Strip Club Auditions Pt. 2

In Las Vegas, you need to have a business license and a sheriff’s card to work as a dancer. You can not work at all until you have these two things.

Obtaining a business license is easy. You just go onto the website, pay the price, and then print out the license. Once you have your business license, you can go to clubs and audition. You can’t get a sheriff’s card until you get hired at your first club. The manager who hires you will give you a signed referral–sometimes, they will allow you to work the night you audition but you have to get it the very next day. You go to the police station and wait in the longest line ever to get your finger prints recorded and your picture taken. Then, you get your sheriff’s card and are able to work!

Certain clubs may ask you to get your TAM card, which is a card that you get after you learn about and pass a test about alcohol awareness. Some may also ask for you to get a SCOPE, which is a super in-depth background check.

play it again sam's
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The first club I went into was Play It Again, Sam’s in Chinatown. I thought I’d start at a small club because I was nervous. I didn’t really think I’d work there for long but I thought I’d maybe do a week or so, to see what it was like. I thought it’d be easy to get a referral from here so I went in and simply asked for one. I didn’t ask to audition or anything, I just asked if he could give me the referral. He asked me if I had an outfit and shoes to change into which I didn’t. I had read online that it was possible to get a referral without bringing anything to change into, but it wasn’t…at least, not for me. I went back to grab my bag of work stuff then, I went back to the club. The manager asked for my business license and looked at my bag that I was carrying on my shoulder. Then, he went back to grab me a referral. He didn’t even ask me to change into a work outfit. He said he just wanted to make sure I was serious about working there. Like I said, at first, I was. I couldn’t work without my sheriff’s card so I went home and anticipated the next day. I went and got my sheriff’s card and went back to Play It Again, Sam’s—I was ready for my first night of work in Las Vegas. The same manager was there, he went to grab a contract packet and brought me to the “dressing room” to fill it out. I wrote my name and birth date. I looked around the “dressing room” which was actually a hallway with lockers on one side and mirrors on the other. I was never going to be comfortable in a shit hole like that so I pretty much ran out of there…the manager chased after me, I was already to my car when I looked back and he was shouting that I couldn’t keep the packet so I handed it to him and said “maybe I’ll be back” even though we both knew I’d never be!

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The next club I went into, I did end up working at for a couple weeks. I chose to try Cheetahs. The valet guys asked me what I was there for and I told them I wanted to audition. I had to park in the back of the building and enter through the back door which led right into the dressing room. To get into that door I had to press a door buzzer and look into a camera. I really liked the dressing room in Cheetahs. I can tell that, at one point in time, it was spectacular. The house mom there is more like a dressing room manager. She has no snacks…just water and coffee…but she does sell a ton of outfits and extras (leg warmers, hoisery, garters, thongs etc. etc.). When I got in, she told me to get changed into my work clothes and wait for the hiring manager to come in and watch my audition. He came in after I waited nearly 20m. He shook my hand, introduced himself, and asked me what I wanted my stage name to be. I already had my sheriff’s card and business license, they had to make copies of those and that’s all I needed. (Every club in Vegas needed my ID and SS Card, too.) I didn’t do so bad on my first night but every other night, I could barely make the house fee back. I realized I was at the wrong club. Every single one of my colleagues were a lot older than me. The doorman even asked me if I was sure if I wanted to work at that club the first night I walked in. He said “why not Spearmint Rhino or something?” I guess I should have taken that as a cue to leave, lol.

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I finally decided to leave Cheetahs after wasting so much time there, trying to make it work just because everyone, even the other girls, made me feel comfortable. (I also should have taken that as a cue to leave…) I went to TreasuresThe club is so beautiful on the outside. I just had to see what it was like to work there. It wasn’t fun. They didn’t even have a house mom. The locker room was like a basement yet, the rest of the place resembled a mansion. The lady that collects the house fee money, also known as the “cage lady,” (some clubs have these “cage people” still but most just have a little glass window where the “cage person” used to be) told me to get dressed into my work clothes and to come back to where she was when I was ready. I quickly dressed into a plain, blue bikini set, I went back out, and patiently waited for the manager to come audition me. He didn’t take as long as the manager at Cheetahs but when he came out, he immediately wrapped his arms around me, in an uncomfortable (for me) way, and said to the cage lady “I don’t need her to do anything, look at her, she’s hired!” he got called away on his walkie talkie and the cage lady collected my house fee and informed me that I had a week to get my SCOPE card. She also forced me to buy a lock from her when I already had my own. I worked there one night and got a regular VIP room which took me ALL night to sell. In the VIP room, they force your customers to buy you two drinks and himself two drinks as well (I’d rather have a tip!). No one paid attention to the girls on stage and other girls even gave lap dances at the tip rail. Luckily, the manager returned the house fee I paid back to me before I started working that night…I probably would have left if he didn’t, lol. I knew I’d probably only be there that one night the whole time. (The manager at Cheetahs also voided my first house fee.)

