Nov’17: Blog Schedule

I can’t believe it’s already been another month blogging here with you guys on WP!! This is month number 4. I’m surprised (and thankful!) you all aren’t sick of me yet.

For my first two blog challenges (August and September) I searched the web for blog post ideas and prompts, but last month, this month, and next month (yes, I’ve got the whole month of Dec. planned already!) my monthly “blogging challenges” have turned more into a blogging schedule that I’ve made for myself and specifically for my blog.

I also have a few series going on on my blog, these I have and will continue to post when ever they are ready in addition to the post scheduled for the day, but there are some I will be deleting and adding, here’s the scoop:

  • Journal Entries will continue every other day. They are incorporated into my blogging schedule.
  • Nails’n’News will be no longer. I will just show off my nails in the journal entries.
  • Life Update posts are no longer needed since they were just less frequent journal entry posts.
  • I will not be participating in WWW Wednesday anymore but I, of course, will continue to read and always do a My Favorite Quotes From… post for each book I read.
  • I will keep up with my Recipe Reviews posts but there will be no more Dairy Free Me’s except for one last post reviewing all of the products I have not reviewed yet (look out for that some time in the near future!). I know what dairy-free products I prefer now so I won’t need to try out so many but if I ever do try something new, I’ll make sure to share what it is with you and to post my thoughts on it!! AND, all of the recipes that I review in my Recipe Reviews are completely dairy-free. 🙂

Here’s the schedule for Hunida’s Blog this November’17!:

  1. Strip Club Auditions Pt. 2
  2. Journal Entry
  3. My Favorite Fall/Winter Pieces in My Closet
  4. Journal Entry
  5. Reasons Why I’ll Follow And Unfollow Your Blog
  6. Journal Entry
  7. My Journey of Moving States
  8. Journal Entry
  9. My Favorite Horror Films
  10. Journal Entry
  11. My Favorite Photos From My Trip to Colorado
  12. Journal Entry
  13. Then and Now: The Songs I Dance To On Stage
  14. Journal Entry
  15. Snippets From My Old Private Tumblr Blog
  16. Journal Entry
  17. My 16 Personalities Results and Reaction
  18. Journal Entry
  19. Things I Always Need With Me at Work
  20. Journal Entry
  21. Daily Products I Swear By
  22. Journal Entry
  23. My Favorite Thanksgiving Dinner Foods
  24. Journal Entry
  25. Favorite Dates I’ve Been On
  26. Journal Entry
  27. My Favorite Alcoholic Beverages
  28. Journal Entry
  29. Physical Fights and Altercations I’ve Gotten Into
  30. Journal Entry

25 thoughts on “Nov’17: Blog Schedule

  1. These all sound like they’ll be interesting entries. I look forward to reading. 🙂 I’m not quite as organized with my blog. I kind of come up with ideas as I go. lol I literally have no plans for posts this month yet, except one personal life update I have to post. I was too depressed the last couple days to post and I had to work late tonight and I’m about to get in bed, so that post will have to wait another day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. 🙂 You always come up with great post ideas! I always look forward to reading your content! Sorry to hear you’ve been depressed. :-/ I hope the darkness passes sooner than later. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I just come up with ideas through out the day and I write them down! Then I make a list of the things I really want to write about. 🙂 Hope you find the motivation soon, Amielle!


  2. I can definitely never get sick of you haha. Honestly, I think you were my biggest support when I started blogging again 💜 so I will always follow you ☺️ I’m excited to see what this month brings you, I love your journal entries, too. I’ve kind of done a similar thing where I basically come up with my own ideas now versus finding them online – although I do look for inspiration when it comes to certain topics, and then I make it more what I want to write. Best of luck hun 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww!! I’m especially surprised that you aren’t sick of me yet, hehe you were def my biggest supporter when I started too! It’s still so cool to me how we started at the same time and we both post daily!! I will always follow you as well. ❤️ Yeah there are ideas for posts that I’ve def seen before and remember wanting to write my own experiences on the topic so I wouldn’t say they’re all my own post ideas, I just don’t search “blog ideas” anymore lol.

      Thank you, babe!!! Best of luck to you this month too. 🙂 I think we’re getting pretty good at this!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha how could I be sick of you? 💜 And yes I definitely agree! I’m happy we both stuck with it ☺️ and gotcha! I’m the same way haha.

        And you’re welcome!! Thank you 💜 I think we are definitely getting pretty good at this (:

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  3. You have a lot of interesting topics and/or blog entries 🙂 Can’t wait to read! 🙂
    And that’s great that you’re organized and already planned for December, I’m beginning to do that too and so far so good LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, thank you, I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. 😀

      I like having a little schedule to go by! That’s awesome that you’re starting to as well, and that it’s going good for you so far!! ❤

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