lot with me and it’s in okay shape still!!

fall 16

This snazzy sweater was from Forever 21 so many years ago, sometime when I was in High School. My dad bought it for me. (He stopped buying me things a very long time ago, lol.) This had to have been from right before my freshman year started. I still wear it all the time.

fall 17

This one was from Urban Outfitters. I got it on the Black Friday of my Junior year in High School.

fall 18.jpeg
A stack of some of my favorite bottoms that aren’t black leggings!!

21 thoughts on “My Favorite Fall/Winter Clothing Pieces in My Closet

    1. Thank you, Noriko, glad you like my style!! I kept seeing all the “Autumn Haul” posts and it made me want to go shopping so I made this post to remind myself what I already have in my closet, hehe. 🙂

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  1. I love your outfits! They all look so vibrant and cozy lol. Perfect for winter! I’m usually very lazy in the winter, but I’ve also realized that leggings and long sleeves can make anything work if you want it to 😂 my summer selection is so much better than fall and winter, I do this to myself every year. I think it’s time to splurge a bit on some nice outfits. Work shouldn’t take all the fun out of dressing up!

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    1. Thank you!! 🙂 I get cold easily—I need to stay cozy! Lol summer clothes is cheaper that’s why it’s easier to buy, maybe? But def shouldn’t let work take all the fun out of dressing up. Do you have to wear a uniform at work?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! ☺️ and oh so do I! I hate it lol. And that’s true, maybe! And I mean you can pretty much wear most of them all year round with a cardigan lol. And I try not to, but it sometimes does. I don’t have a uniform, but I have to wear a black or white shirt or a shirt with a beer logo on it, and I can wear jeans, shorts, leggings, as long as they’re neutral colors (black, gray, blue jeans, khaki). So it could be worse, but I don’t like wearing nice clothes to work because I’m a natural klutz and I spill things. On me sometimes lol

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