What My Job Has Taught Me

You probably know by now that I’ve been in the “sex working” industry since I was 19 years old. I started at a small peepshow in Minneapolis and now I’m working at a big strip club in Las Vegas.

This job has taught me so many things in the three years that I’ve been doing it.

  • The number one thing I owe to my job is my confidence. I don’t have it everyday but I’ve learned just how important it really is to have confidence in myself.
  • I’ve learned that there are customers that will try to break my confidence. They’ll tell me that my butt is too small, I need to lose my stomach, or that my lap dance was sub par. These men are called assholes. I’ve learned to never take anything they say to heart–their sole purpose of going to strip clubs is to try to break the girls down.
  • I’ve learned to remember all of the compliments instead.
  • Customers also lie a lot. They will tell you things about the other girls that they’ve made up on their own. For example, they’ll say, “so and so told me her real name was Melanie. You can tell me yours.” or “so and so gave me a blow job in the fantasy suite, you can too.” Some things aren’t lies but most of the time they are. Basically, never listen to/believe the customers. The customer is always wrong in this industry.
  • You don’t need to do “extras” or anything that you’re uncomfortable with. Even if you know that other girls are.
  • I’ve learned to never let any of my co-workers borrow my things unless I never want to see it again.
  • I’ve learned that the ruder my co-workers are being to me, the better I’m doing.
  • Never make friends with the other dancers but always be nice!
  • Money rules everything in this industry. E v e r y t h i n g.
  • I’ve learned to always remove my stickers off my new heels, especially the sticker on the bottoms.
  • I’ve learned it’s always a bad idea to “shit where you eat.”
  • I’ve learned that exotic dancing is not all about pole tricks.
  • I’ve learned how to dance sensually to any song–even if it’s upbeat.
  • I’ve learned to always keep my toes pointed.
  • I’ve learned that every man is different. But yet, they’re all the same.
  • I’ve learned to not let my sensitivity take over.
  • I’ve learned to bounce back quickly after rejection. And by quickly, I mean in seconds. I have to, so I’ve learned to, immediately wipe the look of defeat off my face.
  • I’ve learned how to be someone I’m not and I’ve learned to know when I need to be. I like to call it acting. So, I’ve learned how to be a great actress.
  • I’ve learned to not compare myself to anyone else…at least not too much.
  • I learn new facts about the world from people who live all over the world everyday.

I’ll stop this list here as I feel these are the most important things I’ve learned so far from my job. This is a list of things I know yet a majority of them I need to remind myself of all too often.

18 thoughts on “What My Job Has Taught Me

    1. That line just killed me. It read like someone teaching their child. “And those ones over there, Jennifer? Those are called assholes. Can you say asshole, Jennifer?” Absolutely true.

      Glad you’re able to roll with it but man, I don’t think I have the persistence and strength you do to stick with that. Men can be terrible in general but it sounds like your job attracts some of the worst and filters out some of the better ones. Good for you for staying strong despite all that.

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      1. Some university students wanted to do sociological study of the psychological differences between men who engage in transactional sexual relationships with women and those who don’t. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find enough men in New York City who had never been in a strip club to form a statistically valid sample, so they had to settle for men who had never had a lap dance.

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    2. Hahah, thank you–I try my best not to. 🙂 When I worked in fastfood, I made a lot of friends in my co-workers but I agree now that work friends are def different than real friends. 😛

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    1. Lol they’re just slippery when you don’t. I never knew why I slipped and slid all over the stage–I thought it was just because they were new and I’d slip and slide until the sticker fell off by itself lol now I know better and remove it right away.

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  1. It’s amazing how much you learn from certain things in life! Some of this are really memorable and useful, even in everyday life. It’s really amazing all the thing’s you’ve learned and how much you’ve had to deal with! Can definitely tell you’re a strong woman xx Another great post!

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  2. This was such an interesting read. It’s too bad that you can’t be friends with the other girls in your industry. Sounds like a dog eat dog world out there, but then again that can happen with any other industry too. I wish I knew how to dance to any song hahah I just kinda bob around aimlessly. As for the stickers on your shoes, I think they make grip pads that fit under your shoes so they’re not slippery! Maybe you can buy one and cut them to fit?! Hope that helps!

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading! 🙂 Yeah even if you do make friends they don’t stick around for long. Dancers are always on the move—switching clubs, switching states, switching countries. It’s hard to get close to people just to have them leave in a year or so.

      Lol as long as I remove the stickers, I don’t slip!! Thanks for the suggestion though. 🙂


  3. You’ve definitely learned a lot, for sure! I can imagine you’d have to when you’re in that line of work. You have to be out for yourself and the money, you can’t take things to heart because like you said, the customer is usually wrong in your industry (backwards lol). Some of what you have is useful not just in your line of work, but in general. Especially about men and coworkers. Depending on your job, I don’t really have that kind of worry with my coworker’s, but there are plenty of jobs where you’re basically up against each other to get the better profit.

    I wish I knew how to dance 😂 but I guess with everything it requires practice

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    1. Yeah, actually, when I worked at Aldi’s it was very competitive too. It didn’t feel right to be friends with my co-workers for some reason but at Sonic everyone was friends with everyone!

      Lol yes, practice!!!

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