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The next night, I went to Hustler‘s amateur night. I thought even if I didn’t win the grand prize that I’d be able to work there after the contest. But, I guess their hiring managers don’t stay around for amateur nights and they only are there on certain days of the week. The guy that explained all the rules to us told us that we all would’ve been hired if it was up to him but even the girls who won weren’t allowed to work that night. I was bummed out because I didn’t even place and it was really late by the time the contest was over–I was shit out of luck to make money that night. I loved the inside of this club and the dressing room was huge, everything was pink and sparkly. I thought about going back but…

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I decided I’d better grow some balls and audition at Spearmint Rhino since it seemed to be everyone’s favorite club…I figured I was just wasting my time trying to find a smaller sized club I’d like working at. At Spearmint Rhino, there were a ton of girls waiting to be auditioned and also a ton of girls waiting to see if they passed their audition. (p.s. if you’re dressed in your street clothes waiting for an answer–you didn’t get the job!!) I was told to put my stuff inside any empty locker in the dressing room and come back out when I was ready. There is a back entrance lobby here, just for the dancers. I went back out from the dressing room into the lobby area and waited for a manager to audition me. He was there in seconds, they were all super professional here. He asked me to walk back and forth down a narrow hallway (just like the Spearmint Rhino in MN!) and told me I was hired for any shift I wanted. I told him I wanted to work right then and there and he said that I could. They had me fill out my packet. Only one other girl and I had gotten the ‘yes’ to work that night and any other shift we wanted, too. There were so many other girls that got denied, I had never seen so many rejections happen at one club. We were in what seemed like an independent study room, like they used to have in high schools, filling out the papers. I’ve had the same stage name since my first sex industry job and I’ve never worked somewhere I couldn’t have it. At this club, I was to write a full page of random names because almost every single name in the world is already being used by another girl on their roster. He came back and looked through the names I chose, crossed them all off, and told me to try again. I wrote another list of mumbo jumbo, he came back and told me to try again–this went on for awhile until he finally decided on a fucking instrument for a name: Cymbal. They asked me for the house fee and it was heftier than any other club so I asked if I could have a tour first, it was 1a, and I wasn’t feeling confident that I’d be able to make that house fee back. I took the tour and asked if I could come back tomorrow, they tried to convince me to stay by saying I could pay the fee after my shift. I didn’t want to stress myself out…I told them I’d be back, which I thought I might be but I decided to go somewhere else instead.

I’m not going to say the name of the club I work at now because *stalkers* lol (kinda kidding)! But they only do auditions at the club I work at one way. They make every girl audition by dancing to two songs on stage. The manager made me feel comfortable, he was nice but not creepy. He had a meeting right after my audition so I had to wait for quite a bit to get my answer. I was so nervous that I wasn’t hired. I just sat in the dressing room staring at myself in the mirror and listening to all the chatter among the other girls. After a long while, he finally came in to tell me that I was hired but I still needed to wait for him to finish his meeting before he could give me a tour and fill out all my paperwork. After his meeting, we met in his office and did the paperwork. My stage name was available for me and I was given free house fee for a week! I love the club I work at now and I loved it since the day I started, I haven’t gone anywhere else to audition or work. I haven’t even pondered it.

In case you missed Pt. 1 of my audition experiencesclick here.

35 thoughts on “Strip Club Auditions Pt. 2

    1. Thank you, I’m glad, too. 🙂 LOL, I actually don’t think I mentioned what a house fee is, though I should have. It’s the fee that the girls have to pay to work every night. 😛


  1. It sounds like you had to go through a lot of shitty clubs before finally finding a decent one to work for! But I’m glad you shopped around and didn’t stick with a job you weren’t really feeling. I guess all strip clubs are different when you think about it. It’s crazy that you had to work so hard just to find that one good place to work for though!

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  2. Sounds like you had to jump through a lot of hoops just to finally find the place for you. But at least you found it. Getting a job and liking the place where you work is the hardest thing ever, no matter what line of work.

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    1. I agree! When I first got here and I was auditioning at these clubs, I was also doing interviews for day jobs which was even harder for me to find a place that I liked/was comfortable with.

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