Journal Entry 15

November 1, 2017

I hope all of you had a fun and safe Halloween!

Yesterday, wasn’t very eventful. We ate a rotisserie chicken with this dipping sauce my dad always used to make and sticky rice for dinner. I went to work around 10p and came home around 2a.

Today, we woke up around 3p and I cleaned the bathroom and bedroom. Boyfriend swept and mopped the whole apartment and tidied up the kitchen. Then, we went grocery shopping, came home, made dinner, AND THEN WE WENT TO FRIGHT DOME. I didn’t think we were going to make it there at all this month but tomorrow (today) is our 3 year anniversary and it was Halloween today (yesterday) so I decided to stay home today and spend our time at Fright Dome. We counted it as our celebration too, so unfortunately, I’ll be going to work tomorrow night. It seems like we have been together for so much longer than 3 years!!

fright domefright dome 2fright dome 3

Fright Dome started at 7p and we wanted to be there right when doors opened but we fell behind schedule of course since we woke up so late. We got there a little past 8p though, which wasn’t so bad. We were able to make it to all the haunted houses and one ride before it closed. We had a blast!!!

fright dome 4fright dome 5fright dome 6

We bought two drinks to share–I liked the buckets they came in, the first drink was really good and the second one wasn’t so tasty because it had a hint of coconut that wasn’t mentioned in the description. They all had Halloween themed names, the one I didn’t like was called Witch’s Brew but I can’t remember any of the other ones. I know I said we weren’t gonna drink anymore but it’s our anniversary and it was Halloween. We barely got a buzz anyways. Still had a lot of fun though and definitely got scared a ton!! Boyfriend only jumped twice, lol. And both times were by the actors that were roaming around not by any of the ones in the haunted houses.

Now we’re sitting here and watching the movie Cabin Fever that was made in 2016 while I’m typing this. I bought these super delicious looking cookies that I can’t wait to eat, hehe. I’ll probably go grab one right now and read some blog posts and relax for the rest of the night.

What a fun month October was! I’ll be posting my November blog schedule tomorrow. Maybe I’ll schedule it to post before I wake up, like 10a? Keep your eyes peeled. πŸ™‚

It is now 12:48a.

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